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  1. Another video from Stefan Meyer. This time clearly Iona bow sections in transit to Papenburg.
  2. More hull sections being delivered to the Meyer Werft shipyard, stabilizer parts. Video from Stefan Meyer.
  3. I believe that is just part of the superstructure as the ship step in and out along its length. Not a straight sided ship like Britannia or Azura. The conservatory mini-suites are on decks 8 and 9. If you look at the deck below all the white sheeting draped down the side, you can see a row of frames sticking out, these maybe the conservatory cabins. Just a guess, and the deck below with what looks like plywood boarding, is the Promenade deck with The Quays outside dining area.
  4. Weekly Meyer Werft webcam update for Iona. Looking forward to this section leaving the dry dock and the bow section to commence.
  5. New video from Stefan Meyer of bow hull sections being transferred or already at the yard, ready for when floating section of Iona is moved out into the harbour. The bow thrusters are already installed in the hull.
  6. Today's Meyer Werft webcam update. A bit of an anti-climax after yesterday's video. I assume this section will be moved to the outfitting pier in the harbour after SAGA's Sprit of Adventure has been transferred along the Ems later in May. Then the Skydome that is under construction on the harbour side can be lifted into place and the dry dock can start on the bow section of Iona.
  7. Morning all, lovely video update from Stefan Meyer of progress - WOW. Looking like a ship now.
  8. Hi, we are also on Iona in June 2020. On the Iona deck plans there are definitely launderettes for passenger use on most decks. On our trip to Norway last year on Azura we had 2 formal nights, one of which was a black and white night. This is typical for a 7 night P&O cruise.
  9. Re-found the video clip that was deleted above, this one from P&O.
  10. Latest update from Meyer Werft webcam.
  11. It is not an official Meyer Werft picture, but I believe taken by a visitor to the factory.
  12. I think the right hand side of the photo is the stern, as this section started out as the floating engine room unit. Recently their ships have been built so they leave the dry dock stern first. I also think the area underneath the 'temporary structure' on the top is covering the funnel and plant area? Something else that makes me think it is is the lift shafts visible, which looking at the deck plans would be about the right place for the midship bank of lifts. All guess work - I could and may well be wrong. I believe the section in the foreground is the stern end of the Skydome with the outside hot tub visible on deck 17.
  13. Another pic found on the web, taken from further down the dry dock. Can see the 3 storey high glazed atrium taking shape. Things moving along at a fair pace. Shame about the video link being pulled by Carnival.
  14. Latest webcam from Meyer Werft.
  15. Another vidoe of the build, this time from Carnival.
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