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  1. Spectrum of the Seas is now available to book for June 06th, 2021 and June 11th, 2021.
  2. So are you saying they should be uploaded momentarily? Because it is way past evening over there if your logic is correct, right?
  3. It would be awesome if Carnival could have a build your own pizza station!
  4. If the pricing for Odyssey is that expensive in April, I do not want to know what the pricing will be for Summer 2021!
  5. I laugh, and grimace at the thought of cleaning a straw.
  6. I think it has more to do with Carnival not wanting to redesign the class of ship just for fitting through the canal. I am pretty sure Carnival would much rather pay for the Panama Canal fees than the fuel fees. $2,000,000 worth of fuel for an extra 20 days sailing around Cape Horn as opposed to Panama Canal's $633,264 fee.
  7. Hey Jim! I love your videos, and cannot wait for your Carnival Panorama vlogs!
  8. Sorry $848 is for a Balcony. $578 is for interior.
  9. I agree. They should have been departing on Thursday, and had Monday departures for 5 night Bermuda cruises. How cheap are you thinking? The current price is $848 for a late August sailing, so what speculate?
  10. Same! Kinda sad that she won't be running 9 day sailings like Adventure is doing next year! I agree with you, I was hoping for the pricing to be $150-$250 more than an interior. I think it might be an amalgamation of all, but specifically Bermuda. Bermuda's taxes and fees are a staggering $176!
  11. Ask him if he remembers the guy with the headphones on at the morning show from the August 26th sailing! He probably doesn't, but who knows?
  12. Following! Can't wait to see how your cruise went! I agree, Kevin was far from the best CD we had on our cruises. Tell me how long you have to wait for elevators!
  13. Let's not forget NCL raised their prices by 40% last week, then claimed to discount all cruises by 30% for Black Friday. I guess this is an industry wide technique.
  14. The dodge van looked from the '90s, when those safety features weren't encouraged/required. One of the first things to look at whenever entering any vehicle is the safety features of car. In that moment, however, what much could they have done? By the look of the second accident you linked to, the car had sufficient safety features.
  15. Do you have any speculation as to what "2021 Exotic" means? Maybe it includes Symphony's 8-day Southern Caribbean cruise!
  16. So if lactose free milk is needed throughout the cruise, then where can they be stored? In the cabin? Or can I ask for it on demand, like with other requests?
  17. Need I remind you of Casino and the Spa? Oh but you just care about Solarium.
  18. Can someone who is currently onboard another ship right now confirm whether or not this is applicable fleet-wide?
  19. You are right that under 18 have their own hangout place. But is it as good as Solarium? No. Adults 18+ have access to the Casino (where minors aren't allowed) the spa (where minors aren't allowed) and many other venues, yet having 16 and 17 year olds in the solarium wreaks havoc? I don't want to cause argument, so I will leave it at that.
  20. I disagree. If it ain't broke, why fix it? Do 16-year-olds really cause that much of a problem? There are some 16-year-olds that are way more mature than many 18-year-olds, but because they are "legally" an adult, they are (positively) stereotyped as mature?
  21. It still doesn't make sense. Short Caribbean cruises weren't supposed to be released until December 16th, 2019. Yet I see Symphony's 5-day sailing in December, but no 6-day sailing in August! Why?
  22. For some reason I had a premonition this would happen. Disappointing.
  23. Yes. Only Allure of the Seas and Explorer of the Seas will have waterslides. Either Anthem of the Seas or Allure of the Seas.
  24. Woah! That's really scary! Do you think that the outcomes would have been different if they went to a hospital in Cozumel?
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