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  1. The Gem 7-day to the Bahamas leaving this Saturday just vanished from NCL.com. Bunch of rooms left. Then poof, it vanished. I assumed it sold out, but then I checked another travel site and the same sailing is available, with pretty much all of the same rooms that had been showing on NCL's site just a few hours earlier. What gives?
  2. Oh chill out. I'm not "stirring the pot." I'm commenting on the webcam. Feel free to check out of the thread if this discussion doesn't interest you.
  3. Sunny skies on the webcam, but land nowhere in sight.
  4. So I guess they served them in the MDR
  5. I checked out after reading you wake up at 5am on cruises to work out. Sorry.
  6. Last few cruises the Lava Cake has been on the menu, but only one night - whereas before it was always on the desert menu.
  7. I've been asked to remove my hat in the MDR many times. I comply, grudgingly, but one time I was even asked to take off my NCL visor at O'Sheehan's. There were literally people in bathing suits and flip flops eating chicken wings 5 feet away, and my visor somehow detracts from the dignity of the environs? I told the hostess, "This isn't Le Bistro. I'm keeping my hat on," and that was the end of it.
  8. The new menus kinda suck, so in this thread we'll list some easy hacks (that aren't hugely inconvenient for the staff) to make the food better. I'll start. 1. They got rid of the option for grilled salmon on the spinach caesar salad on the lunch MDR menu, I assume as part of NCL's long-running plan to reduce any seafood outside of the Haven to fish sticks. However, they still have the cajun shrimp salad (which has tasty shrimp but is fairly unappetizing), so just ask for the spinach caeser with the cajun shrimp added. Easy for the waiter, easy for the kitchen, and I actually prefer it to the salmon to begin with. 2. The new smoked mozzarella ravioli on the MDR dinner menu is pretty tasty, and it's on the appetizer list every night. Sadly it's covered in "lobster sauce" which is the same as NCL's disgusting brown lobster bisque. Some people rave about it, but I find it vile. Doesn't go with the smoked mozz AT ALL and totally overpowers the dish. Solution? Ask for it with marinara sauce instead. Easy enough for the kitchen to just ladle sauce out of a different pot, and voila...delicious. Your turn.
  9. they will sometimes put menus up the night before...but usually day of
  10. To my great sadness/surprise, it looks like the Island Explorer bus stops running two days before my visit to Acadia. Are there any routes to/from the park that are conveniently walkable? I don't mind hoofing it for a mile or two. Looking for some opportunities for quiet/mild hikes in the park, but without the free bus it looks like the only real options are book a tour or a taxi. Am I wrong?
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