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  1. Yeah, when you book it notifies you of that fact. I’ll be on the Vancouver to Seattle leg!
  2. Heads up, I saw a post on FB saying parts of the reef are closed to boats/divers until further notice. Might want to have a backup plan just in case.
  3. No input on one over the other, but if there is something you HAVE to do and there are multiple choices for ports, don’t book it in Grand Cayman. We booked the Stingray City tour and unfortunately we were unable to tender. Not a big loss, but since I’m sure dolphin swims are popular, you can’t guarantee that the next port will have it available. I think we snorkeled in the same preserve in Roatan. Lots of great fish and coral.
  4. So just curious, decided to do the chefs table and submitted info. I did not get any kind of email. Went back to check and it says confirmation emails will be sent 24hrs prior to departure. So I won’t know what night or anything until the day before we depart?
  5. Dude, I’ll mail you a GoPro, lol. Or drop it off, I go to ATL once a month to visit friends or catch a Braves game.
  6. I felt this in certain areas. We didn’t even bother trying to use the pool decks. Mostly lounged on deck 5, hot tubs always had room. Although, we never waited long for food or had to search for a seat. Still, it seemed like people were everywhere, no quiet places, save for the atrium at 5am 😉.
  7. You give hope to the rest of us. Working from home today so I can be present for our yearly termite inspection. 4 conference calls (including one right now), 10a, 1p, and 3p. So basically I’m going to drink coffee, read reviews (like yours from the beginning) and browse excursions.
  8. Umm, cheese is not a pizza topping. It just comes on pizza. It’s like crust. You just have naked pizza! 🤣 Drinks look good, though!
  9. Yeah, idk. This was 2013. I don’t remember, honestly. And it was my brother and myself so he bucket was still empty in 10min between us.
  10. I started drinking IPAs in college because I discovered my roommates didn’t like them, hence I could leave a six pack in the fridge and know it would be there when I returned to get one. Turns out, I like them, the higher IBUs the better. At a concert recently one of the beer stations had 22oz cans and they were ALL the same price. Funny to watch the guys in front of me going back over and over again for Bud Lights while I sipped my Voodoo Ranger. Last time I bought a bucket it was out of NOLA, they were bottles, and the bartender opened all of them before I left the bar. Am I to understand they don’t do that now?
  11. Well, $12-$15 a bottle in NOLA, plus $40 means a total of about $120-$130. Given the price of bottles delivered to the room when onboard, in plenty fine with it.
  12. Turned one of my employees onto this two weeks ago as he was getting ready to finalize his cruise for October. His final payment was due on a Thursday. He ordered his cards the Friday before and they got there Tuesday. Im up to 55k points in just a few weeks and I didn’t really scour the thread except for the few pages prior to when I signed up.
  13. So for insurance reasons, my employees are trained to back into spots. 8/10 of our company accidents occur when backing, and 9/10 of those are when leaving. Basically as you arrive to a shop to driver something, you’ve seen the area and can assess where it’s safe to back in. This allows you to pull forward when leaving reducing the chances of an accident. If you pull straight into a spot you’re supposed to do a walk around to make sure there are no hazards that you could back into. Loving the review. Jealous of Grand Cayman. We couldn’t tender back in March because it was too choppy.
  14. Last trip out of NOLA I had some rum runners. I tipped $20/bag to the guy and told him they were very important. He said yes sir and my bags did not go on a cart by the curb where other bags were going, they were rushed off out of my view. As we approached the stairs he caught up to me and directed us to a different door. Another porter waved us over. Looks like we went thru a priority line. Got upstairs and did the check in stuff and then got near the ramp. Called my in-laws to see where they were as they arrived at the port 15min before us. They were still in line. Grabbed a seat and waited on them. 5min later we were going up the ramp together. My father in law had a black plastic bag containing all of their sodas as they had ripped open the boxes. I was never even asked to open my carry on despite having two 12pks (one for me and one for wife) and two bottles of wine inside. Our bags were at our room at 3:30 with FTTF straps. In-laws got theirs after late seating dinner. Extortion? Nah.
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