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  1. That sounds interesting, fingers crossed the maiden goes as planned, selfishly as we will be on board.
  2. That was as I suspected. I see Britannia is also due in on the 16th but no time showing yet. I was wondering if this may be timed to escort Iona home?
  3. The Southampton VTS has changed Iona's arrival time to 11am on Sunday. Also they have added an departure/arrival on Monday 17th May at 11.00/11.30.
  4. No idea of an answer, however I just put my phone into flight mode and tried to load the app. Error message! Basically the app must be on an internet connection of some sort to work.
  5. I see that the uk.gov page has been updated to state that you must wait until at least 5 working days after you have had your second dose of vaccine before phoning. Also as the call handler will not have access to your address held with your GP, make sure this is correct with your GP before phoning.
  6. He posted elsewhere that he was on a flight out to Skagen to take over and bring her home.
  7. She has set sail now, with Captain Wesley Dunlop onboard.
  8. Just had my second AZ vaccine dose, now all set for my 2 staycation cruises. Bring on those sea days🚢🥂
  9. Same for me. 15 months for the price of 12 and extra discount code vie email.
  10. There will be 2 of us above wowzz, we have starboard mid/aft C deck cabin. 🤣
  11. Cool, that will be a cracking holiday. We are planning on flying back to Malta for a 14 nighter in the summer of 2023 to replace this years cancelled one.
  12. Well that was painless and quick. All booked direct with P&O onto A311 in my 1st choice of cabin and all discounts applied. Happy days, best get back to work.
  13. Good luck on getting your cabin choices this morning.
  14. About 20 minutes ago:- Live webcams from Kristiansand https://bjost.no/webkameraer/kristiansand.htm The 2nd camera is a rotating live camera, you can look at her all day as it passes. (that was until rain hit the camera lens)
  15. The invite does state there will be aerial footage of Iona as she comes into Southampton for the first time, with the event starting at 9pm BST on the 16th May. Perhaps your BIL is involved in something on the island of Iona which will be happening at the same time as she is coming into Southampton. Lots of speculation, just will be nice to see her finally come to her homeport.
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