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  1. Carnival platinum is by points now. It used to be by number of cruises, so I was grandfathered in at 10 cruises. Now, its 75 points I believe. The laundry is the best perk aside from quick embarkation and debarkation and priority tendering. I'm 14 points away from platinum on NCL so maybe after this Spring break one. My kids should already be platinum on NCL but they dont count it yet. Lucky them gets to go on cruises separately with both parents since we are now divorced. Like Sakari, they have grown up cruising. My 14 year-old just hit 27 cruises and my 11 year-old-23. Enjoy your Oasis cruise. It really is a grand ship and Sakari will have a great time on the zipline and surfing thing. I hope your leg heals before then.
  2. They have open skate times 3-4 times during the week but if you aren't in line to get a ticket at least 30 minutes prior, it will sell out. Its only a half rink so they limit the number of people out there skating. We sailed Thanksgiving week so lots of kids. I would imagine spring break would be similar. You are so funny with the laundry perk. We are platinum Carnival and I do the exact same thing so I don't have to do it back home. I'm almost platinum with NCL so hopefully soon. Did you notice if the Jimmy Buffet restaurant at breakfast had the fresh whipped cream? We love that! I believe it was reading one of your reviews many years ago that you mentioned it and we tried it and became hooked. We are sailing Escape for Spring break.
  3. We sailed Oasis a few years ago. I had wanted to do so for many years too. We loved the aqua show. Our floor was on the level of Central park and we LOVED it. It was so nice having all that greenery around us. We really didnt feel like we were on a a ship at all. It's a great ship. Very large, very classy. I still prefer Carnival but it was a good cruise. I didnt care for RCCL food. My kids loved the ice skating rink-make sure to go early, it fills up quick.
  4. My kids are both platinum with Carnival and have never been turned away in 20 sailings with them. We sail every year during spring break and they have never been refused entrance to kids club. They know how many kids will be sailing so they will have enough staff to cover the needs.
  5. It is different each sailing. There are usually kids of all the ages in each group. The 9-11 age group is alot of sports games, contests, relays, video game competitions etc. He will have fun. As far as moving up or down age groups, if there are tons of kids, they most likely wont let you move. It depends on numbers and staff. I've had them refuse before and I've had them honor it before. We usually sail with the kids cousins who are different ages so we have done this before. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. There are some combines times when all the ages are grouped together for a bit and then split off to do other things. The Magic is a great ship. My kids loved it. Lots to do even outside the kids clubs.
  6. You do have to pay unfortunately and the cabin has to accomodate 3, even if it's a crib or playpen. You can get reduced fare's and kids sail free promotion but there will always be port fees and taxes. Some Carnival ships do offer babysitting now for under age 2 and there is always infant/parent playtimes at camp. Carnival has some family oceanview cabins with a tub that are nice. You can always bring a blow-up bathtub too for bathing, using as a pool on the balcony and even dry as a playpen between lounge chairs on deck. Make sure to grab a few extra boxes of cheerios/froot loops at breakfast and you have snacks for the day and in port. Diapers you can just keep them in the box and stick a luggage tag right on the box and they will deliver it right to the cabin with your luggage. Dont forget to bring with you all the infant meds (tylenol, motrin, benadryl) just in case. They do not have liquid meds onboard so its good to have them just in case. If you have a balcony cabin with a couch, you can always have the room steward turn the couch backward against the wall and it makes a nice crib. Cruising with infants is fun but still demanding. Honestly its the easiest way to travel with young kids. You will make great memories! I have been sailing with mine 2-3 times a year since they each were 6 months old. They are now 13 and 10 and they have been platinum with Carnival for many years. We have sailed Carnival, NCL, Disney, Royal Caribbean and MSC so I can answer lots of questions for you if you have any.
  7. You can but sometimes they will confiscate it upon return from port when you go through the scanners and sometimes not. It's not a guarantee it will make it to your cabin. They may tag it and make you pick it up the last night.
  8. I will be going on my 25th this summer but I dont want to use my 25% since I already have alot of OBC from my travel agent. Can I use it on my 26th cruise instead? Do I have to alert Carnival now or can I just wait until the 26th and tell them it was last cruise and I never used it?
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