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  1. We are leaving Monday, June 24 for a 4-night Nassau/CoCoCay on Navigator. We are driving from Michigan and plan to park at the terminal. My question is this: Am I paying for 4 or 5 days? (Is it going to be $90 or $112.50).
  2. It was offered on Navigator on the June 3rd 4-day cococay Cruise. It was advertised in the compass on the sea day (day 4-Thursday) I’d post a pic but I can never get that to work.
  3. Thank you all. This is exactly what I needed to know! Will go grab my original to add to my birth certificate and boarding docs.
  4. Hello all! I’m my last few days of prep before our Navigator Cruise next week. Question: we are traveling using original birth certificates and driver’s License. It’s my understanding, although the information isn’t stated anywhere, that I also need to have our marriage license as my married name does not match my maiden name on my birth certificate. My question is this: do I have to have my ORIGINAL marriage license, or is a photocopy ok? What has been your experience with this? Thanks! 🌴🛳🍹 7 DAYS!!!
  5. In some videos and photos, I notice there is a shower area on the island. This is going to sound strange, but just how “showery” are they? I know they are for rinsing sand and chlorine off of you after swimming, etc, but is it just one room with a bunch of showerheads? Is is a bunch of stalls with curtains or dividers? Could you bring a travel shampoo and actually wash the sand/chemicals out? Thanks! 💦
  6. If you can’t use it for credit toward the cruise balance previous to the cruise (I think that’s inaccurate, by the way, but you do have to use it 15 days or more before departure) and you can’t use it for dining, beverages, or excursions, what the heck else is left to use it for? I don’t blame you for not getting one! (It’ll be a real waste and shame if the person that purchased the gift essentially wasted $100.
  7. Well, to be fair, Seabourn cruises start at 3 times as much money as Royal. So I suppose it could be said you are paying handsomely for the option to cancel your cruise w/o penalty if they change your ports of call.
  8. Help! I was gifted a Royal Caribbean Gift Certificate Of $100. It was a wonderful and very thoughtful gift. I was made aware by an email from Royal. So, now that I have it, how do I use it? Does anyone have experience with this? Am I able to link it to my upcoming cruise and use it as onboard credit, or do I need to apply it to something ahead of time? (I have already booked all my excursions/drink packages, etc, so I have thing to apply it to without cancelling something and repurchasing.)
  9. Who has completed the online paperwork check-in process that is traveling without a passport? What info are we required to enter instead of our passport number? (I’m not looking for a lecture or opinions about traveling with or without a passport. The decision has been made and we leave in three weeks.) I’m just curious as I start the process tonight and I’ll be doing it away from home as to what I should have with me to start the forms. Just birth certificates? I know many have said that fussing with a photo now is a waste of time because they end up retaking it when you arrive, but looking to what other glitches I may run into as I start this process. Thanks for any advice, etc!
  10. Hey all! Quick question for those that have been on Navigator since her return. How late is the Lime and Coconut open? Were there people hanging out on the pool deck late? (Sorry, I’ve searched for the answer and can’t find it.)
  11. I think Freedom goes to St. Lucia. I don’t know which others. But I don’t *think* any Oasis Class ships do. I suppose that wouldn’t be too hard to check into.
  12. Thanks for taking us along with you on your Spring Break! I have a couple of questions and apologize if the answer is somewhere and I just can’t find it. How late is the Lime and Coconut open? What about the pools and hot tubs? Sailing on Navigator in June with a LARGE group that may choose to hang out together on the pool deck. I’m excited to follow along with the rest of your report!
  13. Thank you so much for these photos! They are gorgeous shots; you have a fantastic eye. These shots really make me excited for our June Cruise!
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