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  1. Oh, thanks so much for the compliments. Much appreciated! :* Liberty was a great cruise...enjoy! I can't wait til we go on our next trip.
  2. The water was truly amazing. We had it on the first full day out and for short periods on the last day. The cruise director (Jeff I think) said that he's been on the Seas his entire adult life and has seen maybe 10 days like that. However, another passenger who used to be in the Navy told me that water like that was not uncommon in the Mediterranean.
  3. Oh wow, that's so kind. Thank you! That's my daughter in the film. She is the most available model. Don't know who the guy jogging is though!
  4. Thank you so much! We'll add your suggestions to his ever expanding wish list!
  5. He's trying! ;) Sorry to go OT, but one thing we like about his high school is that they offer both commercial photography and film classes. He is dyslexic and school has always been a challenge, so having classes he is passionate about makes a huge difference.
  6. Thanks! His main film camera is a Nikon D3300, on manual. He also has an old Canon that is for still photos only (no video). (I think it's a 5D). He does not use kit lenses. He has a GoPro but is never impressed with the image quality. His 16th birthday is this fall so we may get him something else to add to his collection.
  7. Many thanks to everyone who took the time to watch and comment. I have shared all of your comments with my son--your encouragement means the world to him. He wasn't quite satisfied with it...there was footage he couldn't quite get due to drone restrictions and other people around...but he enjoyed making it.
  8. Thank you everyone for the kind and encouraging words. :*
  9. Hello All, Not new here...just a new profile! :) Although we have enjoyed all the various travel videos about the ships posted on YouTube, my son wanted to create something a bit different. To that end, he tried to achieve a cinematic feel within a two minute "film". The Liberty encountered extraordinarily calm waters in the Gulf of Mexico last week, and you can see that in the opening scenes. By the way, this was our 3rd cruise in 3 years...we have transformed from a non-cruising family to a cruise loving family. Happy to answer any questions about Liberty, Freedom, or the Ruby Princess to Alaska. Thanks in advance for watching. My son is 15.
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