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  1. Thanks for your recommendation, Payd. Talk about coincidence . . . I started looking around on booking.com last week and saw the Duque Hotel. Looked very good to me so I booked it, thinking if someone made a recommendation that looked better I could always cancel. So thank you for confirming my decision! Did you try any local restaurants that you liked? You said it's walking distance to the HOHO bus - what did you think of that? The reviews of a couple of HOHO type bus companies aren't very good. What else did you do in BA that you enjoyed?
  2. We have never been to South America, so we'd like a neighborhood convenient to local non-touristy restaurants, maybe museums, and one where we'd feel safe walking around the area at night. I know that pickpocket risk is higher in some places than others - we take normal precautions when traveling, and of course, awareness of your surroundings is always important. We would like to do a tango lesson/show - I'm not sure about the dinner these places offer. Our experience in other countries with dinner shows has not been particularly good . . . show might be good, but food is really mediocre, so we'd probably rather eat somewhere else. I know there are several places offering these shows - do you know of one or two in particular that you would recommend? Walking tours in various areas in BA would be of interest, or a Hop On Hop Off to get familiar with the city and then start exploring on our own is something we tend to do when visiting a new city. I've read many of your posts and I'm confident you probably know more about South America than most U.S. travelers! Why do you think we should bring our cell phone? We're kind of dinosaurs when it comes to technology and the only times we've ever used a cell phone while traveling in another country is to call Uber. Most of the time we take subways and public transportation, or local cabs. Is Uber a better (and safer) option in BA? Another thing we've seen advertised that pique our interest are estancia day trips from BA to see gauchos at work, watch a mini rodeo, maybe some horseback riding, etc. Do you have any thoughts on that? Thanks so much for your input. I'm looking forward to your guidance.
  3. We plan to spend a couple of days pre-cruise in mid February in Buenos Aires. Does anyone have recommendations for a reasonably priced and well-located hotel? Also, any suggestions for activities for those days? Thanks!
  4. Many of you seem to have used this switch for late 2020 cruises. We just recently booked a Caribbean cruise on Reflection for December 4, 2020. Do you really think this cruise might not go or we might have problems getting back? Should we consider rebooking it for December 2021? You folks are making me nervous!!
  5. Thanks everyone for the explanation. Since I didn't have any cruises booked for 2020 which were cancelled, this didn't apply to me but if it had I might have gambled on taking the same cruise next year.
  6. I have seen this phrase over and over again on Celebrity message boards and I have no idea what it means! Does it refer to changing your existing booking to a new date for a better price? Or re-pricing a booking when there's been a price reduction? Can someone give me a simple explanation? Thanks.
  7. Thanks for all of your comments. Some of these choices sound spectacular - I'm checking into one of the packages!
  8. I know what you mean! The only reason I think we can afford to cruise is because of all the money we saved from not being able to take all of the scheduled trips for 2020!
  9. We haven't sailed with Celebrity for several years, but recently booked two cruises on Reflection. Can anyone tell me what the benefits are for RCCL shareholders? Also, how do you go about notifying them of your shareholder status to get credited? Is there a form online or what? Thanks.
  10. We just booked two cruises (December 2020 and June 2021) on X Reflection. Can anyone give me information on the specialty restaurants? The X website shows a sample menu but no pricing information. In addition to current prices, please share what your favorite specialty restaurant is and what menu items do you recommend? We haven't sailed Celebrity in several years so we're excited to give them a try again! Thanks.
  11. Very different ships, indeed! We always choose by itinerary and date first, then ship second, and that always seems to work out for us. We like different classes of ships for different reasons. I think if you go on a cruise with an open mind you'll find things you LOVE and other things maybe not so much. But after many, many cruises there was truly only one that we really didn't enjoy much at all for a variety of reasons . . . and they had the absolute best food of any of our cruises!
  12. As far as I can tell, all ships in the Princess fleet offer the same MDR menus, although a regional specialty might be added on various itineraries. Having taken different ships in "back to back to back" cruises, I've seen menus repeat often. And sometimes my favorites on one ship don't taste nearly as good on another, even though they look the same. I'm pretty sure the food is from the same suppliers. But the kitchen staff on each ship is different, and I think some are better than others. You would think that the food would taste the same - kind of like visiting Olive Garden anywhere in the U.S. and finding menu items that taste exactly the same no matter where you are in the country. My guess is that the executive chef on each ship tries to put their own "touches" on the identical menu so some food tastes "better" to you than others. Don't forget that taste is very subjective! And yes, I've had the exact same items taste differently on the very same ship from one month to the next, so saying that the food on the Regal is better than the food on the Caribbean might be true today and might be totally false a few weeks from now. You need to remember that crews change on ships all the time, and that includes their bosses. Some might tell their cooks to use less salt and seasonings because they believe that's what is preferred by the guests on a particular itinerary. Others might tell their cooks to ramp the seasonings up for the same reasons! Here's my philosophy: if I'm not crazy about the food I'll probably lose a few pounds on a cruise, and that's always a good thing! One thing is for sure - I don't have to go to the grocery store, prepare the meal and clean up afterwards! Focus on the great things about cruising and enjoy them to the fullest - if one of them happens to be the food, savor every bite and plan to diet when you get back home.
  13. What a shock - and what a disappointment for those of you who are still healthy. How is Princess compensating you?
  14. Topspot - Did you have any favorite snorkel places? I presume you had a car since you were on a land trip. Are these spots easy to get to by taxi from the cruise port? Do any of them also have lounge chairs, umbrellas, beverage service? Thanks for posting here after your trip!
  15. We've done the Chef's Table on 2 different Princess ships, 1 Carnival and 1 Holland America. It's like a culinary excursion instead of an excursion off the ship - exceptionally good food and wine, small group of nice people (limited to 12 passengers on Princess) and lots of fun. We will be sailing the Majestic out of Sydney in a couple of weeks and hope to book the Chef's Table on that cruise. Definitely go for it at least once - you won't be disappointed!
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