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  1. If ANY of my relatives (blood relative or not) dropped my child out a window, I would never be able to look them in the face again. .
  2. I am NOT a health care professional. But the CDC link below disputes some of your analysis about spread before symptoms https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/about/transmission.html
  3. Great title. Enjoy, looks like a wonderful itinerary! Really looking forward to more of your wonderful photos!
  4. yes - that is the photo I was referring to in the link above. Thanks for showing this photo. I wasn’t sure how to upload the photo vs. the link.
  5. this link may change your mind. Look at the photo of the man in blue shirt and shorts measuring the window, GF could definitely leaned this far https://www.indystar.com/story/news/crime/2020/01/23/chloe-wiegand-family-attorneys-scene-proves-royal-caribbean-lying/4553751002/
  6. so, was GF reaching her over wooden railing, to stand her on the aluminum/metal window sill, to get a better view? She’d have been right at the opening then. I can’t imagine anyone putting a child in such a dangerous position. Horrible. we cruised on Freedom class last March with Extended family like theirs - grandparents, adult parents, 4 grandkids (10-13 years old). Everyone had cruised before, and we still made a point to go over rules in the terminal waiting to board. “No leaning over balcony or windows, no climbing on railings, no running or jumping down steps, etc.”. Common sense, and it was for the benefit of the grandkids, but the grandparents also heard the rules. If this family had done the same, then both sets of Grandparents would also have heard, and little Chloe would most likely still be with her family.
  7. Not necessarily. Remember, the middle section of windows slants out - the bottom is closer to the rail, where it is incrementally farther from rail the higher you go up. So, the lawyer reenactment tries to show the persons head at a very wide point away from the railing. It appears that If the lawyer actor remained with feet flat on floor, and leaned on the rail, the bottom of middle section would have been much closer to the opening. This does look staged for the widest gap out to window for the defense’s benefit, as you can imagine.
  8. I’m sorry your excursion was such a departure from what was expected. I wish Guest Services had shown some empathy for you and your wife. Do you know if any others on the tour shared their disappointment, also, with Guest Services ?
  9. Great Title! Thanks for doing another review, and wishing you both a great cruise.
  10. I thought I’d read this recently, maybe it wasn’t on Royal’s board. Or It may have been the scenario that had to do with Oasis’ room reclassifications. Either way, it was involuntary. And not a good outcome. edit: I probably misspoke by saying upgrade, I should have said ‘moved’.
  11. Your TA may have already marked both reservations ‘Do Not Upgrade’; if not, you may want to ask him/her to do so, to keep both adjoining rooms together. (every so often, a thread appears where someone reports one of their room assignments was involuntarily “upgraded” to a different location or deck - and the cabins are no longer adjoining)
  12. YAY, just stumbled upon your review, LMM. Glad to see you did a Royal Caribbean cruise this time. Looking forward to more of your commentary and fantastic photos !
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