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  1. https://www.cruisehive.com/fire-extinguished-after-breaking-out-onboard-carnivals-mardi-gras/38769
  2. Another topic we haven't discussed in a some time is the "imminent" changes to the loyalty program. Probably can rest assured that any possible changes have been put on the back burner for this year and won't be put in place for a good while.
  3. I agree. Another thing that makes me believe this is looking at the first several cruises that are showing up. These cruises have plenty of rooms available. It may just be Carnival taking precautions in case there are further delays in the build, but it certainly does appear that they have removed these cruises from the system.
  4. It's possible, but I don't see it as likely. The first cruise showing up on March 27 and the weeks following have plenty of available rooms.
  5. No. Cruises to no where are no longer allowed. That's why they stopped doing the three day cruises to no where.
  6. Carnival does offer carry off, or self-assist debarkation. It follows those who do self-assist who are diamond, platinum, or have FTTF. You will be called by deck number. The timing really depends on how many choose to do this option. If you choose this option, be ready to carry your luggage down stairs. In our past experience, it is nearly impossible to get an elevator.
  7. Must have. Carnival is up $3 after dropping to $20.19. I was wondering what caused the quick turn around.
  8. NCL closed at $19.81 today. It has dropped over $40 since January. In January, many thought that was unthinkable. Carnival may dropped below $20 later this week, if not tomorrow.
  9. I purchased it last week. Before, I had only done funds, mainly in my retirement account, but never individual stocks. I did an account online with TD Ameritrade, funded it with a transfer from my checking account and purchased the stock later that day. Very simple.
  10. That may be true, but it has spent a lot of time above $50 and surpassed $70 in the last few years as well. You could have definitely sold it for a profit had you chosen. I have been tracking it for some time and finally purchased today at just under $33.
  11. I ended up purchasing 100 shares today in two transactions averaging $32.92 a share. Even if it doesn't pay a dividend this year (which I highly doubt that it won't), the $100 onboard credit for each of our two cruises would amount to just over 6% return. That's much more than it was making sitting in savings.
  12. No one can truly answer that question. But I wouldn't worry about your cruise in May. As I said in my earlier post, a few years back it appeared that changes were imminent. Three-four years later, those changes haven't happened and we are still speculating as to what those changes will be. Enjoy your cruise and don't stress over what may happen.
  13. That is true, the room was a lot nicer than our previous cruises on the Triumph.
  14. Someone who has been Platinum or Diamond for a long time, please correct me if I am wrong. But wasn't the early stateroom access and priority luggage something that was added for platinum when they started selling FTTF? Neither of these is listed under the list of benefits in the VIFP (it only says priority check in and boarding). I've only seen the early stateroom access listed under the FTTF section where it says, "This is also a benefit for VIFP Diamond and Platinum guests." For those who were platinum before, was it already a benefit before FTTF? I don't see them changing it if they are going to continue to sell FTTF unless they remove it as a benefit of that program as well.
  15. We were on the Triumph several cruises (about 2 months if I remember correctly) before it was entering dry dock to become the Sunrise. The lounge where they were moving the comedy club was already closed and lots of work was going on in other areas as well, with supplies being stored in some public areas. Our boarding/ departure time was also delayed because they were having to load supplies. They sent us an email early that week telling us to delay our arrival to the port. This is probably not the case with all dry docks, but it is with major transitions.
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