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  1. I'm a previous NCL and HAL cruiser who is about to take the plunge with Regent. My parents and my husband and I are in the process of booking a Baltic cruise on the Voyager next August. I just know it's going to be wonderful -- and probably spoil me for ever traveling a discount line again. We've been told by booking agents that if we use the name of a previous Regent passenger as a referral, both we and they can get an onboard credit. Is anyone familiar with this referral program? And, if any previous Regent cruiser is willing to share their name/referral with us, please send me a message. I'm sure I'll become a regular on the Regent Seven Seas board here as we plan and get ever more excited about next year's cruise. I'm already eagerly reading all of the current and previous live posts from our ship. Thanks, Jen.
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