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  1. Yes. On Celebrity, they serve a mixed fruit punch/juice that my husband adores - mango/passionfruit something.... anyway, he is just crazy for it. I had a Nestle contact back home but she couldn't help me out on that. I think it is only available commercially. I like the iced tea too, with a couple of yellow sweetener packets. Just fine, thank you. 🥤
  2. I don't miss (and perhaps this never should have happened, based on what is really happening when you do it!) the singing and napkin waving in the dining room! Gross! Now with Covid, that would never happen... I hope.... 🤣
  3. We have been on many cruises and I have never felt ill or unsafe and all were cleared by my doctor. We took the usual precautions. I understand what you are saying, but in my opinion, Noro was a mere inconvenience compared to Covid, which could (and probably would) kill me.
  4. Thank you! Us too. I am immunocompromised and I am actually very careful in my everyday life. What used to be a nice evening out for dinner or a shopping trip to a home store (as examples) has turned into one of us going in for as short a time as possible, masked and aware of physical distancing. Sadly, we will never fly or cruise again. Life is short - may we find joy and beauty in the little everyday things that we didn't before. 🌺🌄
  5. Awww man! I usually notice the date! Rats.
  6. Without going into too many details, well, let's just say she will figure it out. 😉 She'll wear her undergarments under her pajamas, or even wear something different to bed for that vacation (think tee and sweats/shorts). Our kids did it, no problems. We have cruised twice all in one cabin; it's all we could afford for our family and they were amazing vacations.
  7. Here is the link to your Gold benefits. https://dlxffu6hwewxp.cloudfront.net/cas/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/CAS_Member_Benefits_Grid_APRIL-2019.pdf I'm not sure what you mean by a "members greeting breakfast". On the final morning, you are permitted to wait in a designated lounge which will probably have coffee, tea, juices, and perhaps some pastries. This is considered a continental breakfast on departure morning and it is not anything super special, in my opinion. There should be a list of benefits waiting in your cabin when you arrive; more perks will be explained at that time which are not listed on the website. How many Crown and Anchor points do you have? Are you sure you aren't higher than Gold? I think with seven cruises done, you may be further along than you realize?
  8. The shuttle is not free; when we were there some years ago, it was at least $5.00 per person.
  9. Understood but as far as countries on a list goes, one is in and one is out. 🤷‍♀️
  10. No - it's their gain. I completely agree with the decision and support it. They have successfully flattened their curve and do not want to see the spike that the US is seeing right now. Does that not make sense to you? Sincerely asking.
  11. Canada has done a better job of managing the pandemic and our cases and number of deaths are much lower than the US. You can Google it - you'll understand the reason for this decision by the EU.
  12. Many of us have done B2B cruises, and we love them. For me, I feel it's a little different to do a B2B than to just do a longer cruise. Turnaround day has a very interesting, special vibe, if you will. We would only do again if we could stay in the same cabin. Packing up and moving sort of defeats the purpose of the ease of a B2B (in my opinion).
  13. I guess I'm in the minority; I actually like the iced tea. One or two packets of the yellow sweetener and lots of ice, and I'm good to go. 😊
  14. Just a note that you may want to have a moderator edit the title of your post to correct the year to 2022. I think you are past the time limit to do it yourself.😊
  15. Understood but with all due respect, sometimes it's just easier and cheaper to cruise the Caribbean. Europe is horrendously expensive, as are other itineraries. If one lives in Florida, it could be an easy drive to the port. I think we've done more Caribbean cruises than anything else, mostly because of ease and price.
  16. Hello my friend, and thank you. It's actually both - my illness and the precautions I need to take are the reasons we can't cruise, or fly, or travel anymore, really. Well... maybe a road trip to a vineyard somewhere fabulous? 😊🍷
  17. We didn't want to make full payment for our Alaska cruise because the amount was huge, for four of us. We cancelled before RCI cancelled us and made a claim through our insurance. It didn't make sense for us to tie up that much in FCC that we may never use. We made the call and yes, lost some of it but we will not be cruising again, sadly.
  18. I don't click on YouTube links - could you or someone provide the list of freebies? Then we can discuss. 😊
  19. Different area geographically, but know someone who manages a hair salon and she said for the time being, they are limiting their services. They are not doing beard/mustache trims, nor is either party permitted to talk during hair washing at the sink. Things are definitely different now...
  20. Personally, we avoid the cabins near elevators because of the foot traffic going by. People can talk loudly without realizing it. We prefer a cabin all the way forward or aft because usually the only people who are going that way are those with cabins in that area. I know it probably doesn't bother most people and they find cabins near the elevators to be very convenient, but I wanted to give you my perspective. 😊
  21. Wow, quite the sweeping generalization there... 🤨
  22. Aww, thanks. Yes, we had a family cruise planned for August with our adult children. Our son is in medical school and he gave us a window of about 8 days, so we jumped on this cruise and looked forward to showing them the beauty of Alaska. If nothing else, I love watching him enjoy the food on board! Anyway.... perhaps another time but I'm thinking probably not as I am battling illness. We'll have to make memories another way. 🥰
  23. I'm afraid the CDC does not actually support that statement. I cannot see a three day gap at all between sailings, for reasons already mentioned in this thread.
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