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  1. Not all adults that wish to not be disturbed by unruly children have the economic feasibility to afford the luxury or ultra luxury lines that you mention. There are options such as the Vibe area on NCL and the new Havana area on Carnival that would appeal to this group but an even better option would be for parents to not take vacation from parenting and let their little angels run amok. If they're going to be in an area such as the YC or the Haven, then they should know their place and be respectful of the adults in the area. There is always going to be a line in the sand regarding this topic with the parents of little ones on one side and adults wanting a peaceful environment on the other. If the parents of the little ones brought up their children with manners, then the point would be moot. By many parents turn a blind eye and let kids be kids. This attitude even includes those that can afford to stay in the YC or the Haven.


    If parents are taking a vacation from parenting then I would agree - that is unfortunate. For the large part though I don't think the core issue much to do about bringing up "children with manners" or parents turning a blind eye to their children's behaviour - rather a case of children being children, amplified by the excitement and adventure of a cruising holiday. I will say it again; MSC, NCL and RC are "family" cruise lines so signing up for a cruise on such lines presupposes an understanding you will be sharing the ship (YC, Haven and all) with kids - some of whom may be unruly. Anyone who's been in charge of a kid for more than three minutes knows that even the most perfect parent in the entire world can't prevent or stop every tantrum or misadventure. There are adults out there who despise children, lack empathy and tolerance and wish to live in an "adults only" world. The fact that such adults were once kids themselves seems to have faded from memory. The good news is there's room here for us all. Those wishing to mitigate unpleasant encounters with children (including being splashed at the swimming pool) may wish to cruise on premium cruise lines, adults only cruises or failing this - outside of school holiday periods.

  2. Yeah, look, MSC is a "family" cruise line. There are and will continue to be kids everywhere on MSC ships including in the YC. Children will be disruptive to the peace and quiet treasured by some cruisers and the best choice for such cruisers is to avoid the "mainstream" i.e. most affordable cruise lines like MSC, NCL, RC and go for "premium" cruise lines such as Celebrity, Princess, Cunard or better still "luxury" or "ultra luxury" cruise lines such as Oceania, Windstar, Silver Sea, Regent Seven Seas, Crystal etc which are out of economic reach of most families.

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