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  1. I don't think there is any doubt that it will not be sailing in November. Considering that the first cruises showing up for it are in April, it could very well be the same as Royal. We are booked on it in April. Guess we will just have to wait and see if it sails then.
  2. Same here. I was told that the information did not come from them and that cruises for August and September were still on. My final payment was due Sunday. I had just paid $375, so just had that transferred to one of our cruises for next year.
  3. Yes. Ours was September 19 on the Breeze. We had only paid $375. The balance was due Sunday, so the Monday announcement doesn't help. I wasn't going to pay the remainder at this point and tie up more money at this point. I called this afternoon and had the $375 transferred to one of our cruises next year.
  4. Yes, it would. Our cruise is September 19 on the Breeze, but I will be cancelling today before the final payment is due on Sunday. Really don't want to be on the first cruise back at this point.
  5. Wow! I'm guessing they will only let you use that on one cruise and not spread out to several? I don't think there is any way I would use that much. Sure would be a bummer to lose it.
  6. I've always booked myself on the Carnival website and use the form that has already been linked. Never had a problem with them approving it. Beware though, Arnold Donald just said that passengers should not expect any big deals when they return to cruising because of capacity cuts and demand. The deal you get when you book may be the best price you will see.
  7. I don't think they will eliminate it either. I just wonder if it will continue to be as much this far into the whole ordeal.
  8. Same here. I sold my last 100 shares this week. I feel like it will drop substantially again as more cruises are cancelled. I figure I can buy it back at some point for at least what I sold it for if not quite a bit less.
  9. I agree. The question now is, what do you think will be the offer after it is made official? Do they still offer the $600 OBC or a lesser amount? Not sure how they can offer that much indefinitely. While many say it costs them very little, it does eat into profits that they normally make on these areas.
  10. When I read this on FB earlier, that last line really jumped out at me. He does admit that those cruises are closed to assess the situation and determine operational plans. That confirms what many of us were already saying.
  11. It's true that they were starting out with just a few ports, but that was for August. September was still showing several ports. No cruises are showing now for August and September from the US.
  12. Not any more. Not showing up from any US port until October now. August and September cancellations are likely imminent.
  13. Yes, that's what I am seeing as well. First cruises here showing up are in October.
  14. Yes, that is exactly what has happened with previous cancellations. I hope it is this week. Final payment for our September cruise is due Sunday. Really don't won't to send that in right now. Was it the last round of cancellations where they were supposed to announce on Friday, but pushed it back to Monday?
  15. While I agree with your bottom line about someone having to go first, stock information I have seen has said that NCL has enough cash liquidity to sustain them longer than Carnival. Probably because of less general expense than Carnival.
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