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  1. ABP have updated their ship arrivals for next year. They have Iona coming into Southampton on 9th May 2020. Obviously this is not set in stone, as the ship is still being constructed, but a guide anyway. Screen grab from their site below.
  2. A little update courtesy of Captain Wesley Dunlop.
  3. Have a look at the following thread, a couple of pictures of the canopies.
  4. Meyer Werft have stated in a post relating to Odyssey of the Seas, that Iona is expected to leave the dry dock mid February 2020, for the 'float out'. No idea of Ems conveyance yet, but as I will be on board Britannia early April next year, will probably be then so I miss the spectacular voyage down the river.
  5. My policy has no excess for missed ports. Worth checking the small print.
  6. A couple of photos from a visitor to the yard yesterday. The masking on the stern has been removed, and it also appears that the dry dock separator has been removed. Possibly the dock will be flooded this week and Iona moved towards the doors.
  7. Yet another video, plus a zoom in on the suites.
  8. Now a short 4K video looking into the shed.
  9. More photos from Jeroen van Roijen, who was lucky enough to be at the shipyard last night to see.
  10. Slight correction, close up photo shows the dry dock partition still in place. Perhaps they need to drain, move the hull support blocks to suit Iona, then flood and move. All guess work. (Photo from Jeroen van Roijen)
  11. Odyssey of the Seas mega block floated out to the harbour, and Iona now floating in the dock. Ship should me moved towards the doors before draining the dock again. Photos from Jeroen van Roijen.
  12. Photo found from a visitor to the shipyard (Williemkuperus). Stern has had some paint done, and IONA clearly visible.
  13. I think this might be the area you are referring to. Its only a computer render, as still being built. Not sure what age range they are saying, but would imagine its for the younger children.
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