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  1. We just stayed at the Albergo del Senato for two nights in August and the total was around 220 euros per night. It was fabulous. Our room was large and faced the Pantheon. Opening the window and watching the activities and listening to the sounds of the people was breathtaking. I took several videos so I can remember my love of Rome. I so want to go back there again. They serve a nice breakfast and you can walk everywhere. We booked directly with the hotel online and got a discount.
  2. Thank you for the nice send off. We plan to spend a few days in Venice pre cruise and are really looking forward to this trip.
  3. I have a question. Someone said to put the phone in airplane mode when on the ship. We have the T-Mobile plan and I was told by T-Mobile to turn the phone off when on the ship. They said if someone left us a voicemail message we would be charged either $4.99 or $5.99 (can’t remember which) if our phone was on, even in airplane mode. They said to be away from the ship before turning the phone on. So wondering about others experiences. We will be in the Mediterranean in a couple of weeks and hope everything works when we need it. Mostly thinking to contact those we have reservations/bookings with if needed. Also hoping the Find Friends app works overseas cause DH is a wanderer!
  4. Grateful for the reminder of thanks to those who do our laundry and the others on the ship who make our trip so enjoyable. Little things, like saying thank you, make life so much nicer. I appreciate all the positive info shared. Thank you.
  5. The Veendam offers an unlimited laundry package for our 12 day cruise in August. I was wondering if this includes pressing of clothing (not washed).
  6. I am enjoying the stories of your trip and the beautiful pictures. Thank you.
  7. March or October should have better hotel rates. I enjoyed cruising for many years with my mom. I felt very lucky she asked me to go with her. Trip next year will be second cruise with my husband.
  8. I wanted to ensure that we had a view of the Pantheon so we booked a superior double room for two nights for $388 Euros. You can get a discount (not much) by going to the bottom of the home page where it says News & Discounts and click the Subscribe button. They'll send you an email to confirm subscription and then you'll get a discount when you book a room. Learned that from another CC member who just stayed at this hotel. Also noticed a social media discount on their website which can add another 5% off. The prices also change at different times of the year. We are going in August. The Hotel Smeraldo looks like it is in a nice central location too. You have lots of time to look at different hotels. I really enjoy researching all the hotels and things to do, both on CC and online. Although I spent a lot more time looking at hotels for Venice pre-cruise than for Rome. A couple of people on CC mentioned the Albergo del Senato and my love of ancient history led me to want to stay right next to the Pantheon. I also love older styles and am not really into modern. So just keep looking till the right place comes along. You'll know it when it happens. Another thing to do, especially if you are booking way ahead of time, is to book a room with free cancellation. It costs a little more but then you can still continue to look around and if you find something else, just cancel the first one you have booked.
  9. Totally agree. Best to enjoy the adventure and whatever it brings. Love your sharing and picture stories Dragon.
  10. That sounds lots better than RomeCabs cost wise. I'll be sure to check that out. Thanks Cruisemom.
  11. Great info. I booked a superior double room to ensure a view of the Pantheon so it might be a slightly larger room. Appreciate the info on the the Coliseum and Forum. Sounds like we will have time to get a bite to eat too. Husband will appreciate that. Looking forward to hearing further about your trip. Safe travels.
  12. Just read about Stefano's RomeCabs and looked them up. I think that will work best for us.
  13. Great info from Cruisemom re detailed instructions getting off the ship and taking two busses to the train station. Sounds a little intimidating moving luggage across the train station. If we do take the train what is the best way to get to the hotel near the Pantheon? Are there taxis outside the train station? Any suggestions for getting a car (what kind and where picked up) from the port to the hotel instead of taking the train? Do cabs run from the port into Rome? Maybe I should talk to the hotel for suggestions but am interested in what has worked for others. Thanks.
  14. I've booked a room at the Albergo Del Senato which is 100 feet from the Pantheon. Recommended by others on CC and is centrally located for walking to most sites in Rome.
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