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  1. Following along. Looking forward to your review! mac_tlc
  2. I would not, because I would not want to have an S3, since some have a partially obstructed view by the Magic Carpet. I would want an S2 and I would not go into it expecting a guarantee to yield an S2. Take a look at the Edge room Sticky thread at the top of the Celebrity board. For me to take a guarantee, I would need to be happy with the worst view room you could possibly get for that category. If you are, then go for it and save the money. Anything room with a better view or location is a bonus. mac_tlc
  3. I don’t like the low decks, to me it matters where the lifeboats are. If you are not directly over them, I’d take deck 6, if you are. I would go with deck 14. mac_tlc
  4. Unless they took them out at dry dock, only the Two bedroom GS’s on deck 12 have a hot tub on the balcony. mac_tlc
  5. We have two "go to's" on the Western. In Cozumel, we love Nachi Cocum -- more laid back than some of the other AI's. An alternative we tried this past April and really liked was El Cozumelino. Pool better than Nachi, but food not as good. Both are about the same price, $55pp + or - . In Costa Maya we always go to Maya Chan. Water is hit or miss but the service is spectacular, its laid back and they only have about 50-60 people a day. Transportation is included, its about $59pp. Bar is great, service is wonderful, lunch is excellent. Anyplace that will deliver me a drink by kayak while I'm floating in the water is my go to place. I like your plan for Key West. In GC, we have used Captain Marvins to go to Stingray City, they also do snorkel/stingray combo tours. mac_tlc
  6. I don't think it's that bad. The Veterans Day deal didn't apply to anything in 2021, and there is no $14/day bev package charge. All depends on what you were looking to book. I booked a January 2021 Apex cruise that was not covered in the Vet's Day deal, and only have $25pp on the hook. mac_tlc
  7. I know! I saw those! Tempted. But, for only the two of us, that’s a little steep. GS is half that. Saw you were booked on this one, hope to meet you in the SL😜, if not sometime before. mac_tlc
  8. We booked the Westbound TA in part because of the sea days. The days of non stop 12 hour Port days is quickly coming to a close. We do get a GS on such a long sea day itinerary, the extra space is invaluable to us. Would have sprung for a loft , but it was $4K more than a GS. With so many activities and dining options on Harmony, I don’t think we will have any problems with the 11 days. mac_tlc
  9. Maybe that’s why it was so cheap 😜😜😜😜. too late to edit it , too!!! mac_tlc
  10. I booked on the Eastbound TA, but then the westbound one came out with the same itinerary. We prefer westbound, so I think I’ll end up letting the eastbound one go. I also couldn’t resist an A1 on Allure for August 2011😳😳😳😳. mac_tlc
  11. On the TA site, Allure is open from May 9, 2021 through October 31, 2021. Departing from Port Canaveral. mac_tlc
  12. Don’t give up yet. Based on what has been released so far, how’s this for a scenario: Oasis is only released from November 7, 2021 to April 24, 2022. Nothing yet for summer of 2021. And, there is an interesting 4 day cruise Miami to Miami on November 3, 2021. That is a little odd—- unless they need a short cruise to get on their regular weekly schedule because they arrive on Miami from somewhere else on 11/3/21! Maybe from NJ? The last spring 2021 cruise is April 25 from FLL. How about a trip north (empty) on 5/5/21, spend the summer in NJ, head back down to Miami (empty) arriving 11/3/21?????? Oh, BTW, that is exactly what Oasis is doing in 2020. It arrives in FLL on 11/4/20 and does a 4 day cruise to get on it’s Sunday schedule. mac_tlc
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