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  1. And now they announce another sale of $1 Billion in stock, diluting the value once again. Currently way overpriced for the value of the company!
  2. I know that it was time for this to be renewed for the current year, but it is interesting that right after this is announced, they also announce that they are selling another $1 Billion in stock, thereby diluting the value once again. The stock is way overpriced in the current market!
  3. I'm seeing many cruises listed for May as well. However, with Norwegian already cancelling May cruises, Carnival will probably do the same within a few days.
  4. Yes, thankfully! We have never minded wearing a mask, but we have no intention of taking the vaccine. We took a family vacation last year (my wife and I more than one). We went to an amusement park and shows while wearing masks. It was not an issue for us. Since both of our cruises for this year have already been cancelled, we plan on doing the same this year. However, we are looking forward to cruising again next April! That is, unless vaccines are required.
  5. I agree and hope it will be better later this year. However, my wife and I took three trips last year and had a great time each week. We had our full family with us on one of them. We enjoyed Dollywood and shows. We didn't get to cruise, but we still had a great time. We already have a couple of trips planned for this year. Both our cruises for this year have already been cancelled, but we are still going to take vacations. Hopefully, our cruise next April will happen.
  6. Sorry, but I'm really with the others. I don't really see a cruise out of Seattle taking place in July. Carnival has already said that cruising will first resume in a limited way from Port Canaveral and Miami before starting back from other ports. Purely just a guess on my part, but I don't see other ports starting back until at least six to eight weeks after that. This being because of logistics and to give time to evaluate how everything is going with the first ships. With everything cancelled through April and Mardi Gras until at least the end of May, I really don't see Seattle happenin
  7. I'm guessing they still don't know for sure right now either, but it doesn't sound like they are expecting the end of April to be the last pause.
  8. Our early September Valor cruise from N.O. was cancelled a while back. I see now that all Valor cruises have been cancelled through October. Is your back to back Valor or Glory?
  9. I was with you. Back last spring and summer, I never would have imagined it either. In May, I was still optimistic about our September 2020 cruise. When it got cancelled I never would have imagined that our April 2021 Mardi Gras cruise would end up being cancelled as well. Now, not only that one, but also our September 2021 Valor cruise, which was cancelled late last year. For the first time since we started cruising, we don't have a single cruise booked. We usually have 2-3 booked for a couple of years out. Up until last year we typically would take 2 cruises every year and one year it
  10. Our April 24 cruise on the Mardi Gras was just cancelled. Our cruise this September on the Valor had already been cancelled. We are considering doing our Mardi Gras cruise next April, but now are wondering if that is far enough out as well.
  11. Thanks for the update! I figured they would want the new deposit. I'm sure the main reason really is, "we need more of your money to operate right now!"
  12. I know this is just a guess on their part, but it goes along with what many on here have been saying. https://www.barrons.com/articles/u-s-cruises-not-likely-to-resume-until-fourth-quarter-or-early-2022-analyst-says-51611330470?siteid=yhoof2
  13. Our April 24th cruise on the Mardi Gras was officially cancelled. This is our third cruise that has been cancelled, but I have not done the online form with the last two yet. I have a future booking on the 96 hour hold option as of this morning. Will I be able to transfer the payment from my cancelled cruise to this new one using the form or will I have to call, since this one is only on hold? I know I could just pay the deposit, but I'd prefer not to at this point. Has anyone had experience with transferring payment to a cruise on hold? Thanks!
  14. Our Cheers offer is RU1 and our internet offer is LU9. Since we don't drink, the cheers offer is worthless to us. We do use the internet, so I'm guessing that's why it is LU9. We checked on a 7 day cruise we are looking at for next year and the internet offer is $96 more per person than the Hello Fun Bonus Early Saver sale, which also includes $50 onboard credit. Also, the internet plan requires the full deposit, whereas the other is only $98 per person. Since we normally book a year or more out, we rarely pay the full deposit. We will just stick with the HFES sale and use our onboard cr
  15. We love the Magic and the Breeze. We've been on the Magic twice and would definitely do it again. Can't really say much about the Mardi Gras since all the information that is out there is all we have to go on as well. We have been booked on the Mardi Gras since February of 2019 for April 24 of this year, but I'm not sure if that will happen. We probably will reschedule to next year either way.
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