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  1. Yes, I have sailed Celebrity. Back on them again in January. Just because you don’t find value, doesn’t mean some won’t. Do we have any real info on the cost difference above a normal balcony? 50% off one spa treatment is worth $100 or so. I don’t think the beverage packages have “value” but many do. It’s good to have options for everyone. mac_tlc
  2. I don't any problem. Obviously a lot of people go to the spa so why not create a category for those who want a few extras? Nobody is being forced to book them and if no one does, they will revert back to their former status. mac_tlc
  3. After her NY visit, she will reposition to Fort Lauderdale as of November 4, 2020. After Allure's TA in November 2020, she will be in Miami beginning November 15, 2020. mac_tlc
  4. Corporate must have gotten a deal on all shades of blue paint. Here is a before and after of the Celebrity Equinox after its dry dock earlier this year: Before: After:
  5. I’ll have one for you on the Allure TA ——— westbound, when I’m sure they will add it. With the $18 package. mac_tlc
  6. We have done a JS, GS, CLS and ATS on RCCL and will be doing our first Sky Suite on Equinox in January. All suites are not created equal. On Oasis class and Quantum class that have a dedicated Suite Lounge, there are free drinks from 11AM to 11PM. The Sky Suite is as big as a JS on but the perks seem more like that of a GS or CLS with comparable pricing. Looking forward to comparing the two, especially Luminae. So far our favorite suite is the CLS, with the ATS having no comparison to any cabin we have ever seen (except for, maybe, the Iconic Suite on Edge). mac_tlc
  7. I would say more than "slightly larger". Depends on the ship but ROUGHLY, a JS is 50% bigger than a regular balcony, a GS is 100% bigger than a regular balcony, a OS is almost 200% bigger than a regular balcony mac_tlc
  8. A1's are only on deck 8. A2's are on deck 9 &10 and are a couple hundred sq.ft. smaller than A1's, depending on what quoted info you look at. mac_tlc
  9. Our experience is that “Surf + Stream” on the Oasis class ships is much better than the fastest internet on the Edge. And Celebrity’s prices are noticeably higher. mac_tlc
  10. I agree 100%, especially the purple one. mac_tlc
  11. Just a sample: Edge sailing 3/29, category E1, ; No perks , non refundable deposit: $3463 with $200OBC Bev + OBC: $4079, with $500 OBC Bev pkg cost per person= (4079-500) - (3463-200) / 2 = $158 per day = 158/7= $22.57 mac_tlc
  12. We used to go to the Windjammer, but not anymore. If we want a more relaxing time, we do the MDR. Otherwise it’s JR or Park Cafe, so long as we can find a seat. mac_tlc
  13. All a matter of which discount is applied first. They will take the D discount off first, then apply the 30% on what’s left. On a $1000 fare, taking $100 off leaves $900. 30% off of 900 leaves $630. If they did it in the opposite order the result would be $1000 less 30%, leaving $700. Then D discount would leave $600. In essence you “lose” 30% of the D discount. Most, if not all, retailers would do the same thing (Kohl’s comes to mind). mac_tlc
  14. On a number of possible cruises I was looking at before this change, the two perks were $210. With “OBC+ BEV” as the option, the beverage pkg resulted in costing $60, or $9/day. Even adding $14/day, it’s less than half of buying separately. mac_tlc
  15. After a couple days of walking that corridor, I think the AQ suites are about a half a mile farther aft!!🥵🥵. mac_tlc
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