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  1. I was also booked through the casino and I am not sure it that makes a difference as well. I was surprised that the refund of the cruise, excursion, and FTF came through at the same time since most people are reporting this is not what they have experienced.
  2. There might be a glitch in their website. I just searched Galveston for Sept through Nov and the cruises came up and let me start the booking process. I tried various cruises and dates.
  3. I hope they keep the servers in the buffet, Holland does this and Carnival did it on my March 2020 cruise. This will cut down on the spread of any disease, which is always a good thing.
  4. I remember reading something that Carnival will limit the capacity of the cruises. This makes sense because then they can space out people better. I was on one of the last cruises to go, March 9-14th out of NOLA which was spring break. This cruise was originally sold out but many people cancelled with Corona looming. When we left we could get toilet paper and when we got back the world had fallen into chaos and there was no toilet paper. It was a small ship but people could space out if needed too due to the amount of cancellations. I was defiantly not nearly as packed in at muster as I was last year on the same cruise, still not 6 ft between people but not packed in like sardines. I am sure there are plenty of people that rebooked their Spring and summer cruises for the fall already, so many ships may be already sold out to the reduced capacity.
  5. I just received my refund this morning. Cruise Date May 9th Cancelled by Carnival on March 30th Rebooked on April 3rd. I did take the obc and rebook the cruise for September but since the FFC was only for what the penalty would have been if I cancelled my cruise and my rebooked cruise was way cheaper they refunded the rest. I also had a casino offer so I had to cancel and rebooked through the casino. I also got my FTF and excursions refunded. My refund went to an AMEX.
  6. Sorry if it sounds like a rant but that is not my intentions, I just look at things a bit differently than others since I am numbers person. There is still so much is not known about this virus as time pass and we learn more about it. Most information will come hindsight and when reliable antibody testing exists that is provided to most of the population. There has been so much mis-information put out by the media, websites, and others mostly due to rushed, small studies and the use of modeling, and ever single small study is reported on and by the next day a new study that says the opposite comes out. There is some evidence from a study in South Korea that once you get it you cannot get it again unlike the flu (https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/world/scientists-conclude-people-cannot-get-coronavirus-twice/ar-BB13tm64) but the reality is we still will pretty much have to wait and see, but if this the case we have a lot less to worry about. Also Sweden which did not lock down at all and pretty much kept going as usual is being chastised for their decision and in the media they keep saying Swedens fatality rate is high (by the way the lump the US in as well), but the fatality rate is not accurate because of the limited testing (for an accurate fatality rate every known case would have to be identified, with the flu since it has been around so long they can estimate how many people probably had it each year based on the number of positive tests). If you look at the numbers based on Sweden's population the percentage of people that have died so far is about 0.02% (flu is 0.01%, US corona is about 0.02%, this number may go up but at this point with the number of deaths per day decreasing it will not go up much) and an infection rate of 0.22% (US 0.38%), which once again is probably low due to the limited amount of testing. I am not minimizing these deaths or the significant of getting this virus, just reporting on actual numbers. I know this makes people mad comparing it to the flu but more than 3 to 5 million serve cases of the flu occur and 290,000- 650,000 deaths every year Worldwide (numbers quoted from WHO). Yet we accept this and in time if this virus sticks around and becomes seasonal, it will just become another virus that kills a lot of people every year that no one worries about unless you are directly impacted. Basically cruising will get back to normal eventually without social distancing or requirements for vaccine. When this will occur will really depends if this virus mutates to not affect humans (best case), resurges in the Fall and how much it resurges, if people become immune after they have it and herd immunity takes over, or if an effective vaccine is produced.
  7. I filled out the form but did not get a response so several days later I called and rebooked a cruise. Did not get a confirmation email about the FCC only about my new booking. The new booking shows my OBC but the way the FCC worked at least when my cruise was canceled is they only give a FCC for the amount that you would have been charged to cancel the cruise and they will refund you the rest. For example since it was about a month before sailing I was in the 75% charge range so that was my FCC and the rest they are to refund or you can use on your rebooking. The cruise I chose to rebook was cheaper than my original cruise so they owe me money, which they said would be refunded in 10-15 days (knew this was not realistic). I never received any email to confirm what they are refunding me. I should also say my original cruise was a casino offer and I had to work with them to rebook.
  8. I was on the Valor out of NOLA March 9th-14th 2020. When we left you could still get toilet paper but when we got back no toilet paper in sight. I was suppose to go on the Vista in May cruise out of Galveston that I rebooked for September once Carnival canceled (not too hopeful but you never know). I also have a cruise with NCL in June from NYC to Bermuda that I am 99.99% sure will be canceled soon. I also have an RCL cruise in December I am a little more hopeful for that one but you never know.
  9. I have a cruise out of NOLA on the Valor that leaves Monday and one on the Vista from Galveston in May. Not cancelling either of them.
  10. I also have an onboard credit from a casino offer and from what I read it will be in addition to that. My cruise leaves Monday May 9th so you might get it closer to your cruise. Since it does talk about cruises leaving today, I assume they sent these out to them earlier.
  11. I just received this email from Carnival. I have a cruise leaving Monday and another in May not to bad. If you cannot read it I included a pdf. 1149326.pdf
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