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  1. Definitely check it out. For the most part, the island is free. The only main extras are the waterpark section, the helium air balloon and 1 restaurant that serves chicken wings. The rest is free and great.
  2. The only challenge with that is restaurants on Symphony only open for lunch on sea days. On my recent Symphony sailing, we also had an inspection going on. However, boarding remained the same. We just left the terminal closer to 7 PM, instead of 4:30 PM.
  3. Interesting. So that was before the major renovation. Either way, I doubt they will be re introducing that charge.
  4. Yes. The ones in the waterpark are right by the entrance. It's also where they hand out coupons for the tallest slide until around 9:15 AM (to reduce lines).
  5. I was referring to the comments that you can stay on board until 10-10:30 as that is when last call is. That is true for some ships, like Harmony. Symphony wants everyone off well before then.
  6. It was free when I was there in August. Not really sure how they would implement a charge. The locker is a keypad. You just enter a pin and hit lock. Same idea as the room safe.
  7. None of these comments are accurate. Symphony last call starts at 9:15 AM. Breakfast closes by 8:30 AM in the Windjammer and there is a hard stop on all other services, including Park Cafe at 9 AM. I left the ship on my sailing 2 months ago at around 9:30 AM. By then, they were already setting up for the next sailing (and the monitors had stopped showing departure calls).
  8. No, definitely not. You need to scan your SeaPass to get in & out. The only suggestion would be after the park closes and people are heading back to the ship. At that point, there is no longer a checkpoint and you can wander through for a few minutes.
  9. I've been on both (in August 2018 & 2019). Although your experience may vary, for me, I prefer Symphony. Here's why: On Harmony, I found that the lines to enter the Windjammer buffet were huge at times. As a result, I had to eat elsewhere. On Symphony, even right before an early port day, I was able to walk right in. As the current flagship, the menu options on Symphony in the main dining room are just a bit better. The Solarium has a non-heated hot tub, instead of a sprinkler. (Let's be realistic -- it's not a pool.) It's also much nicer. Hairspray was amazing. Gease (on Harmony) is OK. El Loco Fresh by the pool deck was actually surprisingly good. It was a nice change from just hamburgers/hot dogs, etc. which was found on Harmony.
  10. I wouldn't say that I've ever met a miserable crew member. However, the main dining room staff on Symphony (MTD) were clearly under a ton of pressure to perform. I had multiple waiters on my August sailing explicitly ask for 5-star review. One even went as far as telling me that his rating is different from how I liked the food.
  11. I highly doubt the water park will ever sell out. I was there on Symphony (the only ship on the island) in early August, when schools were still out.. Not only was the park packed, they were selling entry at the door. (The way the island works is that you can buy pretty much anything on site. The staff have these tablets and they take a picture of you when you buy the package so there's "proof" it was you.) That said, I loved my day there. For the fastest slide, they were handing out tickets so that the line was manageable. This allowed me to return at my designated time and wait no more than 15 minutes. That said, this wasn't advertised and you needed to be at the park by 9:15 AM to get one. Otherwise, you were stuck waiting until 2 PM when the queue opened to all -- and it was long.
  12. This is not all that surprising. On my Symphony sailing last month, I didn't even receive the letter in my room outlining the "Dine, Drink, Discover" perks. I had it on Harmony the year before. The bottle of red wine was waiting; however, looking online, it's rated very poorly. I'm sure many people never claimed their lunch at Jamie's Italian simply because they didn't know.
  13. Been quietly reading this thread... To say that I'm jealous of those on board would be an understatement. Kudos though to the team for clearly being upfront and keeping you informed. Enjoy your extended trip! Are they repeating shows still? ie: I assume they're fully treating this like any other regular cruise day.
  14. I actually found it less crowded than Harmony! Both my sailings were in August (2018-Harmony, 2019-Symphony). On Harmony, there were always long lines to get in to the Windjammer. Likewise, the food area on deck 16 was also very slow. I experienced neither of these issues on Symphony. The one exception was the Solarium. The pool brought in a lot more people and it was busy at all times. 1 group also had a portable speaker playing music at all hours... (Even after midnight at times.)
  15. I did it on my recent Symphony sailing. Is it incredibly expensive? Yes. Is it worth it? I'd say so. Would I do it again on a return visit to Coco Cay? Probably not.
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