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  1. Got to say the over zealous merging of threads is getting ridiculous. Time to leave this place for a while until things settle down.
  2. That's the problem, already booked this year for QM2 TA in December, P&O 2 week med cruise summer 21 and a 12 night P&O Northern Light cruise October 21. If we cancel I was looking at a 2 week cruise at Easter next year, and would be handy to roll all the FCC's onto that.
  3. Latest from Meyer Werft, with Google translate:- Tomorrow a pontoon from Papenburg is heading to Eemshaven. On the pontoon there are the upper part of the chimney, the pipe linkage, the LNG exhaust mast and the IONA exhaust mast for P & O Cruises. These components are only placed on the ship in Eemshaven because of the high voltage lines above the Ems, because they cross the boundary of about 65 m above Kiel.
  4. I will wait until the rush has cleared on the phone lines for those travelling immanently, but I have a query to raise with P&O. However someone may have already had a discussion with them and know the answer. I have a B2B booked as two separate cruises in April as well as a cruise in June. If I cancel all three, do I receive one FCC or three separate ones? The April ones are fully paid, but June is deposit only at present.
  5. Testing for the Ems Conveyance.
  6. Photos from Meyer Werft, with google translation. Yesterday we tested the marine evacuation system, MES, at IONA for P & O Cruises yesterday. As part of the ship evacuation system, it is used complementary to lifeboats. An MES is more space-saving compared to lifeboats.
  7. A selection of photos from Papenburg meine Stadt.
  8. A short interior video from P&O of Iona Skydome fit out.
  9. I wouldn't read to much into which cruise you had received the notification from. I have 5 cruises booked with P&O, with 2 in April this year, however they chose our Iona cruise in June this year to Norway and our Arcadia trip in October 2021 for Northern lights.
  10. Booked and paid for B2B starting 10th April, we will be going. Can't wait to get on board.
  11. A video of the lifeboats arriving at the shipyard.
  12. Had a quick look at the deck plans, and probably more differences than similarities. For example there is not a theatre in the bow like Iona has, Aidanova has a spa and bars etc.
  13. My understanding from when the plans were first released was that these cabins would only just be above the promenade deck. The plans have only ever shown a few steps up into this area from prom level. It is likely that the tops of most peoples heads will be level or lower than the balcony handrail. Plus I believe these will all have obscured glass fronts to prevent people looking directly into the cabins. As for noise from above, the general cabins seem to be in line with those above. The conservatory cabins do have a balcony over them, buy only the conservatory part it would seem. The main cabin wall looks like it will line through with the cabin above.
  14. Weekly update from Meyer Werft.
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