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  1. yes March 1st. we are flying to this time I am taking the clorox wipes and wiping down the seat and trap on plane and carrying stuff with me like I always do. good thing about the ship are the random hand sanitizer stations around the ship. flying is another incubator so just being positive. wow we go soon 🙂
  2. I remember all your posts while we were all waiting to go. thank you for the tips 🙂
  3. we have been on Harmony and are avid hand washers. flu shots done. we are precautious in general. I have some autoimmune issues so am aware. thank you and will do but I thought this was an airborne virus?
  4. I have thought about the meds thing since then quite a lot and will double ours as well.
  5. due to the Corona virus....all the news stresses me out because....I am mainly concerned about interruptions, delays, closures, and quarantines....we are not traveling for 22 more days...but this just keeps getting more hype. Just the fact that airports and ships are germ hubs...and there are possibilities of something happening. Its the waiting till the last minute or being in Florida after flying all day to only find out that there is a change or cancellation is stressful. Our Sept cruise was changed to being 3 days with FCC due to Dorian. We sat in Orlando...did Disney...waiting for updates...finally did a 3 day cruise. Yes We CHOSE to go ahead and fly there and wait to see what happened but not gung ho to do it again.....that is all. THIS is the replacement cruise too lol just don't want to deal with similar stress of waiting again...but then RCCL doesn't give us much choice until right before...airlines either ok that was my vent
  6. We have already booked and even tho its western we get a day at Coco Cay. Lounging will be fine with us even if we dont want to go in water...we are from Phoenix and wimpy when it comes to cold 😊
  7. We are going western in first week of march...hoping for smooth seas and warm sailing 🚢🚢🚢⛱⛱☀️☀️☀️
  8. The floating over water cabana on our 3/1 sailing is 2500 😳 more than we paid for the cruise lol
  9. thank you for the replies....i hope to hear about Oasis food after the refurb
  10. I am curious if you have an opinion on who has better food and who has better service on either ship. thanks for any thoughts 😊
  11. We sailed on Mariner in Sept 2010 and paid about 1600 for balcony and upgraded to JS for 500 more...these were on par prices to our Caribbean sailings at the time it was cheaper only because we could drive to port instead of flying it would be a nice alternative
  12. we have been both ways many times....just want enjoyable day at the beach and warm weather....we are happy. We live in AZ so not escaping snow and we are wimpy thin blooded now lol....I appreciate the replies 😉
  13. We are looking at going either 2/23/20 or 3/1/20.....having hard time picking East or West itinerary....can anyone help me on better weather and or nicer beach time...We are going on either Oasis or Harmony.... we have not gone this time of year before...our earliest is April. just want warm sea days and beach time 🙂 thanks
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