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  1. how was the casino? did you play tables or slots?
  2. Did you try to get it approved before the cruise or during? The tour is 90 through a company and 125 through funship freddy. I don't want to to overpay but there's a chance of it being approved. This tour seems to be the exact same thing.
  3. I would be more pissed off if they took away free laundry for diamonds and plats. Before my boys were plats, I would always waste the last morning doing their laundry so no one had to worry about it when they got home. I know they're grown but I don't get to baby them every day!
  4. Has anyone used the Best Price Guarantee on excursions before? We don't normally book through the cruise line but there is one we are really interested in. I see it through another vendor for around $35 less. Just trying to figure out if it is worth the hassle and worth the risk.
  5. My point is, if they got rid of that, they'd be able to do an open bar party for past guests or every one on the last day for a half hour to an hour
  6. I just figured the impact on the bottom line of the party for all past guest - or even all guests - would be similar to what they spend on JH gifts. That may sound like a stretch at first glance but the parties never would have 100% attendance, not even close. Further, the drinks aren't super expensive. They may also lead to people making a trip to the bar, gift shop or casino after if the buzz hits them just so. I'm kind of thinking out loud here. You know I enjoy hearing your perspective even when we disagree. It seems like fairness and bottom line are the two aspects about the parties that are your hangup, I just don't see the difference between the party and the JH gifts.
  7. We disagree on the party but curious your thoughts on the john heald gifts people ask for? I'd rather see that cut and the party staying, all things being equal
  8. That makes sense, my BIL and brother are both "friends of dorothy" (I like this term lol) so we've been to plenty of the mixers tagging along.
  9. I’m about to be over 200 cruise days on Carnival at the end of the month and I don’t remember anything about a farewell party or lgbtq mixers with open bars.
  10. The diamond and plat parties are no where near as fun as the passed passenger parties were, seems like there’s several in agreement but just wanted to emphasize the point. It could be because of the time/location change in the new format but i think opening it to more people just upped the energy. The booze flowed and people always seemed like they had a good afternoon/night after the party too imo. We don’t sail for the perks, we’re gamblers and sail on the lines that give the best deals for our play. For the past 4-5 years, that’s been CCL by a landslide. Not sure that’s the case anymore though so if we lose status, it will be no skin off our back, we’ve had a good time. Honestly, reward tiers are a big thing when you travel for business but other than that it’s the millennials that have encouraged the emphasis by companies on them. I hardly ever complain about millennials but I wish they wouldn’t have been coddled witb grade inflation and trophies so much! Being gamblers, I like what casinos are doing with their to credit cards and linking that to their reward tiers. CCL could consider this with their mastercard if they wanted to really get cute.
  11. As some of you know, I've got a few friends in management at Carnival and Royal. I can't give specifics because I don't think that it is anywhere near set in stone but I was just complaining to my friend about my last VIFP Gift and how the status isn't really worth much. He said that they were going to do some revamping to make it harder to make platinum and diamond but they were going to bring back the past passenger party (or some version of it). Having done the platinum and diamond parties and past passenger parties over the years, I have to say, I'd welcome this. They used to be so much better when they were more inclusive imo. What does the peanut gallery think of this idea? No clue if or when it will come to fruition but it's exciting news.
  12. They are within CCL's policy, I'm being educated in this thread. I mean, personally I think that we go a little overboard on health and safety stuff but the part about triggering early labor sounds terrible and plausible so that alone is making me nix the idea. Will probably book her a mani/pedi and call it a day.
  13. I will look into other treatments, that is a good idea! Probably not the facial, she wouldn't have got pregnant if she'd went that route in the first place 😋
  14. Can pregnant people get massages in the spa? Neither my husband nor I am expecting but wanted to purchase as a gift for the "sober" one in our group.
  15. thank goodness, I'd hate to be stuck with him that long!
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