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  1. I'm booked for Panorama's inaugural cruise in December of 2019. It shows Faster To the Fun in the excursion's section of the website, but it also shows as "sold-out." It shows the price at $39.99 for the 3 day cruise. Not sure if anyone was actually able to purchase it, I certainly wasn't. I'm also booked for a 4-day cruise on the Imagination for June of 2020. I do not yet have the option of purchasing Faster to the Fun.
  2. For the Carnival Splendor in Long Beach, did they let anyone on the ship as they came-in, or where they strict about the check-in appointments?
  3. Thanks for the info. Note that I have spa reservation on both the Panorama and the Imagination at 12pm on embarkation day, on different dates of course, so it appears that these reservations are common.
  4. I saw on a YouTube video that on the Carnival Vista JiJi's was open during lunch, but changed to the Mongolian Wok and served Mongolian Wok type food (rather than JiJi's type food). Maybe that's just on the Vista class ships?
  5. So back in January of 2019 I booked the spa for 12pm for the Carnival Panorama on embarkation day (Long Beach port). Also booked salon service for 1pm. I checked-in for the Panorama as early as I could on the 90th day prior to the cruise. The earliest time I was able to get was for 12 - 12:30 pm. So this creates a problem: How can we be at the Salon and checking-in at the exact same time at 12pm? So I called Carnival. I was told that they cannot give us an earlier check-in time. The lady advised that we should just arrive earlier than 12pm, and that they will allow us to check-in early. Reading through other people's comments, I'm seeing that often times Carnival does not allow people to check-in earlier than their scheduled time. So I'm wondering if what the Carnival representative told me is even true. So, I guess I have two questions: 1. Are the people at Carnival ever useful when calling the "800" number? 2. How to solve this being at 2 places at once problem.... I suppose some may say that I should just reschedule the spa service. But whatever happened to the "customer is always right"? Why should I have to change our schedule?
  6. Speaking for myself, I can see a scenario wherein my wife doesn't want to go on a cruise (she's not big on cruising), but my daughter would want to go. I would want a separate cabin from the daughter. So in that instance, 2 solo cabins might make sense....
  7. So after about 3 weeks, I finally got confirmation for the steakhouse. They don’t seem to be organized. Makes me wonder what’s gonna happen when we try to do the online check-in next month.
  8. Ok.. So I'm booked for Carnival Panorama's inaugural cruise. According to the FAQs, booking for specialty dining was to begin on 8/1/19. Well.... the system certainly wouldn't allow me to book anything on 8/1/19. I called Carnival, and of course, they had didn't even have a clue on what the Chef's Table was. The lady said she would send me an Email....I'll give you 3 guesses on whether she actually sent me that Email. Finally, on or about August 5th, the specialty dining option become available on the website. So I requested the Chef's Table and the steakhouse. On August 7th, I get an Email from the Carnival Horizon's Matre D, stating that the Chef's table is reserved for the Carnival Panorama. However, I have yet to hear back about the steakhouse. Has anyone else tried booking specialty dining for the Carnival Panorama?
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