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  1. Same! Our kiddo went straight to adventure ocean via the check-in they have right there in the MDR lobby. I always dressed him in shorts, couldn't imagine sending him off for the evening in long pants.
  2. Thanks for all of the great replies! Very helpful in figuring out when to get the fam herded toward port 😁
  3. What time do you all typically get to the port? We are not suite guests or getting the key... so no priority boarding, etc. I think our check-in time said noon, but I have read that's just a suggestion. 🙂 On Symphony in September, btw. Our hotel is 3.5 miles from the port... is there a lot of traffic entering the port? Wasn't sure how long to plan for travel time for uber-ing. What's it like at boarding? Do folks tend to get there early... form a big crowd/line.. and there's a long wait initially? This is the first trip where we're staying in a hotel the night before our cruise, and our first time at PortMiami. Wasn't sure what the best approach would be to get on the ship somewhat early. Thanks!
  4. I wouldn't pay full price for the drinks package... it typically goes on sale at least once every few weeks. A decent deal is the buy one get one 50% off (and it will ring up as 25% off per person in your cart). It often runs at 20% off each... and I've heard it does go to 30% off, but I've yet to see that for our September cruise. You can book it, and then cancel/rebook if it goes on sale at a better price. I hear lots of folks do that. We booked ours at BOGO 50% off, but I still check often to see if I can find that elusive 30% off deal. We cruised last fall on Harmony, and the drinks package was a decent deal for us. DH doesn't drink as much as I do, but I feel we probably broke even on him, and I may have done some damage to RCI's profit margins that week 🙂 We would get the premium coffees in the morning (the Coconut iced coffee is delish!)... and the fresh OJ was SO much better than the Hi-C-ish OJ that's on the freebie list. We went through TONS of bottles of water. Each time I ordered anything with my seapass card, I asked for a couple/few bottles of water along with it, and they obliged. I liked having the extra bottles for our room fridge, to take on excursions, etc. We also liked the soda cups that could be used at the freestyle machines. Those were nice when we went to the pool deck during the day, but cumbersome at night (I just got sodas in a plastic cup if we wanted one in the evening). Adding in the adult beverages... if you "graze" during the day even, it's a good deal. I'd have a mimosa or a bloody by the pool.. a couple beers in the afternoon... wine with dinner (after the first day, our server had the wine I liked ready as soon as we sat at our table in the MDR)... a few cocktails in the evening. I sometimes ordered things that were above price point for the package, and never saw the charges on our bill. It's convenient... maybe slightly wasteful... I know if I went off to play with my kids a bit and the rest of my beer got warm, I'd just order another. If I was paying $9 for that individual beer.. I would have sucked it up and chugged it, lol. I definitely wasn't tossing full beers in the trash here and there just because I could.. that's alcohol abuse! But I definitely didn't feel obligated to drink the 2 inches of warm flat stuff in the bottom of the can that was sitting by my pool chair for 30 mins. Also, if I tried something I didn't like, I just handed it back to the bartender and asked for something different. If I was paying individually, I would have choked down the nasty drink. All in all, I bet just by myself.. I racked up about $25-30/day in non boozy beverages (coffees, bottles of water, juice, sodas, etc) and at least another 50-75/day in booze. You can use the package at Cococay and Labadee, too, if that's on your itinerary.
  5. My kiddo (she was 16 last year on Harmony, going on Symphony this fall) went to the first night meet-up. She was a little nervous about going in not knowing anyone, but we coaxed her into it and she was happy she went to it. She met friends from all over the world, and still keeps in touch with them on social media 🙂 She found a group of kids she enjoyed hanging out with.. they did a few of the organized activities.. but mostly went to the pool, got food together, just hung out at the areas on the ship. Definitely encourage your child to go to the first night gathering... he/she will find some folks to hang with, and they won't feel like they have to be locked in to the "mandatory fun", or corralled in with the younger teens. I feel like for her, it really "made" the trip.. she wasn't stuck always having to hang with the parents and her little brother.
  6. Bed by the bath. every cabin that holds more than 2 guests has the bed by the bath. The cabin in either side of it will have the bed by the balcony. the pattern is bed, bath, bed bath..... Thanks guys!!! Much appreciated 🙂
  7. Bed placement for 14598 (Symphony)? Is there some sort of a formula for this? Thanks! 😀
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