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  1. Yes, I also thought of "Carnivale". But a lot of people I know said why would Carnival name a ship "Carnivale" given that the entire cruise line took up the name of "Carnivale".
  2. I ordered some Cold Stone Creamery gift cards on Monday, August 3rd and they came on Friday, August 7th. Not bad!
  3. Good, this makes me feel better about a gift card order I made on Monday afternoon. It said it shipped Tuesday and given that it showed up to your doorstep in GA in three days, I feel confident that my order to NY will show up soon enough.
  4. Hello everyone, I'm back from another month long break. Quick question: Due to COVID-19, how long has the wait been to receive (any) gift cards? I want to order some dining gift cards for next week Monday, but I am worried they might not get delivered by then. Any ideas?
  5. Anyone have an update on Voyager of the Seas? It seems like she, along with Grandeur of the Seas, are the only ships who haven't been deployed during summer 2020. I am only really focused on news on Royal Caribbean deploying Voyager of the Seas to Los Angeles.
  6. YEP, I did that to you! 😂 This is exactly what I needed to hear coming back after a hiatus. Thanks man!
  7. Sorry to keep you waiting! Yes, I did!
  8. I took a month break from CC, so I have a lot of catching up to do in terms of codes! Thanks for everyone who has posted!
  9. Remember back in February when I talked about how I missed out on the $5 Starbucks Daily Deal? Well, turns out the new Daily Deal was a $5 Starbucks!
  10. I would suggest selling your cards on eBay or raise.com (I know, I am a hypocrite for suggesting this site). This will take away the individuality aspect to the transaction.
  11. How many formal nights are on a 9-day Carnival Journeys cruise? Specifically, on Carnival Radiance from New York.
  12. Can't you hold the cruise for 48 hours, and then call and ask if they could extend the courtesy hold until you get the cards?
  13. With a side of blue ocean mist and and freshly made breakfast!
  14. This is very important to highlight. There are tons of threads about the coronavirus already.
  15. Thank you for freely sharing your thoughts. I agree with you, the food quality is declining, or I guess our taste buds are improving?
  16. I just remembered your cruise is over! Have a great night, and safe driving!
  17. Wait they have trivia medals too? I thought it was just a Ship-on-a-Stick. Guess this was a recent addition?
  18. I had this experience on my Horizon cruise too; although, I cruised the day kids got out of NYC schools! So they must have went from graduation to the ship! The balls were smashed, they were kicking the soccer balls (for the pool) everywhere and the location of the mini-golf course is absurd!
  19. The beef was so gamey on our Valor cruise. So much gristle, I had to spit it out!
  20. PLEASE don't tell me it was the hairy chest contest!
  21. I wouldn't blame you. No more toilet paper in stores, sports events being cancelled and now cruise lines suspending operations? It's getting crazy.
  22. I would love to take advantage of this offer, but flight prices would not make the trip work! Too bad they don't have anything from New York. Enjoy your cruise @ashleycrew!
  23. Have you tried emailing the maitre'd? How far away are you from sailing?
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