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  1. I never trusted cruise ship employees spraying some chemical concoction on my hands when I boarded the ship. I can only imagine what the cruise industry will employ in order to resume operations. And who will police what chemicals and procedures they use to 'sanitize' their ships? Exactly...themselves.
  2. Studies out of NY show the most significant fatal risk factor after age is obesity. Could you custom design a virus better to destroy the cruise industry? Me thinks, no.
  3. I'm sympathetic...I wanna cruise too Bro. Don't you think they'll open the schools before they let people board ships?
  4. I don't like cruisecritic, but I love all of your posts! Thank you.
  5. I speculate that the older, smaller ships in the fleet will be the last to be re-entered into service. Even though the Sun had a recent refurb, I think it'll be years before they can fill the Encore, Bliss, Joy, Escape, Getaway, Breakaway, and Epic - those are the newer, larger ships. I can't imagine they could turn a profit on the Sun in the next 5 years and it'll be retired or scrapped.
  6. I doubt this ship will ever sail again.
  7. I think clearly, once it was anywhere outside China, it was everywhere. Why Northern Italy? It wasn't random. Regular direct flights to Wuhan and 300,000 Chinese, legal and illegal making clothes in Milan....so they carry the Made in Italy label. NYC...again, large Chinese population + (my speculation here) favorable weather and work conditions - cold and dry, indoor shared spaces.
  8. I figured my extremely harsh respiratory illness in January was just another bug...until I spoke to an old friend - Chinese-American - that lives in NYC. She said she had a brutal illness along with her whole family and lost her sense of smell and taste...in December.
  9. I'm going to bid on the Escape at the bankruptcy auction.
  10. Unless you are this guy..."Crew Member Dies on Marella Dream" http://crew-center.com/crew-member-dies-marella-dream
  11. Now the crews are out there on the ships all getting sick because the cruise lines hid information and didn't act quickly. Jail time for CEO's? http://crew-center.com/
  12. I was on another ship. One crew member I met the first day...was looking a little haggard when I spoke with her on day 3. I asked her directly if she were sick. She said YES. She was probably 25. I never saw her miss a day the entire cruise. This was the week after New Year's. So, they cleaned the ship, but you can't sanitize the crew if they keep working.
  13. "The CDC published a report earlier this week that said confirmed COVID-19 cases were traced back to at least 25 cruise ships around the world. " https://www.cnbc.com/2020/03/27/four-dead-on-carnival-cruise-ship-amid-new-coronavirus-outbreak-aboard.html So, CONFIRMED on 25 ships, reasonable to assume it was on all of the ships by the end.
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