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  1. Go to the Gulf Coast Departures board for lots of parking info and recommendations. I didn't stay up until midnight to do the check-in. I did it the next morning when I woke up at my usual time of 5:30 AM. I still got the first boarding slot (not FTTF) with no issue. We showed up 2 minutes into the approved time slot and never stopped moving. We showed our boarding passes at the beginning of the line, walked through the barriers, went right up to the x-ray machine, went right onto the ramp, and done. It was almost TOO fast as I had my young son with me who wasn't quite as good with keeping up. Meanwhile, the early/late arrival line snaked around the building and wasn't moving very fast.
  2. Yes, Vista had them. It was either 2 or 3 nights. I can't remember right now.
  3. On the Vista, the price on the displays automatically changed during the appointed times. On the Dream, a Carnival employee came around with a card and swiped them all to lower the price and then again to raise the price. He was late getting back so it was more like an hour and a half. The kids were all very happy about that!
  4. Silicone. It has a holder on a lanyard similar to the one in the picture posted by someone else.
  5. I have been using one I got off Amazon for some time now and have had no issues. Yes, I do rinse it out after each use and wash as soon as reasonably possible. Mine came with both a brush and a squeegee type thing to clean the inside easily so I have not had an issue with anything building up inside. Making the adjustment to this type of straw wasn't a huge deal to me.
  6. My 6 year old loved it. However, he did have some trouble carrying his tube up the trail and Daddy had to do it.
  7. Yes, but it is only open for lunch. You can get there by taking the stairs from inside the Lido buffet on deck 10 or by entering from the very back of the ship on deck 11 right in front of the pool.
  8. Cheers was turned off and the casino closed when we got back into US waters. Both resumed when we got back out to international waters. The people who had Cheers received $50 OBC.
  9. You don't have to buy them from Carnival. I got a 4 pack of similar silicone straws with travel case for $7.
  10. They keep wanting to do a family cruise and I keep finding excuses not to. They are in their low 60s so that means the potential for 25+ more years of complaining about it!
  11. Not necessarily. I live in Texas and it is not on the list above. However, my current DL is not compliant. It will expire AFTER the requirement goes into effect. So my ID is very much valid right now but unless I go and renew before October, I won't be able to fly in October and beyond.
  12. Same for us on the Vista. My husband used it several times.
  13. aknguyen

    Safety Question

    Mr. Sancho's is one of the most popular spots in Cozumel so many thousands of people have been there without incident, including myself. Cozumel as a whole is very safe, IMHO.
  14. The vast majority of the revenue for Cozumel is tourism. They need it to be safe so that tourists continue to visit. Much like in the US, there are parts of Mexico that are safe and there are parts that aren't so safe. Cozumel is safe, IMHO.
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