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  1. ^ Sigh. Yes. I meant Endicott Arm. So excuse me from this thread and again, apologies for the misunderstanding. Chemo brain is really a devastating side effect. 😥
  2. Aww, you know what? I was confused. 🤭 Indeed, we were on Ovation of the Seas, not Eclipse. Apologies. Still couldn't get in so the gist of my comment remains the same.
  3. We have been on dozens of cruises and have never suffered any ill effects, nor heard any crew member complain about the water. If YOU don't want to drink the water, that's fine with me, but please don't make a sweeping generalization and tell others what to do or not do on a cruise which is probably no more than a few weeks a year, if that.
  4. Yes, as did we - same ship for Alaska. We went with my sister and BIL, and I was embarrassed to have to sit through that with them. I hope they drop this soon. It is ridiculous.
  5. ^ This exactly. We were on Eclipse in September and we headed for Glacier Bay.... couldn't get all the way in due to heavy fog. The Captain tried, and waited... we waited at least three hours, but it was a no-go. Sadly, we had to turn around.
  6. Sounds wonderful! Is there any way you can re-post this on their own website or Trip Advisor where more people will see it?
  7. I hope you have a wonderful cruise. 😊 Please remember that these are, hopefully at most, minor annoyances. Some people are suffering with things much worse than you are right now.
  8. The crew are on contracts, sometimes 6 or 8 months at a time. IF their contract is up and they leave after a TA or other repo, it's just the way their contract landed at the time. I would not expect a decline in service, if that's what you are asking. Have fun. 😊
  9. I offer that it may differ according to embarkation port city. For us out of San Diego earlier this year there was a dedicated line for Concierge Class guests and the Concierge was there to greet everyone, but after that... wait with everyone else in order received.
  10. Thank you, Scott - I stand corrected from my earlier post. I worked on the same property/block as the Pendray Tea House (not the same building) and it was, indeed, the Captain's Palace back then. I worked in what is now called Judge House (or Judge's House) which back in the 80's was sold as a haunted house tourist attraction. To my knowledge, the Captain's Palace/Pendray Tea House was not said to be haunted. 😉 Just wanted to clear that up and not spread read false information about a business. 👍
  11. There are RT Alaska cruises on Royal, Celebrity, and Holland America. Does that interest you? Also, here is the link for the Parking Garage at Canada Place - couldn't get closer if you tried! I plugged in July next year, just to get the quote - looks like a reasonable price of about $221.00 CDN for the week, in the underground, safe lot. https://canadaplace.westpark.com/reserve-a-space.html
  12. Hello! Is it a jazz cruise? 🎵🎷🎺 Would love to join you on one some day. 😊 Here are some recent threads to get you started researching. We have never parked DT Vancouver - always fortunate enough to get a ride in and out, but I'm sure some of the locals will be along shortly. Here's what was said earlier: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2678835-parking-at-vancouver-cruise-terminal/ https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2672514-park-cruise-hotels-vancouver-bc/ https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2671460-vancouver-parking/
  13. Got it, thanks. We were recently on Ovation of the Seas and same thing - key card in room (or outside in holder) but the fire doors were still closed to guests until 1:00. To charge on your account before then, you showed your Set Sail pass.
  14. Is dropping off carry-ons prior to cabins being available an exclusive thing for Summit? We have been on several X cruises and the fire doors were always closed and we were not permitted entrance before the announcement of cabins being ready. Thanks.
  15. I can confirm this. My husband is a Canadian Citizen with a Canadian passport and has never required ESTA for any of our travels. I also agree with taking this higher with Celebrity - this kind of e-mail is just scaring people and it is inappropriate and incorrect.
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