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  1. As others have mentioned, Belize requires a tender, which increases the chances of the port being cancelled due to weather. However, we have been to Belize multiple times and have never had an issue visiting this port. I think you are under-estimating Cozumel. Once you get away from the port area, there are a lot of beautiful areas around the island.
  2. The OP didn’t say the Panorama sailed out of New York. I assume the waiters were talking about their experience on a previous ship that sailed out of New York. I Like you mentioned I have heard sob stories from waiters and bartenders before, although not too often, so I don’t doubt the OP’s story.
  3. That makes sense. I agree with your comment 100%, but threads like this can get interesting to put it nicely as other responses have already alluded.
  4. Curious why the OP waited approximately 5 months after her cruise to post her comment.
  5. Being able to drive to 5 different ports in 4 hours or less from our house is definitely an added bonus living in Florida. It’s nice sleeping in your own bed the night before a cruise knowing that you have a fairly easy drive the next day to the port. It also definitely helps financially.
  6. I have experienced several delayed/shortened Carnival cruises due to weather issues. In all of these situations Carnival adjusted the cruise fare to reflect the missed cruise day(s) and provided varying amounts of OBC. Not sure if that completely answers your question. If you are worried about your cruise being cancelled due to COVID-19, it is likely it would be cancelled well in advance. I don’t think there would be a last minute cancellation of a cruise related to COVID-19, unless there was a breakout on the cruise prior to your cruise. If that happened, it would probably be a bad day for the cruising industry as a whole.
  7. Just because a lot of people have recently ignored “rules” concerning social distancing and masks does not mean that a quarantine is/was unnecessary. As scientists, doctors, etc. gain more knowledge concerning this virus, at some point in the future it may be determined that certain steps or precautions were not necessary. But the fact that a bunch of people have gathered together in large crowds recently does not prove anything right now.
  8. Based on this post I assume you are in no rush to cruise any time soon. I don’t disagree with anything you said, although I would go on a cruise tomorrow if possible.
  9. Maybe living in Florida for too long has a lot to do with it, but hurricane season isn’t something I worry about very often.
  10. Last I heard no one was forced to go on a cruise ship, but unfortunately you are probably right.
  11. People have different experiences all the time. That isn’t rationalizing, that is their reality. For example, several years ago we met several couples on a cruise on Vista that we spent a lot of time with, had a great time with and still keep in touch with them. One of these couples we have cruised with again multiple times on Carnival. Another one of these couples stated they will never go on another Carnival cruise again so we have to go on another cruise line (RCI) to cruise with them.
  12. Like you mentioned there is conflicting information out there. It wouldn’t look good for cruises to resume in August IF the CDC hasn’t had contact with any cruise lines.
  13. Even if a vaccine is developed this year as posted/linked in this thread, that doesn’t necessarily mean things will be back to normal. A lot will depend on the effectiveness of a vaccine. For example, a flu vaccine is available every year, but getting the vaccine does not mean you will not get the flu.
  14. This is one area I wish Carnival was like RCI and allowed OBC to be used to make purchases prior to a cruise.
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