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  1. I know it's not exactly what OP asked, but we did a Coastal out of San Diego last year and some of the fruit was different - they had this strange (to us) melon that was kind of pale and not too sweet (not honeydew). They had just repo'd from South America and one of the crew mentioned they had to get rid of this melon first! We saw regular cantaloupe and honeydew a few days later. We also had cans of soda in our cabin cooler sourced from South America. 😊
  2. With due respect, I'm not sure I follow?.... Why do you think you would be entitled to perks? This ship is coming up from South America where, as of today, there have been no virus concerns. Is this what the FB chatter is about? Sincerely asking. 🙂 EDITED TO ADD: Beg pardon, I see that as of today there is some concern for Brazil.
  3. I just saw this on the news! Interesting concept. There are reviews on Yelp and Trip Advisor, probably more relevant places to read up than here, given the audience (cruisers). 🙂
  4. We had a great cabin on Oasis, her sister ship - Deck 8. If you look at the deck plans, you will see there is actually a wall between you and the festivities on Deck 8, with openings for elevators and stairs, just like any other deck. We did not find it noisy at all. The only people who should be in the hall are the people with cabins in the vicinity of yours; otherwise, it's not considered a short cut or pass through or something like that. I will echo the sentiments on Deck 8 - very convenient to Park Cafe and coffee in the morning. 😊 As well, do you wear, or would you consider wearing ear plugs if it is such a concern? Might not hurt, since it will be a "new" environment for you. EDITED TO ADD: Also, there is a forum dedicated specifically to Royal Caribbean - you will find lots of good information there. Here is the link: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/51-royal-caribbean-international/
  5. We have never seen orcas in Alaska, but did see Minke whales last year in September on our Alaskan cruise.
  6. My sister and family, as well as two other friends both recently returned from cruises to the Caribbean (Southern itinerary included) and neither ship was turned away from any ports, nor were people wearing masks or taking extra precautions, other than thorough hand washing and using sanitizer gels.
  7. Got it. Do you want to know why that is, by the way? I worked at a rental car company for five years, so maybe I can help. Each city's rental cars are franchised - owned and operated by a different person or corporation. When someone drops a car in another city (we called it a "foreign" city), the car sits there with no revenue until someone pays to rent it back to the owning city (or, at least closer). Foreign cars may not be rented out locally because there is no revenue for the renting city, correct? In August, there are many cars going back and forth between B.C and Alberta, so there are drop-offs allowed in certain cities. I expect YVR's franchise is the only local one who permits this, just so dozens of Vancouver cars don't end up in Alberta, sitting there waiting to be rented back. I hope that makes sense. 😊 Have a great cruise and trip!
  8. ^ Agreed - why are you going to the airport to rent a car? I think you are making it harder for yourselves by doing so.
  9. Nice! That will really help with the port load and the cable cars. 👍
  10. I don't think any one website is completely infallible, but I like the one below - I find it very user friendly. 😊 http://www.cruisecal.com/portal/ItineraryLookup/tabid/2918/Default.aspx Find your ship and the date, and you'll see who is in port with you. EDITED TO ADD - here, I did it for you because I had time. http://www.cruisecal.com/portal/ItineraryPrint/tabid/2919/Default.aspx?sailID=CELSM1/9/2021
  11. The ship also reports large purchases. I have been here for years and have read how surprised some people were when they were "caught" not declaring large purchases made on board.
  12. Sorry but we are not permitted to share TA info on these boards. I guess you'd have to do so privately.
  13. Dirty glasses and such are removed, and replaced with clean ones from the galley. I have seen them in the cabin stewards' carts in the hallway - clean and ready to replenish. Welcome to Celebrity - hope you enjoy your cruise! 👍 Just a side note that we were ecstatic to see sinks on Royal Caribbean Ovation of the Seas at the buffet entrance as well. Amazing - wish every ship had these. 😊
  14. Again I will mention that we can only do so much. The chair you pull back from your table, the cutlery you use, the glass, the salt and pepper, the condiments... I mean, where does it stop? 😉
  15. Aww sorry, my comment came out a little rougher than I had meant. 😏 I know some people (like myself) religiously wipe down surfaces in cabins, planes, hotel rooms. Some others think that's ridiculous! Leave the germs there, build up resistance and immunity! 😁 I totally get that too, but as my immune system is compromised now, I try to be careful.
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