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  1. Before I ask this question, let me state up front that I'm not trying to 'put down' the Aranui voyages in any way. I'm just trying to get a feel for various freighter options out there. Anyway after looking at their website, it seems to be as if the Aranui ships are more like a cruise ship than a freighter... am I right? The reason I ask is I'm looking for a real freighter/cargo ship voyage, and I'm not sure if I'd get that if I take any of the Aranui ships. I appreciate your suggestions, comments, and advice. Thanks in advance!
  2. I wish I understood French! I also wish I had more time than most of you have! At any rate; mind sharing those French site(s) so I can take a look? I know a few people that can translate it for me. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for the reply! Any suggestions on what route i should take? I think going across the pacific from America to Asia will take too long for me.... perhaps going from America to Europe across the Atlantic (or vice versa) would be better??
  4. I'm planning my first freighter adventure. My problem is I'm limited to a freighter voyage of at most 7-10 days. I know that rules out a lot of options for me. One possibility is Bella Desgagnés, which is a ship that delivers supplies and mail to various villages in Quebec up the Saint Lawrence river (see web link below). Has anybody been on this journey before? Any thoughts/comments? https://www.freightercruises.com/specialty_cruises.php
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