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  1. Contemplated selling Friday. Picked up 100 shares at 11 and 100 shares at 8. Really want to hold longer term, but it’s difficult to pass up quick cash.
  2. I'm sure I’ll have plenty to post about in the coming months. I’m an interior cruiser who smuggles booze onboard, and now I’m in a Cloud 9 balcony with a drink package. I really want to go, but DH does not care. It isn’t that she doesn’t want to, but southern girls are about some BBQ and seafood. She’s worried the froo-froo food will just be a disappointment. Maybe I’ll just ask for it for my birthday in a month, then she’ll have to go with me!
  3. After our April cruise was cancelled, and now our August cruise cancelled, we are booked on the Magic in December with a large amount of OBC. We are planning the Steakhouse the first night, and plan to eat in the MDR every night. I wouldn’t say we are foodies, but it looks like an experience and since this is planned to be our last vacation for a while, we are going all out. At $190 for two, it’s basically the price of an excursion, and we look at it the same way weighing price vs. experience. If you’ve done it, can you say if it was or wasn’t worth it? If you’d go again or never? Second, do you find that it’s all booked up before you board? With our OBC I would prefer to wait to book excursions (nothing too fancy or exotic) til we can use our OBC, but if I have to purchase this ahead of time I can.
  4. When we rebooked our cancelled April cruise (paid for all but $400 in gift cards) we used the entirety of the amount (including gratuities we had already paid) toward a FCC and upgraded the room on the new trip. Yeah, we have to pay gratuities again now, but I’ll let them come off the OBC on the ship.
  5. Interesting. That looks more fun. these were the little speed boats we did.
  6. Did the “speed boat” in Cozumel some years ago. I’m not sure what I expected, but it was a small two seater boat with a lawnmower engine that went about 25mph and you stayed in a line. That may be fine for city folk, but growing up in the south with a lake house I was driving small fishing boats at age 10, personal water craft, etc. Current PWC is turbocharged and will do 70+ on a smooth lake. If you didn’t grow up around water it may be fun. If you did grow up around water it may induce yawns...
  7. When I called he referenced my original booking and said the refund was offered the way I described above, since my August trip was also purchased with FCC from my cancelled April trip.
  8. You may want to call. I also had a rebooked August cruise cancelled. Yesterday I called in and after an hour waiting on hold, I had my new cruise set up in about 15min. But he did ask if I wanted the refund and listed the amounts (some to card, rest to a gift card since that is how I paid for most of the trip).
  9. I hope so! I would have been getting home today from the first Alaskan sailing of the year. We are rebooked in August for a Caribbean instead. I was pretty optimistic when I rebooked, but lately I’m not. I run an essential business and people just aren’t staying in. I’ve already picked out a back-up back-up cruise for December. Since I paid with gift cards, I basically have to use it with CCL.
  10. I would be leaving on her Monday in a different world. 😔
  11. So curious, are y’all who take the future cruise able to see your $600 OBC in your booking? We had a cruise cancelled, booked a future cruise, and had $93 extra that I just had them leave as OBC. I can see the $93 in my booking details, but is the $600 something I should see now or when we hopefully board in 4 months?
  12. Well, jumped in and picked up 100 shares just under $9 today. I have another order in for another 200 if it goes to $5. We could afford to lose it if it came to it, but if it goes to $60 again in a few years and I’m sitting on 300 shares that’s a kids college tuition, a down payment on a new car, etc (no kids yet so really no idea what it will be doing in 20+ years) and it was bought for a long term hold, not something to dump in a month with a small return. I like cruising, wife likes “fun ships” so if the OBC for shareholders continues that’s one a day for her each cruise.
  13. Yup. Our 4/20 to Alaska on Spirit was cancelled. I had been shopping backup cruises, so Saturday morning I was able to call and get setup in about an hour. We went from an interior obstructed view to an extended balcony on a Western Caribbean itinerary. Ended up being even cheaper so we had $93 on top of the $600 from CCL. I will definitely be in good *spirits* when this trip gets here.
  14. Spend a few days making mock bookings while logged in to CCL’s website. They will call you, lol.
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