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  1. It’s not a keychain, it’s a luggage tag.
  2. When we were on Sunshine earlier this year it was open during the day every day of the cruise. We went there every morning for a mimosa, Bloody Mary, etc.
  3. As others have stated, and I am sure you experienced it in the past like most of us, Carnival had a problem with the majority of people showing up early for cruises. This caused congestion at the terminal and led to extremely long lines. The new process has basically eliminated long lines, with the exception that the early/late line can get long, which I have witnessed a few times.
  4. What do bars have to do with a thread about restaurants? Just an FYI, the 2.0 upgrades started in 2011 on Liberty.
  5. Guys and Blue Iguana do not take up much needed deck space. They have simply replaced “restaurants” that were previously in the same locations like Off the Grill.
  6. This has not been our experience. We always buy Cheers and on most cruises have used it on debarkation morning for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, including our last cruise which ended on Monday this week.
  7. Carnival ships still have plenty of free eating options including the MDR, Lido Buffet, Guys, Blue Iguana, Pizza Pirate, Deli, etc.
  8. I have been on Magic several times and looking forward to an 8 day Christmas cruise this December. She is my favorite Carnival ship and we (wife and I) have always had a great time on her. Most of the complaints I have read online and in this thread are things I wouldn’t think twice about.
  9. That hasn’t been our experience. We have always ordered two appetizers and two sides each at speciality restaurants and we have never been charged more. I am pretty sure they would charge more for two entrees, but we have never done that.
  10. I am similar to you, just replace ice cream with alcohol. 😀
  11. They are updating the video that is always on in the cabin when you first enter it.
  12. I don’t get bored because I never watch the safety video in my cabin. I am pretty sure everyone I have cruised with over the years doesn’t watch it either. To me the video is just a waste of time and money, although I am sure it’s likely there is some maritime law that says a safety video has to be playing in the cabin when guests first enter them.
  13. What’s so smart about it? I never watch the current safety video they have being showing for the last several years and I have no plans to watch the new safety video with Shaq. Now if they ever made a policy change and watching the safety video would negate the requirement to attend the safety briefing, I would be all in for that.
  14. I just did a 3 day cruise on Liberty this past weekend and there was nothing rowdy about this cruise. I have done several cruises this year (3 days up to 8 days) and by far the rowdiest cruise we were on was a 7 day cruise on Breeze. I didn’t see any behavior I would consider inappropriate, but there was definitely a lot of people having fun on that cruise.
  15. You can buy tickets for the chair ride near the entrance to the ride. They take both credit cards and cash. The last time we were there I believe it was $14. Be prepared for frequent stops on the chair ride. We have been on the chair ride several times and it has always stopped multiple times on every ride. Not a bad thing in my book, it gives you more time to look at the scenery and take pictures.
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