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  1. Because not every ship needs to be the same. Of a soon to be 11 ship fleet, 2 have the IV’s. Plenty of traditional balconies to choose from. We have sailed the Edge in an IV and Iiked it. We have Apex booked for next year. We also have over 30 cruises in traditional balconies and loved them too. One of the things I don't like about what Royal is doing to the Oasis class ships is making them all the same as they drydock them. Sure the shows are different but most of the restaurants are the same, adding same slides, etc. Better to have some differences than for all to be the same. mac_tlc
  2. We were on the Equinox last month and had a wonderful time.Thanks for posting and enjoy your cruise! mac_tlc
  3. I think there are more of us than people realize. We value the balcony, and in a suite, we really value the extra space. It’s one of the reasons we try to book them when the price is acceptable. mac_tlc
  4. Too funny! I agree somewhat. I have only been truly amazed by a meal at Disney World, that’s right Disney World. Of course it was at Victoria and Albert’s and was a truly incredible meal. Memorable and very expensive. mac_tlc
  5. We had an Infinite Verandah on Edge last year. Took a couple days to get used to the difference but we grew to really like it. With the bed near the window, and the French doors open and top of the window down, there is no better view from the bed! Great way to wake up and relax. Of all the complaining I have read about the IV’s, the only issue that seems difficult to resolve is if one person gets up early and wants to go out on the balcony while the other person stays asleep. Can’t really do that without flooding the room with light. We were never going to make P ( only 1/2 P now), so we have migrated to the family cruises with kids/grandkids on Oasis class, just the two of us—Celebrity——— unless I can get a great deal on a Crown Loft —- those are fabulous and unique. mac_tlc
  6. I’ll let you know how the Fall TA goes, I’ll be a common D+ in a GS. I would expect lots more Pins in the Fall, especially given that the Presidents cruise is the week before. Unfortunate for some of us. I find this continued discussion interesting and also very difficult to solve. I keep coming back to the same conclusion—— that there is not as big a problem as CC thinks there is. 4 Oasis ships, 200 sailings a year, and maybe, what, 3 top heavy cruises this year? That’s 1.5%. Of course if it’s your one cruise this year, then it’s 100%. There is enough space on those ships to use overflow areas if needed. I do agree Star Class comes first, and not just because I have three booked in the next two years. There is a level of exclusivity marketed and expected of those accommodations, and you certainly are paying for it. Finally, we did our first Suite on Celebrity last month and found the restaurant and lounge to be relaxed and uncrowded at any time we were there, then again I think the number of Zenith’s on Celebrity is not the same impact as Pin’s on Royal.
  7. And here is our Speedtest from Symphony. Any Royal ship using the O3b network will be much faster.
  8. While the Retreat area is nice with plenty of seats, we found that the lack of a hot tub, pool or bar made the area not very useful. Being up front it can be very windy and I would bet very hot in the summer months. We went once to check it out. Also, the stairs are steep and there is no elevator, limiting access for those with mobility issues. mac_tlc
  9. I’m following along. What a great start! We love Maya Chan! Have been there 7 times with more planned this year. Any place that delivers a drink to me on a kayak while I’m floating in the ocean is at the top of my list! Our cat also tries to hop into the suitcases at the last minute. They must communicate with one another! Enjoy! mac_tlc
  10. Once you download $$ from your onboard account, the machine translates that to “credits”. You play the credits and cash out when you want to. For instance, on a 1c machine, $10 would be 1000 credits. Machines vary but on a 1c machine you can get one spin for anywhere from 1c to $5 or more, which is between 1 and 500 credits. When you cash out, the machine issues a ticket with your remaining $$ on it. You can put the ticket into another machine or bring it to the cashier for $$. mac_tlc
  11. Cash from the casino cashier. If you have a credit card on your shipboard account, you can bring the cash to Guest Services and apply it to your account. mac_tlc
  12. We brought all our little winning tickets to the cashier for redemption. I don't remember seeing a ticket redemption machine. mac_tlc
  13. The slot machine knows the difference. As we were playing our $55 of promotional money, every few "wins" we would cash out.....sometimes we would get $1, $3, or more, depending on what we had "won". For instance, if we had a winning spin of any significance, say $5 on a 50 cent spin, we would cash it out and get the $5. That way you can cash out your winnings and not spend it all, and still play your promotional $$$. mac_tlc
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