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  1. We were on the Magic in September with Saturday debarkation. Our flight was 10:37 with boarding at 10:02 and we made it in plenty of time. We are also platinum and checked our luggage. Zone 1 was called in the dining room about 7:50 a.m. We got a porter at the luggage pickup area and he took us around the main security line. We were on a taxi heading to the airport at 8:10. Because we got to the airport before most of the ship traffic, we were through security and at our gate at 8:37. Please note: the letter to platinum guests who checked their luggage says to meet in the dining room at 8:00. Because most ships have been earlier than that, we went down about 7:35 or so and there were already several others in there. Again, we were called about 7:50, so we probably have been caught in the FTTF traffic had we waited.
  2. Do you know if you can use the HUB app to request a table on YTD each night?
  3. On the Magic last month we requested our table each night at 5:25 (dining room opened at 5:30) on the app and we were seated by a window every night. So it appears they do start the seating around the windows. Don't know this for sure, but your chances of getting a window may actually be improved by using the app as soon as it starts rather than going and waiting in line to request your table.
  4. We were on the Magic a few weeks ago. We prefer to eat as early as possible. The YTD dining room opened at 5:30, but you could start requesting your table via the HUB app at 5:25. We went on each day at 5:25 to request our table and we were seated as soon as we got to the dining room at 5:30. Didn't have to wait on any of the four nights we ate in the dining room (we ate on the Lido both elegant nights). Love being able to request your table on the HUB app. It is so much better than going and standing in line.
  5. To be honest, I really can't give any information on how debarkation on Disney works. All of my experiences have been with Carnival and GTO-Girl has done a good job of explaining self-assist on Carnival.
  6. This is why there are much better cards available out there. I have the Carnival card and have used it for the $1,500 credit twice. Then I went back and did some research on my spending. Even with the "bonus" points for certain transactions, I was not earning near as much as if I would have used my Citi card that gives 2% cash back on EVERY purchase. Those $1,500 on my Carnival card would have been worth over $1,800 the first time and right at the $1,900 mark the second time with my Citi card. That is another $700. This is figuring in the "bonus" points I got on my Carnival card for cruise purchases and monthly bonus areas. Plus, it is so much easier to keep up with the Citi card rebates because you get the 2% on everything. In addition, with the Citi card you get cash back that can be used for anything and you don't have to wait until you have 100,000 points to cash it in to get the best rate. You can still wait and use it to pay for your cruise. I currently have $1,000 in rebates available that will go towards my next cruise. Some will tell you the bonus points and double Carnival purchase points make up the difference from the max 1.5% you get on everything else. But that certainly was not the case for me. The best thing about the Carnival card that I still use it for is to get the 10% back on excursions. That is all I use this card for.
  7. Our last two cruises out of Port Canaveral my wife and I have been able to take an 8:00 shuttle to the airport. This was with priority debarkation and checking our luggage. On our last cruise on the Breeze back in April we were through security and sitting at our Southwest gate at 9:35 a.m. Our flight was 12:30, which was the earliest one for us at the time. I probably wouldn't hesitate to do an 11:00 am flight, especially if I could do self assist.
  8. John Heald posted this today: I just finished a call with the beards. There will be a new Diamond and Platinum gift in the next couple of weeks and I will let you know what it is once it is ready to be sent to the ships. I hope people like it Cheers
  9. I believe it said your table would be held for 15 minutes. It tells you when you get the notification. We loved using the app. We prefer to eat when the dining room opens and before you had to wait in line. With this, we would request our table at 5:25 from our room and then head to the dining room. Every night we received the notification that our table was ready before we got to the dining room. Some people prefer to request a specific wait team. If you want to do that, you will still have to go to the dining room. But that was not a problem for us. We didn't mind having different teams.
  10. Yes, you can request a table for two, or just your party. No, you cannot make specific area requests. You are requesting a table for then, not a later time. Otherwise, it is not a reservation for a specific time. You will receive a notification when your table is ready. On the Magic last month, the dining room opened at 5:30. You could begin making table requests on the app at 5:25. We would go on then to make our request and our table was waiting on us when we got to the dining room at 5:30. We absolutely loved using the app. It is so much better than going and waiting in line.
  11. We were on the Magic a few weeks ago. We didn't have that team any night. We had three different teams for the four nights that we went to the dining room. I certainly agree with you that the dining room service on the Magic was the best we have experienced in some time. The longest time we were in there was an hour and fifteen minutes. But that is because we waited to see showtime the last night. We were actually finished about 10 minutes before then. Definitely renewed our faith in the dining room. Service by all three teams was excellent.
  12. This is the latest post from John Heald on this subject dated October 7. They are changing it at some point just not sure of when. I'm guessing when they run out or have a cooler weather option like the blanket. No mention or hint in this post of doing away with the gift. "First of all let me thank Hector for his loyalty and indeed i have been asked this question multiple times. I know that the lanyard was not our best gift ever and we re changing it. I do not have a time line as to when this will happen and I thought it best to say that here so that it will save others from asking. I will for sure let you know as soon as I have any news and until then a massive thank you to everyone for their loyalty and long may that continue cheers"
  13. We were on the Magic a few weeks ago and had three different teams. Each team did a great job. Just a note: The quickest way to request a table is via the hub app, but you cannot make specific requests. You still have to go directly to the dining room for that. Via the app, we were able to request our table each night about 5:25 and we were seated by the time we got to the dining room at 5:30. Definitely the best way to go unless you just must have the same wait team each night.
  14. A few weeks ago on the Magic our "arrival appointment" time was 12:30. We are platinum and arrived about 9:45. Check in started about 10 and boarding started about 10:40.
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