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  1. Respectfully said. Thank you! We leave on the Oasis Sunday. It is not an easy decision but every point you made is why we are still going. No one in our party falls in the high risk categories. To those who have cancelled, your reasons are fully respected. There will be a next time. 🙂
  2. No worries. It's a new area with the remodel. Thanks again for all your info. We will be on the Oasis in 10 days. 🙂
  3. Just made the request. 🙂 I asked this a few pages back and someone other then you answered. How does the outside seating area in front of the Solarium seem to you? Chairs gone quickly? Does that area open later then other outside places?
  4. Appreciate the thread. Looking forward to following all week. 🙂 Getting on the Oasis 3/15/20. 2nd time. A little concerned about the unspeakable but will be diligent in my cleanliness. Question: the new outside deck area in front of the Solarium: How quickly are the chairs filling up? I understand it does not open until 9:30 in consideration of the suites one floor down? We loved the deck area on 14 forward the last 2 times we were on Allure & Oasis.
  5. We were on the 3/29/19 9-day and DITTO to all your comments. Seems like it is wasted on the shorties.
  6. Ditto. We are always very generous to the wait staff. We will remember this on 3/15/20. 🙂 Now, if I could just get my email...... 😉
  7. Hey cot, you were on the 9 day Nav just after our 9-day. We also liked the Bamboo Room a lot. The appetizer's were all excellent and the drinks are as good as advertised. We saw a fully mixed busy/not busy vibe during our 9-day. My thought: if it was located with some exterior water view I think it becomes a 'go to' all the time. Being locked in on the Promenade changes that vibe. We also spoke to a bartender on our last night. I came right out and asked why they are not overly friendly. He apologized and said it was his last night after 8 months straight and it is a hard place to work. He was probably referring to your comments about the detail needed in making their cocktails.
  8. I did a Jupiter to Deland & back trip Tue & Wed on I-95. I had maybe 20% visibility out of my windshield by the time I got to Deland. Immediately went to a car wash. On the trip home, not as bad but still bad. A timely downpour & traffic jam saved me from another car wash back in Jupiter. 🙂 They seemed the worst from Vero to northern Titusville area.
  9. We were on the Nav 3/29-4/7/19. Wonderful 9-day ABC cruise. The ship is really nice. So colorful. Pros: ABCs- too many great things to say about these islands. Bonaire: amazing!! Lime & Coconut, especially 12th & 13th decks. El Loco Fresh - great idea. The entire fleet needs to add. Bamboo Room - best drinks, wish it had some water views. Hooked - great add RCCL! Andy Cruickshank(?) in Schooners Playmakers burgers & wings Cons: Running 'track' on deck 12 - might as well remove it. Way too tight, with obstructions everywhere. I used Deck 4. Started outside from Starbucks, starboard side. I crossed to port side, using the forward elevator area. GPS was flaky but the loop is somewhere around .28 miles. FYI: Smoking area is on the port side of deck 4 so if that is a big issue..... Johnny Rockets Express - no reason anymore. It was always empty. Tough to find a 'quiet area' to get sun, read, nap, etc. Ended up forward, near mini golf. The ship is overloaded with stuff to do. Definitely designed for the shorty cruises it will start to focus on in May. 'Tokyo Tea' cocktail - for those who know what this is...stay away! Stay very far away!!! 🙂 Overall, it was a fantastic time! Back to the Oasis class in 2020. 🙂
  10. Thanks for doing this. On Nav in 11 days! One of your pix shows a lower deck, with what looks like the muster signs hanging from the ceiling. Is that Deck 4? I heard that is a good alternative to the top deck track to get a run in. If it is, that looks perfect!
  11. UGH! My bad. Platinum on Day 1. Not the first time I have gotten that wrong.
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