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  1. We did a 4 day out of New Orleans last November and will never make that mistake again! For many it was one big party. Every night we were awakened in the early morning hours (1-3 am) with people shouting down the halls and then carrying on the party out on their balconies.
  2. As others have said, the time varies. On our cruise on the Breeze in April, we received our bags at 12:25 and were unpacked by 12:50.
  3. A big problem for me is when our category is sold out. Not really a way around that, as least that I have found.
  4. That is true, but you get to enjoy a lot of cruises along the way!
  5. I have already mentioned why I choose to use the $50 deposit promotions. My wife has a B.S. degree and I have B.A. and M.A. degrees and good jobs, so it has nothing to do with being able to pay up front. I like to keep my money longer, drawing interest myself and not letting someone else do that for months. As far as the MDR dress. While in college, my wife and I had to dress up on a regular basis. I had to wear a Tux several times a year. Until recently I had to wear a suit on a regular basis (twice a week on average). Thankfully that is no longer the case. When we took our first few cruises we did take dress clothes. However, it didn't take too many cruises to realize we had no desire to dress up on vacation. It was also a pain when flying. We are now platinum and have been on numerous cruises. We do not take dress clothes when we cruise. We choose to eat on the Lido most nights (all nights on our last two cruises), not just "Elegant" night. Carnival has a wide demographic of cruisers and that is not a bad thing. The reason they have this is because of their overall cost and not simply the deposit. There are many who have cruised on Carnival a long time and they are the ones that are usually complaining about dress and other things, not the other way around. If someone doesn't like the demographics on Carnival, there are other cruise lines that cater to them. However, most still just cruise on Carnival and complain about the ways cruising has changed. I'm guess that Carnival's low price has something to do with that as well, along with the fact they don't want to lose their "status" by going to another cruise line.
  6. I know several (seven) of the passengers who were on that ship. It was not as smooth as John Heald made it sound. It was very frustrating for the passengers who were having to call family to see what was going on.
  7. We typically book our cruises two years out and have multiple cruises booked at the same time. We have four cruises booked right now through April 2021 on the Mardi Gras. We usually book with reduced deposit promotions and don't pay the final amount until a week or so before the final payment is due. Yes, you have to pay the full amount at some point, but we get to keep our money longer. When you are booking that far out you are usually getting the best rates. For us, it has been very seldom that the price has dropped. On our cruise in April (booked two years earlier) the price never went down. It was actually a few hundred higher a year out, so we were much better off booking early. If a cruise does go down substantially, we will pay the remaining deposit required and get the better rate. On one of our cruises next year the price recently dropped $20. For that small amount we just kept the rate we had. I know some people don't understand why people do it, but everyone has different opinions. For us, we would rather keep more of our money until the final payment date.
  8. The Breeze moves to Port Everglades in October 2020 after the Mardi Gras moves to Port Canaveral.
  9. We know several passengers on the Valor and like the other poster mentioned they are being diverted to Mobile tomorrow.
  10. We were not on the Breeze when we got off in St. Thomas, but it was a longer line. On the Breeze this past April most of the lines were not too bad, but all of the arrivals were relatively early (7-9). From our past experience anytime a ship is arriving later (10 or later) the lines are very long. This has been the case regardless of the ship. Everyone is up, had time to eat and is ready to get off. So for your arrival at 11:30 you can probably expect the lines to be very long unless you wait a little while to go ashore.
  11. It took us almost seven years. The first three years we just did one 5-day cruise a year. Then we started doing two cruises a year from 5-8 days and the last year we added a third cruise of 4 days to get there. Our concern is that programs changes appear to be coming any time. I feel certain that the amount of days to get to platinum will almost certainly be raised or the priority boarding status be changed to another new level with more days required. Some feel there will be no grandfathering this time like there was last time. Guess we will all have to wait and see.
  12. We did it on one of our cruises out of New Orleans. We did not arrive to the port until 1:15 or so (1:00-1:30 check in time). Since we were later arriving, we were able to go straight through security, check in, on the ship, and straight to our rooms to unpack. Very easy process. We are platinum now, but if we were taking on all of our luggage, we would wait until after 1:00 to arrive again.
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