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  1. Hey all! Quick question for those that have been on Navigator since her return. How late is the Lime and Coconut open? Were there people hanging out on the pool deck late? (Sorry, I’ve searched for the answer and can’t find it.)
  2. I think Freedom goes to St. Lucia. I don’t know which others. But I don’t *think* any Oasis Class ships do. I suppose that wouldn’t be too hard to check into.
  3. Thanks for taking us along with you on your Spring Break! I have a couple of questions and apologize if the answer is somewhere and I just can’t find it. How late is the Lime and Coconut open? What about the pools and hot tubs? Sailing on Navigator in June with a LARGE group that may choose to hang out together on the pool deck. I’m excited to follow along with the rest of your report!
  4. Thank you so much for these photos! They are gorgeous shots; you have a fantastic eye. These shots really make me excited for our June Cruise!
  5. I’m an adult and MUCH PREFER a pool to the ocean. I hate salt water.
  6. I’m so excited to be following along with you on your trip!! We are booked on Navigator in June, so I am very excited to see the reviews and get the inside scoop on the Ship and it’s upgrades before we sail. Have a great trip! Bon Voyage!
  7. Just FYI...plastic straws cannot be recycled. The plastic sandwich containers can.
  8. While it’s certainly true Hotels are moving toward all-digital keys, etc, those hotels all have free WiFi service and cell phone service is also available for free. As long as cruise ships are charging $25 per person per day or more to use the internet or cell phone, I have a hard time believing people will so readily give up access to a card key and payment system on a ship. (In addition to several people that will still want to unplug or leave their cell phones being when going to the beach)
  9. Either! Whatever you’d like. It’s similar to kindness rocks. I know that some cruise lines encourage it, haven’t heard of any that discourage it, but do know some have seen housekeeping staff throw some away.
  10. Hi all! What are the age levels for the Kids’ Club, Living Room/Teen activities?
  11. Hi! Thanks for the review of your cruise. Sorry about your Dad; I hope he heals quickly! I haven’t read all the responses, but I have a solution for your shower curtain problem. Take along a few pinch clothespins. Pin them along the bottom and it weighs the edge down enough so the shower curtain won’t blow toward you and stick. I HATE that feeling, so I understand the frustration. Good luck!
  12. Thanks for the review and taking us along on your trip! Loved the perspective, narration, and photos! If that photo was taken on your descent into DTW, you can almost see my house in that pic. And as far as potato chips are concerned, I was dismayed when Flamin’ Hot Lays were taken out of circulation around here. I once even said to my husband as he was running into our local convince store, “I want some Flamin’ Hot Lays!” He replied, “Doesn’t EVERYONE want flaming hot lays?” Ugh. Anyway, looking forward to your next cruise report!
  13. I’m excited to read your review and see the pics. My family is booked on Navigator next June for this identical itinerary as my daughter (also 13 ) and her dance team are scheduled to perform. We are assuming that her dry dock and renovation will be very similar to her sister ship Mariner. Our CoCoCay experience will be a little different because the Pier and Perfect Day construction should be done, but I really value your stories and pictures!!
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