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  1. Thanks. I already found it, and was trying to edit my comment to let others know. Why do you think those two sailings aren't listed?
  2. There is no sailing for August 28th, 2021 for Symphony of the Seas
  3. I am still disappointed that Royal neglected New York. We currently have no ships confirmed to sail out of Cape Liberty. Independence maybe, but I was hoping for a Quantum Class.
  4. I meant to say 2 Bro's Pizza. However Joe's pizza is quite good, though expensive.
  5. I guess you haven't been on Instagram lately.
  6. That's incorrect. You CAN go on various different social media platforms, via your browser, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.
  7. You're putting words into my mouth, coevan.
  8. I don't know coevan. Would you give a drunk person a knife?
  9. Drunk guys and knives. Put 2 and 2 together.
  10. It was a joke in reference to when @Saint Greg said drunk, hungry guys smelling food.
  11. There are also knives in the kitchen! How would that work?
  12. I didn't think of that. I guess they could cook it twice as long? 🤔 They can do so many other customizations, yet they can't do a thicker pizza?
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