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  1. I have had 6 cruises cancelled so far and I have requested (and received) refunds on all of them. I still have several cruises that I booked before the pandemic, which I expect all to be cancelled, but I have no plans to book any more cruises until cruising resumes from US ports.
  2. I have mentioned this before. I keep in touch with numerous crew members thru FB. I keep hearing the same thing from them, none of them have heard directly or indirectly about when crew members will return to work.
  3. I don’t see cruises from US ports retuning until 2022 at the earliest. This announcement likely foreshadows what the CDC will do in the US eventually.
  4. I think NCL’s decision to send crew home is a clear sign it is going to be a long time (i.e. 2022) before cruises resume from the US.
  5. It would surprise me at all if it wasn’t renewed this year based on the current environment.
  6. I don’t see how that gets you any closer to cruising. I miss anything on the menu at JiJis.
  7. I agree with Cushing985. I don’t see any cruises from the US until late 2021 or early 2022. I have already accepted the likelihood the 5 cruises I have scheduled this year will be cancelled. I am starting to worry that the last cruise I currently have booked in February 2022 is in jeopardy. For years I have always had a lot of cruises booked for the forseeable future, but I have no plans to book any more cruises until cruising resumes from US ports.
  8. I have been on the majority of Carnival’s current ships, with Panorama and obviously Mardi Gras, being two exceptions. Magic is my favorite Carnival ship just ahead of any Spirit class ship. I don’t think you would be disappointed at all cruising on Magic.
  9. At one point I thought you wouldn’t make it to a 100 with Carnival. 😊
  10. I definitely agree with your comment about Grand Turk. It’s one of our favorite Caribbean ports and Jack’s Shack is a must do every time we go there.
  11. I am just dealing with reality. I am friends with dozens of Carnival crew members and everyone, without exception, says they have not heard anything about crew members returning to work any time soon. I am simply repeating what I have been told countless times over the last few weeks...Carnival is not close to resuming cruises in the US for the forseeable future.
  12. I don’t think it will be that soon but I hope you are right.
  13. The chances of Carnival (or any cruise line) cruising from a US port in April is 0 percent.
  14. I think RCI doesn’t care what type of cruises people book, to include B2Bs, because they know the chances of cruises resuming from US ports in 2021 is extremely low.
  15. I agree with your 60 days comment, with the only difference being I think they will announce it 60 days prior to resuming cruises from US ports, which is still a LONG ways away.
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