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  1. Wow! Thats awesome. Will try that first. And BTW: Yeah, early bird check-in isn't a 'small fee' anymore. They want $25 PER TICKET! (they state, "fees *starting* at $15") Since there is four of us I didn't feel like spending $100 for their 'convenience" option. I dont earn $100 for 10 minutes of work, so the few minutes it would take on board isn't a wash for me. Checking in at port is useless because it will only be 4 hours before takeoff and I may as well just do it at the airport and get seats C56- C60 from there. Last time we did that, we sat with our backs to the bathroom bulkhead, couldn't recline, and had lurkers standing next to us in the isle the whole time to use the facilities. If guest services wont/cant do it I'll pay the $16 for 24hrs of wifi, save $86, use the app on my phone for 5 minutes while I sip a drink at the pool, and then sit in the middle of the plane with the usual middle B seats. Thanks for all the input!
  2. Sounds good. Just curious. Price? By the minute or in intervals?
  3. Is there a bare minimum internet plan that I would use only to check into my flight on the last day of my cruise? Will be on the Breeze this Saturday, and the last day is a Sea Day. I never really use internet onboard, as I usually try to *unplug* while away ...but that's just me. Occasionally I have used port wifi or my included data/text plan with Tmobile while at port. I know you can pre-pay for the Value Internet Plan for $6.80/day (+15% onboard) but Carnival wants you to sign up for the whole cruise if you do it before you sail. Can you pay for only 24 hours on the ship? Or like 15 minutes? I really only need like 5 minutes to check in 24 hrs before my flight leaves. Tnx
  4. What's the latest update on the rainforest and hiking trails?
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