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  1. Just wear whatever he wants. It's not Vietnam anymore so no one is going to be disrespectful and shout baby killer at him or worse but he doesn't need to go through the effort if he doesn't want to. A polo and slacks or dress jeans is fine. Thank your son for his service on behalf of the Greens. Our nephew wore his one cruise and it was such a hassle for him to iron and store everything. He looked great but I remember him commenting that he'd never do it again and hasn't.
  2. really? I thought they just did one last year.
  3. Would love to see them cut out Shaq and Heald but I know that is just a pipe dream. I'd like to see them cut out the plastic ships on a stick. If they want to get serious about reducing plastic, it seems like a perfect place to start. The last thing is also unlikely but I'd get rid of ports. More specifically, I'd add more cruises to nowhere. I think they could offer a cool product, save on fuel and be a better steward of the sea if they did this. I'm sure this has occurred to someone so there must be some reason they don't do this.
  4. That looks like a flat iron to me. My hubby is a lobbyist for agricultural interests with a specialty in bovine matters. I've worked in Ag sales for years so even though I'm not a chef or butcher, I think I'm qualified to make that determination. There is something to the breeds when it comes to the difference between a dairy or a beef breed but imo a lot of the differences within the dairy and beef subsets just depend on how you treat your animal. Kobe and Wagyu are more about the process, feed and living conditions than anything else. If you take Wagyu steer and feed him and raise him like an Angus (or whatever breed you think of when you think meat) there isn't going to be much difference. I've had Wagyu a few times and Kobe many times and I think they are best as a tartare or cut very thin and barely kissed by heat. Kobe burgers can be good but it seems like an expensive exercise imo.
  5. Was on the same cruise, it was like the casino people weren't even trying. We booked a different offer because it was the same price and had double the OBC/Freeplay. We are on a non-premier this week on the pride and it is infinitely better. I do think Royal is stepping up their game a bit on the offers to compete for people like my family who have done 80% carnival the last 5 years due to the offers. I'm just scared of doing one of the newer ships on Royal. It seems like they are difficult to navigate and almost too much going on. Will prbably have to see for myself soon!
  6. The deli at night would be awesome, those chicken sandwiches are a major improvement over the old stuff. I always hear people raving about the hotdogs too, never had one but they could make a lot of people happy offering a skeleton menu of just a few things. As a complete aside about the shooting and environment, someone used to make a soy-based “clay pigeon” in the late 90s and early naughties, haven’t seen them on the market since. Would be really cool if they’d bring back shooting and decent TV
  7. On my third cruise of the summer now and I have to say, the free desserts are better than they’ve been in years but they’ve done some changes or cutbacks on the stuff served in the coffee shop. I used to love the blue “red” velvet cake and it lousy when it tried it. The carrot cake also used to be a go to for me but I didn’t finish mine today. The sushi is still great on every ship so I can’t complain too much. That’s a bigger treat for me anyways!
  8. Thanks for the info re: skeet shooting. I know he did it many times but I didn't start shooting until after Ruby Ridge and Waco.
  9. We must have sailed different lines. Other than the booze, pictures and gambling Carnival didn't have food that wasn't included. I don't even think they charged for any of the activities. I tried asking my hubby if they charged for the golf balls or skeet shooting but he said he couldn't remember
  10. I bet $25-100 per hand on BJ, believe me, there's a lot dumber things I've done with my money than spend the 10+2 tip on the food. The point of contention is that cruising used to be all-inclusive when we first started and now it's got to the point where I don't think it would be possible to avoid any upsell for a non-gambler or drinker. I'm not complaining about tips, but just as a for instance, the price of tips have increased over 100% since 2003, when we got back into cruising as family. Fares have probably decreased since then along with the all inclusive nature of cruising
  11. I can confirm that the midnight snacks was missing from the Deli, tried to get pizza one night with my pregnant daughter in law and the line was 30 deep! She was hhhhooooooonggggggrrrraaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy and we just ordered pizza and steak sandwiches to the room for the markup. I think the pizza was the same as the pirate without the line with a few more toppings. The philly steak was not authentic but very good. For $12 - it was probably worth the money to skip the line, probably what they were hoping people would say.
