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  1. Not sure why why you’d be given such a choice. Nevertheless, in a suite you are free to choose TD (you pick the time) or AD in the MDR. Or, better yet, CC is open to you. Show up whenever you wish for whatever meal you wish to have there.
  2. You'd think it would be a point of pride for Princess to keep the ships looking nice. Especially right out of dry/wet dock. It it drives me nuts that the windows in the MDR seem to always be dirty. I’m certainly not a ship maintenance guy but constantly dirty windows? How long does it take to spray off the windows on turn around day?
  3. If you do a quick search, you’ll find scores of pages on this subject.
  4. Always have a couple of dozen with me. To date, I haven’t needed any of them. But they are there if I need them!
  5. You are correct, of course. Thank you. 😀
  6. Our last cruise was on the Grand in Feb. Had them then.
  7. Excellent point. The old/previous booking is completely deleted, along with your seat selection, the moment you accept the new booking. If you are like me and have selected prime seats, speed is of the essence in getting the new booking opened up and seat (re)selection completed.
  8. Hit the GREEN modify button. Not the RED cancel button!!
  9. It was a tip. No bribe involved. Let’s see what Mr. Webster has to say on the matter: Bribe /brīb/ verb 1. persuade (someone) to act in one's favor, typically illegally or dishonestly, by a gift of money or other inducement. I call your attention to the “Illegally or dishonestly” component of the definition. How in the world are you able to divine anything illegal or dishonest in the tipping actions of partybarbie??
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