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  1. SUCKER ART They are mass produced in Chinese factories on canvases. Paint is then applied to make them look like originals.
  2. I know they have stopped it for Elites but is it available for a fee? Silhoutte and Reflection next.
  3. As I recall, any booking over 8 berths is a group booking,eligible for a nice discount. Most lines have a Group Desk. Do not hesitate to call them. They will be the most informed too.
  4. I may start cruising with a friend who is not Elite. I am Elite plus. Will she share in complimentary Elite drinks?
  5. Forgot; they would only give us a FCC too.
  6. 4 MONTHS!! Caribbean cancelled last of our 3 B2B2B2B on Sirena. And we are ELITE Plus.
  7. I was told average cruise cabin is sold/resold 6 times.
  8. News to me. Anyone have numbers of single cabins? I am a single .At that sq ft, gotta be a deal.
  9. I didnt want to hold on X for an hour. I have been cruising them since Chandris days. Celebrity situation is sad.I have more or less switched to O.
  10. The 2021 WC was cancelled in August, 2020 .I have had 4 total O cruises so far. Its not over yet!
  11. My BF used to benefit, now he is also Elite. But now my gf would like to cruise. Any answers? Thanks.
  12. Wouldn' t it be great if they refreshed the Elite bar menu? Most of cocktails went out years ago. But their Champagne is not bad and actually from France. I really enjoyed the Sky Lounge, sorry about choice of alternate bars which are crowded and dark.
  13. Like to do them last night, get waited on by multiple waiters. Usually a price reduction first night.
  14. He gets the money and we get the shaft. So far he has cancelled 3 of my cruises, including the 2021 WC which had the best itin yet. Other lines are cruising Caribbean; why not O?
  15. Only problem shipboard was a longtime waiter on Celebrity who called all the ladies at our singles table and asked them for sex. I was at alternative restaurant by myself that night and previously gave him a dirty look when he said" nice to see you back." They turned him in and he was put off ship at next port. Real problems come ashore. Never take any more $ than you need for that day. Paris, Rome and London worst pickpocket cities .esp. on trains and subways. I wear a moneybelt under my clothes with zipper facing skin; They love backpacks, I rarely wear one reversed with zippers also facing skin. No bars for me either.
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