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  1. La Lido Loca is one of the worst vlogs on YouTube in my opinion. I would take anything Tony says with a grain of salt. Of course it has been awhile since I have listened to him, but I still wouldn’t put much credibility in anything he says.
  2. Your comment is one of many reasons Carnival is no longer our cruise line of choice. I really don’t have anything negative to say about Carnival, but we get treated significantly better on RCI and Celebrity, even though our highest loyalty level is with Carnival.
  3. Agree for now, but at some point even the major cruise lines are going to have serious financial issues if their ships can’t sail. Hopefully vaccine(s) will be available soon that help to contain the spread of this virus. That appears to be the best option on the table right now that will allow cruises to resume from US ports sooner than later.
  4. I agree with you. I was just conveying the point that bankruptcy is not a simple solution and creditors have the right to seize assets. It’s highly unlikely, but a creditor could seize all of Carnival’s ships and start their own cruise line.
  5. I will never understand destroying our economy, destroying the lives of millions of people who are now unemployed, etc. over a virus that has a fatality rate around 2 percent. I understand the seriousness of this virus but I also understand we have to learn to live with this virus. Fortunately I live in Florida where our governor understands shutting down the state does more harm than good. Our state has been open for a month now and our COVID-19 numbers are not significantly worse than any other state with numerous restrictions (that continue to grow) in place.
  6. Two potential big issues with declaring bankruptcy. First, how many people will continue to book cruises after losing thousands of dollars on previously booked cruises. Second, and this was already mentioned, what if the creditors take ownership of the ships as payment for debt owed by Carnival. In this situation Carnival doesn’t have any ships left.
  7. I am fine. I am not the one who has a problem with women like you appear to have.
  8. I agree with you that cruising will eventually resume at some point, even if the cruise industry as we know it ceases to exist. However, I think if a scenario plays out like you described, cruise fares will be significantly higher and cruises will no longer be a vacation that most people can afford. I still hope the major cruise lines return to operating from US ports soon, but my optimism goes down a little every day.
  9. You obviously never spent any time in the military. Every male, and female for that matter, learns to use an iron really fast or you won’t be around for long. Plus I have never viewed ironing as a woman’s job, since I have been ironing my own clothes since I was in high school.
  10. DeSantis, our governor, has said at least a few times that I have heard that he has no authority to overall the CDC when it comes to cruise ships departing from ports in Florida.
  11. The problem is the ports aren’t controlled by the states, they are controlled at the federal level. Unfortunately the CDC is going to kill the US cruise industry in my opinion.
  12. Who will people be cruising on in 2022? If cruise lines go close to 2 years without being allowed to cruise, there likely won’t be any cruise lines left to cruise on.and it definitely won’t be anything like cruising was before this pandemic.
  13. I wouldn’t be so certain Carnival will have no trouble filling their ships after this virus (this comment applies to all cruise lines, not just Carnival). Fairly or not, the cruise lines have gotten a lot of negative publicity during this pandemic. While people like you and I, and the majority of posters on this site, will return to cruising as soon as possible, I don’t know if the general public will feel the same way. I have heard from countless people (friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc) that know we cruise a lot asking if we will still cruise in the future and say they would never go on a
  14. Pretty accurate post in my opinion. The only thing I would add, even though this is a Carnival forum, is Carnival won’t be the only cruise line to no longer be recognizable in the future. Hopefully cruises will resume soon. For the CDC to possibly kill an industry is unacceptable in my book.
  15. Thanks for the clarification. I heard it on XMradio yesterday when I was driving. No doubt this is about politics like you said. Unfortunately politics has and will continue to play a significant role concerning when the cruise industry is allowed to resume operations from US ports. I am not making a political comment, just stating the obvious that the CDC holds all the cards.
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