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  1. You might hit some extra traffic, yes. You probably won't get on the road until at least 3:30 PM. From there to downtown will be fine. From downtown towards Galveston you'll hit some traffic but you'll be ahead of the worst of it. (This assumes no major roadwork going on at the time. You never know.)
  2. We gave a $5 bill for 3 passports. I have no idea what the going rate is but they did it.
  3. My 6 year old son liked to wear his on a lanyard. He thought it was cool. We did let him spend money in places like the candy shop and arcade so he would need it handy for those times. (We put a limit on how much he could spend online before the cruise. It was money he had saved up from birthday and chores.) When we went on shore, I kept his with mine so it wouldn't get lost.
  4. I've only been there while with Carnival so I can only speak to that port. There was a booth inside the main shopping area that stamped passports for a cash donation.
  5. There are several piers but I'm assuming you're talking about the one with all the rides and games, the Pleasure Pier? It's owned by Landry's (Tillman Fertitta) so there's lots to eat around there. Just a note, grocery stores can't sell hard liquor here. Only beer and wine. If you want liquor you have to buy it at a liquor store. They're easy to find.
  6. Ouch. Yeah, good luck. Galveston is going to be a madhouse. Don't get me wrong, I love Mardi Gras celebrations but it does make the island very crowded and drives prices up. Good old supply and demand. I've paid a ton of money for pretty terrible rooms. hahaha Many roads will be closed too so allow EXTRA time to get to the port even if you stay on the island.
  7. I've not done Cheers myself but several other people have reported experiencing the same charge for the juice on the brunch.
  8. That Staybridge is perfectly fine as is the area. I don't know if they have an airport shuttle, though. I've never had to use it since I live in town. There's a Walmart nearby and I personally like the Mi Rancho restaurant that is very close. I also like the Los Cucos that's just across the Beltway. But again, walking isn't the norm around here. You can certainly do it but it's not a pedestrian friendly town in that drivers aren't going to be very patient.
  9. I don't particularly care one way or another, but I am surprised at how much these shirts are hated. A question to the mothers on here - would you refuse to join your children on a school sponsored outing if you were required to wear a t-shirt? The reason I ask is that it is absolutely required that all chaperones and children wear matching t-shirts for outings in my district. And the t-shirts are often brightly colored, decorated with childish logos and writing, cheap quality, and men's sizing. I wouldn't choose them for myself but I do it so that I can participate.
  10. Hotels along Beltway 8 in the Greenspoint area will not have anything to walk to nor would you want to walk there. It's not a great area. Hotels off US59 and the FM1960 area also won't have much to walk to but it's a much better area and there are lots of food choices. There are sidewalks so you *could* walk it but like others have said, this is a car place. Not many people walk anywhere so things are very spread out. What hotels are you considering? I am very familiar with the area and can steer you away from the worst ones if you want.
  11. I didn't realize there were ever plans for a cruise terminal out of Houston. That would be less photogenic than Galveston!
  12. FYI - If you are willing to forego the canvas, the photos are about $13 a piece for the digital versions and you can get as many as you want. That's what we did and had them printed at CVS. I'm sure you could get a canvas print from a third party at home as well.
  13. Same here. Much like OP, we used a credit card that isn't used for anything else to pay off the balance when we got there and have had no other charges to the card since. It's been 7 weeks. Something is really amiss if the website sometimes allows for PayPal and sometimes allows for credit card use directly.
  14. The water park was open when we first got around to it on embarkation day. I didn't pay attention to the exact time but it was before sail away.
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