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  1. Weekly Meyer Werft webcam update, along with another screen-grab showing stern progress.
  2. Stumbled upon a German item on Iona, link below plus Google translated version. Progress looks on track. https://www.schiffe-und-kreuzfahrten.de/news/nach-verspaetung-der-aidanova-wird-po-iona-rechtzeitig-fertig/187863/?fbclid=IwAR3IYVYLT1biKVEEzszYamR3ynsGnoeKviUYBdTeYnj1BY1hItDo10V5EG0 AIDAnova was completed very late - will Meyer Werft P & O Iona be able to deliver on time? - the current status At the shipyard at the beginning of September - The P & O Iona is already looking for a ship, the name is already there, but still overlapping, well above Io. It is difficult to estimate how long it will take to complete, too many factors are involved. With AIDAnova, Meyer Werft 2018 was able to deliver a ship much too late. She belongs to the Helios class, just like P & O Iona. But this time it is a little different, you are prepared for the possible eventualities. With AIDAnova you have made a type ship of the Helios class. It was also the world's first cruise ship to be 100% LNG-operated. You have gained experience with this class of ship. In the meantime, Meyer Werft was also able to compensate very well for the changeover from two to three newbuilds per year. It is currently a glimpse into the glass ball, if you want to say whether the P & O Iona will be delivered on time or too late. The construction has already made some milestones, everything seems to go according to plan, but a single fact already shows the big difference between the construction of the AIDAnova and the P & O Iona: the P & O Iona has its bridge compared to the construction phases between the two Ships were put on two months earlier. And although the bridge is one of the most complex units of a cruise ship. This is positive and is an indication that there will be no major delays in the second ship of the Helios class from the Papenburg Meyer shipyard. P & O Iona becomes the largest cruise ship for the P & O Cruises. It will be commissioned in the spring of 2020 and as mentioned, everything looks as if the deadline can be met. In 2022, the P & O Iona will get another sister ship, with these two new buildings P & O Cruises will be able to significantly increase its capacity.
  3. A bit later than usual, here's the latest webcam updated from Meyer Werft.
  4. Bow shot from Meyer Werft, bridge view from Paul Ludlow
  5. About 3m longer at 337m for Iona, and 334m for Encore.
  6. A couple of photos from Meyer Weft, with stern hull sections being placed into position, and upper deck parts waiting to be lifted into place.
  7. 'Borrowed' from another site. Part of the stern section.
  8. A video of the open stern end of Iona.
  9. Another photo from the Odyssey FERU float in and tug removal. Definately still as still wet in the dock, so hopefully the stern sections will start to be added this week.
  10. Whilst not strictly of Iona, these two videos do show Iona's still open stern end.
  11. We had Captain Evans Hoyt on Azura last year for our Norwegian Fjord cruise. Unlike your experience, he made most of the announcements from the bridge, and I personally spotted him a few times around the ship. We all had a wonderful time, enjoyed the whole trip. Mind you, the North sea like a mill pond does help.
  12. In the crew itinerary from Moments Spring/Summer 2019 magazine, Captain Stephen Howarth is listed for March/April. However, I would image that list was subject to change. I wonder if someone may have kept the cruise log from your voyages?
  13. Meyer Werft weekly webcam update - spot the difference time.
  14. Another photo from Meyer Werft, when the two sections were pushed together.
  15. Weekly Meyer Werft webcam update
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