  12. The next day we slept in until about 10:30 and went to tour the French Quarter and Garden District. More aggressive bums and panhandlers awaited us but the area was beautiful and full of local artists and musicians. It is really a shame that those people have to compete with the freeloaders for tips and money. There's plenty of bums in the midwest but they are just different in New Orleans because it is more touristy probably. We made a trip to Cafe Du Monde for begnets at some point and they were better than I remember. The coffee was pretty decent as well but severely overpriced. We went back to our hotel around 4 with plans to meet up with the rest of our group who was arriving that afternoon for dinner. They needed a nap so we just went to a bar next door to our hotel called Barcadia for happy hour. They had a good beer selection and one of the best burgers I've ever had (not better or worse than Guy's, different we'll say). We booked a spooky tour for 6:30 but the proprietors moved meeting locations at the last minute and we missed it. As will be the trend for the rest of the trip, this was a New Orleans rip off. Everyone was planning to meet up at Bourbon Street to get rowdy that night so we just went to that area a little early. We are rowdy people but the Bourbon Street experience isn't particularly unique when compared to other touristy towns like Nashville or even tailgating/bar crawl for college football or a sporting event so we don't really see the appeal after doing it once. However, because we had a few first timers we obliged. New Orleans people must be trained in ripoffs and scamming from an early age and it doesn't make it fun. The first bar we went to was called Famous Door. We turned down shots from the shot girls at least 10 times before one of them sat down and chatted our group up for at least 15 minutes. At the end of the conversation she started taking drinks out of her tray and putting them in her mouth and pulling people to take shots with her. We all wrongly assumed she was just being nice. Then she asked for $150. A lady in our group paid foolishly unbeknownst to me and I was infuriated. We had a few song requests and I noticed other people falling for the same scam. Please avoid Famous Door. We went to a couple other bars, got a hand grenade and generally felt disgusted by the whole scene. We ended up eating IHop and calling it a night because all of the other eateries seemed to have already been taken over by the bums. COMING UP NEXT>>>>>>> CRUISE DAY 1
  13. Hello fellow CC'ers, here comes another prose review with Lottie. I'm going to stick to my usual format of going day by day, then ranking areas/overall experience. I'm taking off for the Pride tomorrow morning (at the ass crack of dawn as my husband would put it) so I'll try to finish this tonight or in the car tomorrow. If you have questions and there's a delay for a couple days, blame the ship's wifi. We booked this cruise about 4 months before we set sail. It was a good deal but we messed up on the dates and had to rebook our flight home so it took away some of the value. Stupid me for not checking the dates. In addition, we were very busy before we left and had to buy a ton of stuff before we departed. It did help prevent overpacking but paying $15 for a small can of bug spray was highway robbery! We flew into New Orleans two days before and stayed at the Old 77 Hotel and Chanderly in the Warehouse District. It was amazing and the highlight of the New Orleans portion of the trip! They checked us in early, the rooms were clean and interestingly decorated. The hotel had a funky artsy vibe and plenty of bars around that weren't the typical touristy Bourbon Street vibe. The first day we walked around the city, paid for overpriced cocktails, and sweated our butts off until it was time for our tour. The tour was "Taste of New Orleans" and was booked through Groupon. We skipped lunch thinking there would be more food to taste but what we did have was really good. Our guide was very good though and he made the tour worth the $40 we paid. The tour lasted a couple hours then we went back to the hotel and showered before going to a fancy Creole restaurant. This was my third or fourth time in New Orleans and I've finally come to the conclusion that most of the food that is on the higher priced end of the spectrum is overrated. This meal was fine but should have been closer to $25 per person than $75 (not including drinks). In general, if we get po boys or some type of stew, we are never let down so my New Orleans suggestion is to stick to something like that, especially in the touristy areas. I think the places on our tour would have all been better than this restaurant which was so underwhelming, none of us can remember its name! After dinner we went to Frenchman Street to listen to Jazz on the advice of some locals. The music was really good but a lot of the bars were cash only so we didn't get to experience as much debauchery as some in our group wanted. Oh well. There were some amazing musicians. Unfortunately, there were some really aggressive bums and homeless people in the area. They kept spraying stuff on our shoes and harassing us. My son actually had to get physical with one after he sprayed his Yeezy shoes and the bum almost got hit by a car running away. Very annoying and not a good look for the city.
  14. On the Valor, they didn't even have sugar straws at the casino bar, red frog outdoor, atrium bar, MDR or piano bar. I did see them at Red Frog indoor and Blue iguana outdoor in limited quantities. I didn't get a drink at the bar in the comedy club or show lounge so I can't speak about those areas definitively, I didn't see the servers with them though. I also didn't get a drink at the nightclub or see the bar there so they may have had them. Will be on the Pride this weekend and will be watching closely, it looks like the sugar straws are going to be the next cutback though...good riddance!
  15. yep - yours! You're nothing but a troll
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