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  1. Wow, please don’t speak for all passengers. This is a Family-oriented cruise line. Kids are certainly welcome!
  2. here’s a recent video of their Harrison’s COVID facility: https://m.facebook.com/CBCNews.bb/videos/278852386822448/?sfnsn=wa
  3. You are the bright spot in this thread. I’m enjoying all your cooking photos!
  4. yes, Jenn - that works for me now. I appreciate all you do for us😀
  5. Today I can’t log out. Anyone else have this problem? Using an iPad.
  6. Not the case for me. I gave it a good chance, but seldom go to the blog site now due to the font change. Both sites should allow users to customize the reading font - not just their own composing fonts.
  7. @Twangster, rumor has it Royal will do some of their simulated protocol sailings using your Royal Transporter and virtual ships. not really, but looking forward to more posts and destination pictures from you here.
  8. Will there be a repositioning cruise from Galveston to San Juan, to replace the Galveston to Miami itinerary? (Explorer)
  9. I don’t agree with your statements. Just because someone doesn’t post a response doesn’t mean they don’t sympathize with fellow cruisers’ cancelations. Your response infers we are all self-centered. I feel sorry for all those whose dreams and plans are being canceled.
  10. Good Morning America just had a reporter on MSC’s Grandiosa, showing parts of the ship on their current cruise. This included medical area with “several more ventilators” and isolation rooms. it was fun watching people “live” on a cruise ship .... but I’m not ready to be a test subject. My next cruise was booked in a balcony, in Case of quarantine. But reading about isolation rooms near the medical center (same as MSC just showed on GMA), those infected won’t get to stay in their cabins after all - but will be isolated in single-occupancy (inside?) cabins near medical.
  11. your made-up cruise is the Best! Where else can you find an empty hot tub on demand? Magical! picture quoted for effect
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