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  1. And coupled with #11, would drastically reduce the number of said passengers on board, if said passengers choose to confer with their physician and follow their possible recommendation. mac_tlc
  2. We sailed the Edge in April 2019, which seems like 10 years ago. Had an IV and , after a day or so, really enjoyed it. Never had an issue with the window being forced closed. We had the bed by the window, so when the curtain was open you had a great unobstructed view of the ocean from the bed. With the app you could control the nights and the upper window without getting up. Probably the only hassle to us was that the depth of the balcony makes it tricky to maneuver the chairs and close the French doors at times. Other than that we would not hesitate to book one again. Loved the four MDR’s. mac_tlc
  3. Retired two years ago and had planned on 4 cruises a year. We miss it a lot and look forward to getting back on the sea again. Not interested in a week at an AI. Also just miss the freedom to go whenever wherever, even when it’s just between FL and CT. mac_tlc
  4. It’s a nine day sailing to the ABC islands and I’m not sure the longer sailings will be in full swing by then. mac_tlc
  5. 1.) Celebrity Equinox 5/14/2021 2.) Allure 8/15/2021 3.) Harmony 8/26/2020— because we had the 4 bedroom Villa Suite booked and we were reeeaalllyy looking forward to the hot tub on the balcony 😔😔😔😔😔.
  6. We had similar questions as we were trying to decide. Search on user “vtcruising” .... she was Ms. Edge and had the best cabin threads with great info. We ended up going with an S2, forward, #10123 specifically. The price wasn’t much more than an S3, maybe $150 pp, and we really wanted to try the bed orientation facing the water with the cool bathroom window looking straight out to the water. Plus it is near the forward stairs which allows easy access to Luminae and the Retreat. mac_tlc
  7. I had a couple removed. No idea why. I was just trying to add a little levity to an otherwise tragic set of circumstances. Oh well, how do feel about formal nights? 😜 mac_tlc
  8. No worries TeeRick. Didn’t mean to rain on the parade😜😜. At this point I just hope our future cruises are a “go” in a manner that we can enjoy them... mac_tlc
  9. One of our favorites too, but I refuse to go back until they acknowledge my numerous e-mails and refund my deposit for our cancelled August Harmony cruise. Awful customer service response so far. Radio silence on their end. We have probably been their 10 times, but their performance under these circumstances has been unacceptable. On the other side of the customer service spectrum was Maya Chan. Fabulous. I emailed Mark once our cruise was cancelled and within one day I moved the deposit to a future visit. Boy, I really miss that place. mac_tlc
  10. Another reason why I like the Oasis and Allure over Harmony/Symphony. The CLS upstairs bathroom shower can fit at least two😜. Unfortunately they replaced it with a tub/shower on H & S.
  11. I think the only ones better on Harmony/Symphony are the A3's on deck 11 & 14. Those were retrofitted on Oasis/Allure where the Harmony/Symphony had them originally "designed in". The A1's on deck 8 and the A2's on decks 9 & 10 are noticeably bigger on O/A vs/ H/S. Here are two pictures: The first is of the Oasis, the second of the Symphony. Note the diagonal ship structure as a point of reference. First deck shown is deck 7, A1's are on deck 8. On Oasis there is room on the balcony to stand behind the diagonal structure, in fact our dining table that seated 8 was there to keep it in the shade. On Symphony, the room wall protrudes beyond the ship structure.
  12. While this isn’t exactly the view from the aft CLS’s, it is from the sports deck, and gives you an idea of with and without the purple monstrosity.
  13. The location of the Crown Loft's can't be beat. We prefer the side views with the ocean as opposed to the sports area. As mentioned, the walk to the ATS is a haul. If you intend to spend a decent amount of time in the cabin, maybe the ATS is the choice since the view is wonderful. All the ATS's on Harmony and Symphony are smaller then their counterparts on the Oasis/Allure. Really can't go wrong with either, but if it were just the two of us, we would take the CLS. When the kids are along the ATS's are great. mac_tlc
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