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  1. Whaaaat!? Another Doug review! There should have been an alert sent out for this. I didn’t know you were cruising again. Hugs and well wishes to mom! Hope you and the fam have a wonderful cruise!
  2. Two questions Doug - when you were talking about smoking sectons “outside and inside” — you were just refering to the casino right? I just want to be absolutely sure. Also, when are you heading to play laser tag? I haven’t seen any video or pictures of anyone playing yet. Let the competition begin 😉
  3. DOUG! Decided to check in and see how the review was going. Glad they let you on the plane. That would have been bad. We are all counting on you for a report. Have a great cruise!
  4. No, I've been on these ships and the muster stations are the same for everyone. The Haven guests still need to come down to the lower decks. If anything, it would take them longer to get there. ;)
  5. Hoopster95! Hahahaha! That's the best. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I still haven't. Lol My "not the sneaking out type" oldest - was on her 16th (I think it was 16th) cruise and she didn't come home from the teen club one night at 12:30am. I - WAS - FUMING! I left the cabin and went to the teen club - no one was there. I started searching the public areas, getting more and more angry with each step (this kid was raised on ships, she knew the rules - no going into cabins, no going anywhere other than the teen clubs without my knowledge, etc) I headed back to the cabin and was ready to call security when she comes bobbing around the corner and I just blew up. She was in "Central Park" hanging with the teens. Curfew was MIDNIGHT - period. So for the rest of the cruise, I went back to doing walk bys at the teen club. And I walked TO the teen club at midnight to meet her. She's a good kid. She was stretching her independence. I got that. But she won't be appearing on "Lost at Sea: Dateline" (yes, I swear that was going through my mind, I was that upset) I have two kids in the teen club, they both stay in my cabin. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Haven is not exactly for the "Super rich" - I could get a Haven suite for the price of a Royal JS - easily. ;) It's all how you look at it. With Royal's new "Royal Genie" - which is suppose to directly compete with Norwegian's butlers, it will still be more expensive on most Royal ships with the Royal genie than any Norwegian Haven. I've seen enough people "complain" about that fact. And to that I tell them it's all supply/demand. More people are willing to pay higher prices for Royal and it keeps the prices higher, period. But easily, I can get a Haven for less than Royal. It's not difficult. And it's not for "super rich" Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Remember a few weeks ago long before the cancelation I said we needed to pack extra bug spray? I told you I was stalking the fb pages for info on Empress? Yeah, that's why. I just didn't want to say it since it was the only place I had seen it mentioned. Glad someone else confirmed it. " As work has progressed, we learned that more significant infrastructure and physical improvements across the ship’s multiple galleys and provisioning areas were needed to meet our high standards." Ha! We learned that cockroaches are harder to kill than we had anticipated! Lol Thanks for the $100OBC I'll be on Enchantment.
  9. Heyyyy mema! It has been a while! And that picture up there is me and my oldest. She is my mini me. I think she may be the only one who is happy about this switch. I don't think she was looking forward to a small ship. So one person is relieved :p
  10. Hi Yogi, I'm not taking it as...zen as you 😉 Long time no see. Sorry it was under these circumstances. This seriously sucks. No matter how you look at it. I couldn't have dreamed that they would cancel sailings not once but twice. I am in the new category, those cancelled once ---offered the $100 OBC (ha, still laughing) And my cruise is now 3 nights in a hotel - 3 nights on an actual ship (Enchantment).
  11. Heyyyy Kathy! Now we just have to get you to try one of the new ones! Thanks for the review.
  12. LOVE John and Katrina Blair! Now they made you feel like you were guests that were welcome to sail with them. Not guests who were HONORED to be in their arrogant presence like Ken Rush! I am telling you - night and day! Katrina would see us all over the ship - she would smile - ask if we were enjoying ourselves. She was unassuming. We sailed with her and John twice.
  13. I couldn't even stomach going to HIS 70's party. I took about 4 steps into the Promenade - saw him and promptly took quick steps out. And again - I have been to EVERY 70's party on every royal ship since they started doing it. I just couldn't do this one. I went to the quiet boardwalk - where he wasn't.
  14. Yeah well some don't want the truth - they want rainbows and sunshine. But sorry - if I am paying money for my vacation and things have changed and not for the better and THIS is not the royal I am used to. Then I have to call it as I see it.
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