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  1. So long as your not 70 or over or have an underlying condition.......
  2. Marijana, our loft attendant on the Allure, who we also ran into on Harmony last August. One of the sweetest person I have ever met. Also Denzil, a bartender we met on Oasis in 2018, and then again in Dazzles on Harmony last year. Great personality, just enjoying life! I hope they are well and maybe we will cross paths again. mac_tlc
  3. I got the email from Royal on 3/13 saying our 3/22 cruise was cancelled. As of this morning the refund of taxes, etc has not been posted to my credit card. mac_tlc
  4. Exactly. The prices were already high in 2021/22, well before they started printing FCCs. From my observation, Celebrity is even worse. Once we get closer to that timeframe, the prices will reflect the then-current market conditions, but not now. if you are looking at booking something in 2021, I’d wait and watch. (This from the person who has 4 booked in 2021🙄) mac_tlc
  5. Under a Chapter 11 reorganization, who knows what would happen to the FCCs. Chapter 11 kills the common stockholders and the debt holders would take a severe haircut, but the company emerges on the other side and continues to operate. Lots of airlines have done this. Chapter 7 is liquidation, and then everything goes, the company disappears and the assets are sold off or scrapped. Think Renaissance cruise line. mac_tlc
  6. As of right now, 12229, 11229, 11629, and 10629 are available. P.S. we are on the 9/13 sailing..... maybe.. Hopefully we will be getting on as you get off.
  7. Looks like others have responded. As you can see, you can’t tell the balcony is bigger by looking at the deck plans. Try a YouTube search, I’m sure there are some. Cabin numbers are 10229, 10629, 11229, 11629, 12229, 12629, 14229, 14629. Personally, I would choose deck 10, 11, or 12 over deck 14 due to the possibility of noise from the pool deck above. mac_tlc
  8. I would try to get one of the 8 CP balcony cabins that have a “double width” balcony. They are right next to the living wall. The cabin numbers end in “29”. Two on deck 10,11,12,14.
  9. Thanks for connecting with all the pessimists. I personally will not be entrenched in that camp. Too much negative energy. mac_tlc
  10. Some Oasis GS pictures. Has a curtain. We loved not having a wall, felt much bigger and open.
  11. No worries! Everyone is a little afraid, I think. No one has ever been through this. Sorry to hear about your tragic cruise and losing your Mom. 😞 I worry more about my kids and grandkids than I do us. We all love cruising and have taken a number of cruises with all of us—- with three of the 9 planned ones including everyone. Some mobility issues make it impossible for us to hike the country and do some other alternatives. Here’s hoping everyone gets through this in whatever manner is right for them, and we all respect everyone’s opinions and decisions. Nobody knows the answers for sure. mac_tlc
  12. No apology necessary! I wasn’t criticizing your posts. Just seems like there are a number of folks on the boards recently that are so sure of how this unfolds, what happens and what everyone should do. Can’t believe I miss the endless discussions on formal night, tipping and chair hogs🤪. mac_tlc
  13. I have 9 future cruises booked through March 2022, and my thinking is very similar. I’ll wait it out and decide each one as the situation unfolds. If I cancel now it’s a guaranteed loss of $100pp, and an FCC that may (or may not) be useless in the future. If I wait, my financial outcome my improve. Sort of like selling stock because it has gone down , locking in your losses. Everyone's situation is different and their particular circumstances should dictate their actions, not what I or anyone else does. Similarly, everyone’s response is the correct answer—- for them. It’s a bit disheartening to read others invalidating others responses or actions, with absolutely no information about the other person’s particular situation. mac_tlc
  14. I noticed this a couple days ago when I went online to start the renewal process. My expires on 5/31, but I don’t need it until August (at the earliest) but thought I’d get a jump on the process. I bet it will be quite a crush of renewals once they restart. mac_tlc
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