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  1. Many thanks for your quick replies. Does Cruiscritic have an option to post in front of an Australian audience?
  2. HI there, I have a NRD booking made in Australia, Now on the same ship same sailing date there is a better option available. We are now in an AquaClass and we would like to go for a S2. Same promotion Sale Beyond. Original booking was 24. January. I have a hold booking for the S2 with 4 perks Sail Beyond. Question: Celebrity Australia told us we need to go through the upgrades department and can not use the public offer Sail Beyond. Upgrade offer only applies for same perks (Drinks) - current promotion not valid. They actually force us to cancel and lose the deposit. However terms and conditions clearly state that changes are allowed for 100 AUD. (Paragraph 31) Quote: "Subject to clause 29 (Price changes) and availability, some changes (excluding changes to ship or sailing date) can be made to your booking. .... If you book a promotion cruise which stipulates that the deposit is non-refundable , a change fee of AU$100 per person per change will apply up to 151 days prior to departure. Inside of 150 days, ticket contract cancellation conditions will apply. ..." They refer to clause 29 Quote: "... If you are eligible to take up a special offer and you wish to change your booking to take advantage of such an offer then you will have to cancel your existing booking; whereupon our standard cancellation policy (including charges) will apply. Please check the terms of any special offer to ensure you are eligible to take up the special offer concerned before changing your existing booking." -> Celebrity says the booking would be not eligible. However I argued that we have booked under the exact same promotion and that for this reason a re-booking for 100 AUD per person should be possible. 1. What are your general thoughts about this? 2. - If we cancel the original booking - can we use the deposit against a booking we have already done under NRD terms in order to reduce final payment amount in September? - Can we use the NRD deposit to pay for the hold booking? Your feedback and help much appreciated as we have to make a quick decision. Perhaps you have even other ideas how to overcome the hassle with the NRD deposit.
  3. Sorry I have to correct myself. Invoice is showing everything correctly with the exception of the B2B discount. Codes are SAILNOW OBC NRD 4PERK SALE NRD However, online system is not showing the packages just the OBC. Hope this clarifies.
  4. I had the same with my invoice and also online. Called Celebrity yesterday and they advised that the online system takes time to show the correct codes. Can take up to 2 weeks. This is also true for a back-to-back discount, they need to take care of this manually. Rep confirmed that everything is correctly put into the system. I suggest you to check back online in the account next week and then call Celebrity again, should the correct things not show. P.S.: OBC should be recorded and showing correctly. This is what the rep said, and I can confirm that the data is correct in my online account.
  5. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2576858-how-does-the-free-internet-perk-work/?do=findComment&comment=55555535 "If you got the Unlimited Wifi as one of your perks. Each of you will receive a free internet account. You simply logon when on the ship and provide Portfolio Number (on key card) and create a username and 4 digit passcode. You can stay connected 24 hours a day. The speed is relatively slow - like your old dial up modem speed." .... "When you login to a different device, the system will ask if you want to logout of the other device, and if you agree, the system will do it automatically. I was switching between three devices with absolutely no problem. Our speed was slow, but not as painful as some times in the past. I was working with a few large files, which downloaded without problem, but after working on them, the system didn't like me uploading.emailing them. Oh well, it is satellite based in the middle of the ocean."
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