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  1. Yep! Pretty much know that it doesn't make a difference, but still just curious! 🙂 I forgot when I posted this that it could turn into one of those types of threads. There was no intention of it being a let's get the popcorn out thread, LMAO. Nothing more than simple curiosity.
  2. I am thinking daisy dukes and a cut off t shirt saying I'm on a cruise feed me alcohol. Will that work instead of a wife beater?
  3. Yes. This is what I thought. Length of cruise does not matter any more. From scuttlebutt about it looks like Royal is trending to all ships "Wear Your Best". I am just curious to hear what ships people are seeing this on. So, TYVM!
  4. Oh wait. I'd have to look for a compass for each ship. My idea is not such a good one. Unless there is a thread with the compass from various ships. Maybe? Probably not.😊
  5. Thank you for the suggestion, no pun intended. Maybe i can look for recent compass from like last month or 2.😊
  6. Yes it has been written that way for years *suggested*, but this is very new. That is why I am asking now.
  7. Has "Wear Your Best" been rolled out fleet wide to replace formal nights or just to some ships?
  8. I suspect M class, but on a webinar last week they didn't exactly say. They just said Deck 12 forward. That is all. Yes, it is puzzling.
  9. The Retreat will be on Deck 12 forward. You're right, Deck 18 is incorrect. :)
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