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  1. As locals, we have stayed at the Blue Horizon on anniversary weekends, and it is phenomenal. Centrally located and easily walkable, we parked our car with them and walked everywhere. Tip: if you can do so, pay extra for a higher floor. The views are well worth it! 😊
  2. This is a hotly debated subject here and the threads tend to get heated, but I will answer your questions. Yes, the gratuities are automatically charged to your daily account unless you pre-pay them. This way, everyone who is supposed to get tipped, does so and you don't even have to think about it. Yes, you may remove the auto grats and give cash, but what we like to do is to leave them in place and if we feel an extra tip is warranted for outstanding service, we do that in cash to specific crew who have made our cruise special. Yes, drink tips are applied on the bill you sign. Have a good cruise. I hope you enjoy Celebrity. πŸ™‚
  3. I do not take or wear boots on my Caribbean cruise. I feel they are too heavy (both in suitcase weight, and in looks). I bust out the cute sandals and flip flops that I cannot wear most of the year at home. 😊
  4. Yes it's nice since we have traveled with others who were not Elite, yet we could still enjoy drinks with them in the evening. Also, bartender just either looks at your card and sees your Elite status, or runs it through and doesn't charge you. We still tip $1 per drink either way (HH in lounge, or alternate bar).
  5. UPDATE: Looked into this and I thank you for the suggestion. Seems the Museum will be closing in early 2020 for two years! Here is the link to the info: https://www.lamaritimemuseum.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Information-on-Waterfront-Construction.pdf
  6. The cruise ships do not go the same route as BC Ferries. They can't fit, obviously, so they go another route. Yes, they go slower than they would normally (about 1/2 speed, as scottbee said). On board, it's still a busy night for the crew and staff as they have dinner, the casino, entertainment, bars/lounges, and shops operating as they normally would. It's just a slower pace, basically. By the way, did you see an actual itinerary for this, or it was just a general question?
  7. I see you posted this some months ago in another forum, and received good advice at that time. Personally, I'd book a later flight. In my opinion, as prepared as you are, there are just too many variables which are out of your control.
  8. In our experience, it is hit and miss about the contents of the fridge. On our last Celebrity cruise, we had the four bottles of vodka, one expired can of Coke, and nothing else. No snacks. No water. Cabin steward seemed indifferent, told us not to worry about it. Just to be sure, we always take a couple of pictures of the open fridge on Day 1, just to document what is actually in there. A note about the Kind bars - please feel free to purchase them at home and take them with you. They are SOOO expensive to buy in the fridge - you can do much better than that and probably buy an entire box for a better price. 😊 Have a good cruise.
  9. Wine is your choice at the bar inside the Oceanview CafΓ©. You simply order what you want from the bartender.
  10. Regarding taxi waits, ours in Barcelona was the longest we've ever encountered, 55 minutes, and that was with a dispatcher organizing the line. I think your flight time is fine and as mentioned, all passengers should be off the ship by 9:30 am, but I wouldn't dawdle. πŸ˜‰
  11. I always get a little nervous when I read this πŸ˜‰ - to where are you flying, and at what time?
  12. Actually, I looked to see how much this would run (merely curious, as I knew it would be expensive), and it looks like the Space Needle currently does not have full service dinner, only a cafΓ©. Just FYI. πŸ™‚
  13. Agreed, the distance is short but I wouldn't walk it (but you could, they are so close). I'm so glad you posted here first - I agree that the best way is taxi, or ride-share. You could split a cab with someone else who is also going to the pier. 😊 Enjoy your cruise! 🚒
  14. I watched local station KTLA cover this story this morning as passengers disembarked. The reporter interviewed one of the first responders who said there were reports of 40 ill passengers, narrowed down to 20 by the ship's doctor, and at disembarkation there were 9 ill passengers who were triaged and none were taken to hospital today. She also interviewed a family who said they had gotten ill on Thanksgiving Thursday and were offered free movies and free room service as compensation.
  15. Absolutely true, but I think OP was more so asking about removing and giving to staff/crew of his/her choice - "most deserving" was the quote. I think some of us were just replying to that aspect of the question (I was, anyway πŸ™‚).
  16. Tipping threads can sometimes get heated, so I proceed with caution... but I did want to mention that the people that the cruise line deems as included in the gratuities are deserving. Some guests don't think that the head waiter deserves his/her share, but trust me that when your dinner service runs smoothly and you don't see a lot of your HW, that is because s/he is busy behind the scenes keeping things moving along and overseeing the waiters and assistant waiters (just using this as an example). Please feel free to give extra to those whom you feel added to your cruise experience, but I would respectfully ask that you don't remove the gratuities from those whose work you may not feel is "more deserving". They are counting on it as part of their wages.
  17. Me too, easily purchased on the cheap at a dollar store. I put the whole thing in a large zipper bag in case one of the compartments accidentally opens up. Bracelets and beaded necklaces go in my draw-string pouch.
  18. ^ Sigh. Yes. I meant Endicott Arm. So excuse me from this thread and again, apologies for the misunderstanding. Chemo brain is really a devastating side effect. πŸ˜₯
  19. Aww, you know what? I was confused. 🀭 Indeed, we were on Ovation of the Seas, not Eclipse. Apologies. Still couldn't get in so the gist of my comment remains the same.
  20. We have been on dozens of cruises and have never suffered any ill effects, nor heard any crew member complain about the water. If YOU don't want to drink the water, that's fine with me, but please don't make a sweeping generalization and tell others what to do or not do on a cruise which is probably no more than a few weeks a year, if that.
  21. Yes, as did we - same ship for Alaska. We went with my sister and BIL, and I was embarrassed to have to sit through that with them. I hope they drop this soon. It is ridiculous.
  22. ^ This exactly. We were on Eclipse in September and we headed for Glacier Bay.... couldn't get all the way in due to heavy fog. The Captain tried, and waited... we waited at least three hours, but it was a no-go. Sadly, we had to turn around.
  23. Sounds wonderful! Is there any way you can re-post this on their own website or Trip Advisor where more people will see it?
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