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  1. I think you need to "chill" with trying to show off how much money you have. It is so arrogant! Every other post you mention how much you spend or how much you have. Thank you!
  2. Would love for them to sell for cheap to the West Coast (Alaska, Mexican Riviera) or the East Coast (Bahamas, Caribbean).
  3. I've seen a couple people express that they've saved on summer sailings. Does anyone else expect more price drops for summer sailings?
  4. Do you see this lasting into August 2020? Would love to sail Quantum from LA!
  5. So do Police Officers and EMT! It is absurd that Royal doesn't even offer a discount for them, like MSC does (10%). I have never seen the rates go down when I apply "Police and EMT".
  6. Is your purchase of $499 or less? If it is, you will not be able to view tracking information, besides those that are displayed directly on the website (Processed, Shipped, etc.)
  7. Anyone know any information about Quantum of the Seas?
  8. It would be super nice to see Quantum sail the west coast, like maybe to the Mexican Riviera. But, it is more likely for it to sail to Alaska.
  9. As my first question wasn't answered, I will ask it again, though in a different manner. Will this effect cruises in the summer? Let's say Spectrum comes over from China, will it sail the summer season in the US or Europe for discounted rates?
  10. I was just browsing through Royal Caribbean's US Website and saw that Symphony's August 29, 2020 sailing, which had an itinerary of: Miami Sea Labadee Falmouth Sea Cozumel Sea Miami Is now displayed as: Miami Sea Labadee Falmouth Sea Sea Perfect Day at CocoCay Miami I'm not complaining, as I prefer the second itinerary, but just wanted to alert others. Apologies if this has already been posted, but I searched the Roll Call and no one appeared to know of the change (including Cruise Critic, which still has the previous itinerary displayed).
  11. How long do y'all expect this to last? Do you think into the summer season, or that's too far out?
  12. I swear this Daily Deal thing is super selective! I was on my computer as when I tried to log in a 2:59pm, and it says "Unable To Log In". I immediately went to my phone, which allowed me to log on, but after I waited 30 seconds for the Daily Deal to become available, the "Add to Shopping Cart" button would turn gray, and then a few seconds later, it would show as "Unavailable". And after waiting for about 40 min, it would then show as available; but when I clicked on it, it said "Daily Deal is out". This happened 3 times!
  13. You would have to escalate the issue, which could take at least 7 business days. I had to do that when I first got my account in order to change residencies for my account to be validated.
  14. I ordered something and my middle name is "Null".
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