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  1. I too would choose the Island Princess for the reason mentioned by EM. Being a partial transit the locks will be a significant part of your transit and the original locks have a great deal more visual interest.
  2. I honestly don’t know, but does look like the one removed from the lake. Where was the photo taken, that may not be an easy question to answer for someone on a tour.
  3. The Canal Authority removed the train from the Gatun Lake awhile back and some of the equipment is on display at Miraflores Locks. The link will take you to a web page with pictures of the removal. http://www.czimages.com/CZMemories/frtrain/frtr_index.htm
  4. I think the new locks are certainly worth the while for the trip, but I would recommend the original locks if you have never transited the Canal before. The original locks are more interesting for all the reasons already mentioned, another reason is you are able to watch the ship in the opposite lane. Lots more to look at while you are in the locks.
  5. HI Wolf, I attempted to post this earlier, but the post didn't go... Capt. Micheal relieved Capt. Juan in Colon, Panama on Nov. 10. bb
  6. In so far as mobilty issues with either excursion, I would think boarding the tender in Gatun Lake would be the one you need to give the most consideration. If that isn't an issue then I would think either excursion would not produce any difficulties that would be a show stopper. The excursion on the ferry would give you more of an opportunity to see a great deal more of the Canal. It is also a different experience locking through the locks on a large passenger ship and then the "ferry", two completely different perspectives.
  7. There isn't any problem getting a taxi at the cruise terminal and going to Agua Clara Locks. Just agree on a price beforehand and have your driver wait for you, much easier that way. The last I was aware, admission to Agua Clara was $15pp.
  8. No graphics but we are now heading 050 degrees off the coast of the Azuero peninsula off El Limon which is known as Cape Mala. N 7deg 12min. Expecting we will be slowing down soon because of Panama's restrictions for whales... only 10 knots as we approach the Canal. Nice report Twangster, maybe we will meet. Edit: Have slow to 10 knots once we reach north of 8 degrees latitude.
  9. Emerald Princess will use the new locks.
  10. WolfCH, presently on the Vision and Capt. Juan is still on board, the change did not take place on Oct. 30. No word yet as to when there will be a change.
  11. Most ships use Colon 2000, the only ship I am aware that docks in Cristobal is the Caribbean Princess. The two facilities are about 2 miles apart. I suspect it is just a misprint.
  12. The canal is the same The only difference would be which locks you use. Since the opening of the new locks in 2016 no ship that could use the old locks has gone through the new locks.
  13. Not sure exactly where the resort is but the tender landing would be out at the end of the causeway from the main land to the islands, there is a marina along with several small boat achorages.
  14. Royal Caribbean and Celebrity offer a stop in Panama (Colon or Ft. Amador) on almost all of their full transits. The problem is that they don't really offer very many Canal transits over the year. Princess and HAL offer a stop at Ft. Amador on select transits. It has puzzled me as to why a stop in Panama in conjunction with a transit is not offered more frequently. Regarding which port for the Embera visit, either Ft. Amador or Colon can be used.
  15. Yes, you will miss the exit back through Gatun Locks. However it is a complete replay of the mornings up passage through the locks, just in reverse. While the down lockage is certainly of interest it is not a horrible trade off to forego that portion in order to take in some more of Panama. Tendering times are not really to lengthy as the ship gets very close to the Gatun Yacht Club (the landing) and the travel times to shore are short.
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