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  1. Booked but wondering of odds this 30 July cruise will be cancelled. Also,how far in advance will we know?Anyone have any info?
  2. I live in Mountains. Pulled up by zip I get one lonely agent in New Mexico. No way. I will go with Florida and/or California.
  3. Why do I want to know? Because I have received unbeliveable shoddy treatment from O in house agents .Some day when I am in the mood I will relay my two experiences.
  4. Was told no but not sure I got honest answer.
  5. Oceania pools almost too small to really swim in, hence pool deck never crowded. I love the inside pools on Celebrity. X is a different class of ship but offers one of best values at sea.
  6. I think its Aruba. A beautiful one that snakes around in between buildings. Last time there in off season it was not running though.
  7. On several Oceania WCs out of here. Anyone know of an affordable source who delivers? If not, affordable wine shop accessible to cruise port? Thank you.
  8. I have enjoyed some excellent garden tours on the small ships of Oceania in many exotic ports.
  9. Oceania; fresh fruit smoothies made to order with fruit from buffet. I like mango with raspberries with a scoop of vanilla ice cream if its out.
  10. Look up Celebrity. Several nice ones each year doing Polynesia and Hawaii on way to/from the states or Vancouver. They usually come down in price too. Try the online discount cruise agencies.
  11. Look up Oceania roll calls here. Insignia -2021 Jan-July World Cruise post by 4Heatons Gal, page 18. She was kind enough to post Os Aug 26 notice.
  12. Lots of them. Just pull up here or Google discount cruises. Often nicely discounted too.
  13. The patch is best for the 3-5% of cruisers who have the inner ear problem. My BF has it and will need to spend $500 for patches for WC coming up. He buys it online from Canada at reduced pricing, no perscription necessary up there .One problem from local pharmacies in US is being sold old pills which have lost their effectiveness.
  14. Smokey, where do I find Oceanias preferred agents list?
  15. Am booked on Insignia 2021 164D WC which may end up as a pricey cruise to nowhere if it goes at all. Cancellation date Sept 26. Wondering if we can move res over to not yet announced 2023 WC? Also, can a waitlist on different O cruise be transferred to a private cruise agency? Tired of O. reps. Thanks.
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