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  1. One big plus for Valor, at least in my book, is she has a Red Frog Pub. Still hope one day all Conquest class ship have this feature.
  2. Did it on Liberty. Charge was $5 for an entire pizza.
  3. I haven’t been on Sunrise but I don’t recall seeing a Library on deck plans or videos I have seen for Sunrise. Someone who has been on her can give you a definite answer.
  4. From my experience that seems to be pretty common these days. We have been on multiple cruises this year including Horizon. On each cruise at a minimum several elevators were only going to the Lido deck and deck 5 (on ships that had Guys BBQ) during embarkation.
  5. Cabins are ready at 1:30 PM, with the exception of the cabin for the person who is Platinum. Their cabin should be available when they board the ship.
  6. There is an area a short walk from the port in San Juan where you can take pictures with tropical birds. I don’t know exactly where it was located, but I noticed it the last two times we were in San Juan when we were walking around. I am sure someone on the ship or someone on this site can give you directions.
  7. That’s consistent with most cruisers, although there are exceptions like TNcruising02, who mentioned she spends more as she cruises more. I know after 30 cruises I have learned a lot about what to and what not to spend money on. I have come a long way from my first cruise on Carnival when I thought I was fortunate to be on a ship with a great sale on tee shirts.
  8. The average high in Nassau (most frequently visited port in the Bahamas by Carnival) for January and February is 79 degrees. That is warm enough for me, and I live in Florida. That will likely be plenty warm enough for someone who lives up North. As for the temps in the 40s, that happens in Florida too, but it is the exception, not the norm.
  9. They don’t always serve lobster on the first elegant night. When we were on a 7 day cruise on Miracle last year, they served lobster on the second elegant night. However, for the majority of cruises we have been on lobster was served on the first elegant night.
  10. All Fantasy class ships have a bar outside the aft lounge. Several of these have been converted to an Alchemy Bar. I believe the previous poster was referring to the rest of the Fantasy class ships that also have a bar in the aft lounge. This makes it easy to get a drink without relying on a server. It is also is a good place to sit for shows too. You are the first person I have heard who has at least implied the change to the comedy club on Fantasy wasn’t a bad thing.
  11. I haven’t cruised on Mardi Gras yet. What was it you didn’t like about the Havana area when you were on Mardi Gras?
  12. So you started this thread and now you want the mods to close it because you don’t like the way it is going? That goes along with your sense of entitlement...i.e. if I don’t get my way I am not happy.
  13. No free lobster on cruises 5 days or less. They had lobster on the menu on elegant night when I was on Sunshine, Horizon and Breeze earlier this year.
  14. International waters are usually considered 12 nautical miles off the coast. How long it takes to get there varies greatly depending on the port. For ships leaving Port Canaveral it doesn’t take too long to reach international waters, while from other ports like New Orleans, it takes a long time to reach international waters.
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