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  1. Hi and welcome. I just logged into our July 2021 cruise, no issues, just before I wrote this reply, on the my.pocruises.com site.
  2. At one point I seem to recall during one of the No. 10 daily briefings, that over 50's would also be prioritised for vaccines. As I am now in this category, I will be happily joining the queue to receive a vaccine.
  3. Here's a link to the FCO web page, if your interested. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/cruise-ship-travel
  4. 4 cruises booked for 2021, and looking forward to booking for 2022 when they are released. Will be looking for a Baltic cruise with P&O and a Christmas TA on QM2. Might even try to book up to go on the inaugural season of Iona's sister ship. All positive and looking forward.
  5. Just re-read it, and they are referring to a 6 week period for these comments:- For the six weeks ending May 31, 2020, approximately two-thirds of 2021 bookings were new bookings. The remaining 2021 booking volumes resulted from guests applying their FCCs to specific future cruises.
  6. That caught my eye on reading the article. I suspect that figure includes launch bookings. From our point of view, we have a 14 and 12 night booked at launch for next year. But we rolled over our cancelled 2+7, and Iona deposit into a new 7+2 booking for next year using the FCC.
  7. Just read the Carnival press release, and see that it's also looking at others ships going beyond 90 days. The company already has preliminary agreements for the disposal of 6 ships which are expected to leave the fleet in the next 90 days and is currently working toward additional agreements. For any interested Carnival release:- Carnival press release
  8. Good news indeed. Another step in the right direction.
  9. Well my next P&O cruise is April 9th, and optimistically hoping that goes ahead. The one that I am not so sure about is with Cunard in December this year, fly to NY for 4 days and TA on QM2 back home. At the moment we have until the end of August, just before balance due, to move the booking. Obviously pending further Cunard announcements. Don't really want to roll it over to next year as we already have 35 nights booked with P&O.
  10. For a 7 night cruise would do the package, but buy it on 2nd day so only pay for 6 nights of package. First day doesn't seem long enough with time of boarding, Champagne in room on arrival, muster drill, lunch, dinner and ship exploration to deal with. Also depends on cruise location. Next years Easter cruise we are doing on Britannia has 3 Spanish ports. All drinks etc whilst in Spanish waters are liable to the IVA tax on top of P&O prices, but the pre-paid package is already included in that £39.95 per day fee..
  11. As we are fairly new to cruising, there are lots of places we would like to visit. Assuming all current ones booked go ahead, 3 on the to do list are:- World cruise Baltic cruise Caribbean cruise. And after that perhaps try a few river cruise through central Europe.
  12. I know how you feel, just come back to the site after a month break! Back to the topic, we will cruise again in the future. We should be on Britannia now, but have re-booked the same cruise next Easter for the 7+2 night cruises and upgraded our cabin too with the 125% FCC. Plus we have a TA booked on QM2 in December with a stay in New York, plus 2 booked with P&O for July 2021 and October 2021. We cancelled our Iona trip for the end of June, back on the 18th March before the final balance was due, and as per P&O website at the time, the deposit was automatically converted to an FCC for the same value. Come release time for April 2022 cruises and beyond, I will still be booking up future cruises.
  13. Got to say the over zealous merging of threads is getting ridiculous. Time to leave this place for a while until things settle down.
  14. That's the problem, already booked this year for QM2 TA in December, P&O 2 week med cruise summer 21 and a 12 night P&O Northern Light cruise October 21. If we cancel I was looking at a 2 week cruise at Easter next year, and would be handy to roll all the FCC's onto that.
  15. Latest from Meyer Werft, with Google translate:- Tomorrow a pontoon from Papenburg is heading to Eemshaven. On the pontoon there are the upper part of the chimney, the pipe linkage, the LNG exhaust mast and the IONA exhaust mast for P & O Cruises. These components are only placed on the ship in Eemshaven because of the high voltage lines above the Ems, because they cross the boundary of about 65 m above Kiel.
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