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  1. We are both in our lower 70's, so we grew up with 60's, 70's and 80's with Doo-Wop, hard rock, & heavy metal. When we cruise, we enjoy cocktails and dancing to the quartet in the Ocean Bar on the smaller R & S class ships, but we also enjoy BB-King and Billboard Onboard. We also attend a few Lincoln Center Stage performances. We enjoy all kinds of music, and the higher volume levels of BB-King are not annoying. I guess everyone has their favorites.
  2. Check out Cruise Deck Plans dot com. You can get actual pictures of your cabin or similar ones next door.
  3. Definitely not. HAL encourages people to use their own cash to purchase things like beverage packages online. That's why they penalize you $10 plus 15% if you wait to buy it onboard with your OBC. If you purchased a beverage card, you should have a receipt for the purchase and you should see the charge on your credit card account. I have no idea why you have a OBC credit of $150 and then a negative credit of CAD$-150. Maybe your TA gave you a $150 CAD credit and HAL converted it to $150 USD ???
  4. In an aft veranda, you have room for 2, full length lounge chairs, placed side-by-side facing the railing, plus a small table in between. Plus, you still have a few feet between the bottom of the lounge chairs and the railing. There usually is only one lounge chair and a regular chair. We usually ask our cabin attendant for an extra lounge chair. Inside the cabin, you have an additional 4 feet between the night table and the couch. In regular veranda cabins, the couch is almost touching the night table for the bed.
  5. Crystalspin is correct. If you purchased the SBP online or got it with a HAL promotion, and you upgrade it when you get onboard, you will pay the difference between the online price ($44.95 plus 15%) and the onboard price for the Elite package, which is $59.95 plus 15%. If you purchased the SBP with your own cash before the cruise, just cancel and pay $49.95 plus 15% for the Elite package. If you got the SBP by a HAL promotion, then your only option to upgrade is to wait until you get onboard and pay the $15 plus 15% difference in price.
  6. We needed a one-way from TPA to Amsterdam Schiphol on Sep 29, 2020. We had to wait until Dec 7, 2019 for the fares to open up for booking, 330 days out. We booked a Delta flight, non-stop, and we were immediately given the opportunity to select our seats and we got the Delta record locator. About 10 days after booking in regular economy, we decided we wanted business class. We went back into Flight Ease, cancelled the economy booking and booked the same flight in business. Immediately, we were directed to select our seats, which we did. Since that booking, the cost of the flight on Flight Ease has gone up by $160 per person. Our price remained the same. We also used Flight Ease for a one-way from TPA to Venice. We booked 8 months out on British Airways TPA to LGW, then LGW to VCE. All on BA. We were able to immediately book our seats and received a BA record locator.
  7. If you are booked in a Veranda guarantee, there little or no chance you will get an aft balcony assigned. Those are the first verandas to be booked, and there's only about 30 of them on a Vista class ship. We enjoy the huge size of the balcony (depth), the cabin is about 5 feet longer, and you have a 180 degree view.
  8. Also remember, any beverages you bring onboard (wine, soda, water) must be hand carried on the ship. You cannot wrap it with duct tape and stick a luggage tag on it. Yes, the porters in Ft. Lauderdale will happily take it (along with your generous tip), but HAL has a problem with it.
  9. Most of the HAL Vista class ships and newer have the same wall mounted TV's. And the jacks are on the rear.
  10. The max price with the SBP is $11, and that is Menu price. Elite package is $15 per drink max price. You do not have to figure in the 15% service charge, because it has already been paid when you purchase the package. If you got the SBP by a HAL promotion, the 15% service charge has already been paid. The base price of the SBP remains at $44.95 per day, plus 15% SC. The Elite package has been reduced to $49.95 per day, plus 15%. Both prices are online, you must buy them online before your cruise to get those prices.
  11. It would be difficult to mount a flat screen TV on the wall of any cabin and still retain the DVD player that must be at the desk. There are cabling problems extending the 3 required cables from the DVD player over to the wall mounted TV. That's why in the smaller ships, the TV's will always be mounted close to the DVD player at the desk. I attended a "Ask the Hotel Director" Q&A session and was told this when asked. The wall mounted TV's on the larger ships do not have associated DVD players, because they have on-demand movies and other programming delivered by ethernet cable to each cabin. The mounting of the TV's on the wall are easy, the wiring of ethernet to each cabin is the problem, and I assume HAL doesn't want to spend the time and money to run ethernet cable to every cabin on the older ships.
  12. No one on CC has ever reported a price increase on a Flight Ease booking after it was booked. Yes, you can pay for your flights at anytime up to final payment date. On most US domestic flight bookings, you can immediately select your seats, or you can use the airline record locator provided by Flight Ease to go onto the airline's website and select your seats there. The only time I could not select my seats when I booked was when a connecting airline in Europe (Swiss) made me wait until 24 hours before boarding.
  13. The last Rotterdam drydock was in 2017. She was supposed to go in around November 2019, but because the Rotterdam is helping take up the slack for the loss of the Prinsendam, that drydock was cancelled and the next one is scheduled for December 2020. They used a long Trans-Atlantic segment recently to rip out the Mix area on deck 5 and install Billboard Onboard. They did it with passengers onboard. They moved the piano up to the Crow's Nest and boarded off that area on deck 5 while they did the construction.
  14. The only problem we had with the 25 Euro tour, purchased on the Fira dock, was the return buses from Oia to Fira. There were only 3 return times you could select, and the last one was 1:30 PM, which was way too early for us. we wanted to enjoy a relaxing lunch and then explore the town. So we ditched the return bus ticket and took a taxi back to Fira when we were ready.
  15. The flight fares are bundled in with your cruise fare and it all goes on your credit card as a single charge from HAL.
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