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  1. Damn one more of my favorite gone it looks like 😞 I'm not one of those boomers who hates on Gen X/Millennial/Zoomer folks but I'm blaming them for this one. Escargot is one of the most delicious foods that we've been given by God and I only see people my age or older and the occasional young boy (always boys) ordering them. This preparation reminds me of the flatbread pizza trend you see everywhere. Good but not great.
  2. Is there any numbers on how many of the people on the cruise ships that have been quarantined were infected? There's a lot of information I'd like to know but it seems hard to look it up. I also don't understand why if we get flu shots, we even have to worry about this. I mean what's the point if there's thousands of different types of flu?
  3. I’m worried about this disease. My hubby is a lobbyist so we deal with people who have really high security clearances and who are privy to in depth briefings. Obviously they don’t give away secrets or confidential info but I can just tell when the subject comes up that they are really uneasy. Based on the crises of past days, it seems like the people in the know are taking it pretty seriously. Many have pulled their kids out of international programs already. I’m old enough to remember SARs, Anthrax, Y2k and Waco. This is the most concerned I’ve ever seen these people about anything other than 9/11. All of that said, no one has canceled their vacations (that I know of) so we’ll be waiting until that time to do it.
  4. I think I'd rather have them call me than playing phone tag with a TA who may have been unavailable to take the call. You never know when those upgrade fairies are feeling friendly.
  5. Did they overhaul the booking system recently? I know it's been awhile - she said it was a feature of the booking system that prioritized non-commission vs commission units for perks when the units are considered extra capacity. It was a backend thing she said was used as a way to get priority for upgrades.
  6. If you book online without a pvp or TA following cancelled bookings, you have a better chance of getting called by the upgrade fairy. My friend in management told me about this little tip two summers ago after we had a hurricane affected voyage.
  7. I personally appreciate when people do it, there's information contained in here that doesn't need to be refleshed out. It also shows the poster is respectful enough to use the search function before asking the question. Just my two cents.
  8. She will not only have to purchase it but she can't drink the 1-2 drinks that some doctors are now permitting/recommending during pregnancy.
  9. LOS is top 3 as far as Royal ships for me, Vista not so much.
  10. It's about time they got rid of them. They got rid of straws and pens citing plastic concerns, I see no reason to keep handing these things out to feed landfills.
  11. I hope the judge locks mickey up, How do they keep getting away with this stuff?
  12. In my job I order a lot of branded stuff to hand out at trade-shows and events. Obviously I’m not ordering in the same type of volume that Carnival orders but I’ve got a decent sense of what things are costing them. The lanyards and luggage tags that everyone complained about about aren’t as cheap relative to some of the nicer gifts (headphones, towels, blankets etc) as people would think. For instance, we gave out fleece jackets ($5), fleece throw blankets($3), headphones like Carnival’s($6) and external phone charging batteries($11). These items were highly coveted and people really enjoyed them. Beer coozies, lighters, nice pens, lanyards and frisbees all cost between $1-3. Cheap pens, mints and keychains were all under 50¢. hats and t-shirts vary from 1-12 depending on a lot of factors. Again, I know they are dealing with high volumes but to me, but I’d rather spend double on something people are going to appreciate and use. You’d be surprised how often I see people wearing our fleece jackets. I also get remembered by people who get our blankets. To me, going cheap is pennywise and pound foolish on their end.
  13. that would sour me too, not nearly enough compensation and too many strings attached. Reminds me of a story I'll never forget about our first family royal cruise. We all wanted showers before muster. Hubby turns on the water and it was freezing cold despite being all the way hot. We knew it wasn't going to get fixed before muster so we all took the coldest showers of our lives then reported it. After dinner, maintenance arrived and quickly left without saying anything. The guy came back with a couple bottles of wine and champagne and cookies for the kids. Barely keeping a straight face, he apologized profusely because the knobs were installed incorrectly and the hot water was on the cold water side of the dial! We all laughed so hard and we still laugh about it to this day.
  14. Victory right above the casino was the loudest room I've ever had. We thought the people next door slept with the TV on to the music channel at first but what we heard was music all freaking night. That was the first and last time I ever did a PVP picked room, believe we paid an extra 100 each too! The worst room though was Sunshine 1st floor inside all the way aft. It was great for darkness and being quiet but the room never got below 78 degrees and there were two hidden portions of the floor missing just outside the bathroom and immediately inside the door that caused DH and I to both twist our ankles 3-4 times each on a 7 day cruise. We went 20 years without as much as a hiccup with our rooms, then went on a 2 year stretch of something always being wrong with it, regarding noise or a/c. Haven't had the issue for a couple years so hopefully it's behind us. I must say, never had a bad cabin on Royal or Princess. Cruised them about half as much as carnival but still a lot. We frequently do inside cabins on the first or second floor for sleep purposes no matter what line we're on. Excited to try another Carnival Suite though.
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