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  1. I am GF (sensitive not celiac) and sailed on Anthem in July 2018. I love Royal for their care and attention to needing GF food. Anthem was probably my favorite ship. Be sure to check out the 270 Cafe (something like that), as I’m pretty sure that they also had GF sandwiches, snacks and treats there at the espresso/latte area. I personally love eating dinner in the MDR as the waitstaff are always super attentive and I order the night before. Be sure to place a breakfast order on sea days, and they’ll accomodate you for a nice meal in the MDR, too. There’s nothing worse than feeling “food insecure” and I NEVER have an issue with Royal or Celebrity. Have a blast! We sail on the Brilliance in two days!
  2. I do the same thing... and have a back up from my local bank. On a recent Celebrity trip, we were told that the Visa card's OBC was non-refundable, so we blew the last $100 in the casino. So assuming that RCCL would be the same policy, I only converted 35,000 points for our upcoming 5-night on Brilliance, confident that we'd use the full $350. The RCCL Rewards site's fine print was pretty specific about not being able to use RCCL points to pay cruise balances, but it looked like we could book a cruise with it (just not after the fact?). I found it a bit confusing, so will happily spend ours onboard. Would appreciate any clarity around the nuances... I've got another 30,000+ points waiting for a future trip.
  3. I converted RCCL Visa points for our January 6th cruise, but can't find any OBC listed in our reservation. I printed out the confirmation from Bank of America, but how do I confirm that it has officially transferred over? I did it over a month ago. Is there a place online I can check within my RCCL reservation? Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the clarification davekathy. We’re not big drinkers, so that was my recollection... but they did cut us off at 7pm, which was a bummer since we chose early dinner.
  5. Thanks... all of your comments make sense to me! I try to disconnect when cruising, so with each of us getting a 24-hour internet pass, we can stagger them and have enough to check in when needed. I’ve been on the Oasis twice and had to reserve tickets for the shows. Is that still the case? If so, this is like double insurance? You know you have a seat, but if you want a preferred seat (according to the ones Royal thinks are best), you should pay a boatload of extra $$? Sounds like a great way to upcharge people new to cruising...
  6. This is all so helpful! We booked a 5-day Junior Suite to Bermuda in summer 2018 to get to Diamond, which transferred to “Elite” on our Celebrity Edge cruise and later Infinity Adriatic. We’re now back on Royal as first-time Diamond on the Brilliance in January. Celebrity offered 2 drinks between 5 -7pm, so we wound up grabbing wine on the way to dinner and a water bottle for the fridge for the following excursion. Will be interesting to see how to two compare. It seems like Royal is more flexible, and will be fun to try to lounge. Hoping the breakfast espresso bar offers cafe mocha!
  7. Just booked Brilliance 5-day out of Tampa in January, and noticed a new offering, “The Key”. (My last two cruises were on Celebrity so I missed the launch.) Now that we’re finally Diamond, and have extra privileges already, is The Key even worthwhile? It seems like they are basically selling the privileges afforded suite guests to anyone... am I understanding this correctly? (We’re not suite guests.) I’d appreciate any advice. Hubby loves the Flowrider, but Brilliance isn’t even a Flowrider ship, so can’t find any benefit at this point...
  8. We cruise every January before hubby gets swamped during tax season (he’s a CPA). As we live in New Hampshire, I liked the suggestion of flying out first flight of the day one or two days ahead. If I can’t leave until the day before I only book direct flights (no connection)... from our local airport we can get direct flights to Tampa or Orlando. If I have the option to leave two days early, I’m willing to sail out of FLL, but have to connect somewhere which always feels risky, or drive to Boston, which can be hit or miss as they close Logan Airport before we close Manchester (MHT). As another CC member said, Southwest is amazing for changing flights at no charge when weather issues emerge. Good luck!
  9. Another great thing about these cabins (deck 6) is the proximity to everything! We could quickly drop purchases after an excursion and zip right up to lunch, etc... one quick stair flight down to dinner... short jaunt to the theater, etc. We could almost hold the elevator while we ran to the room (but didn’t). The last night was noisy because they had the house band Shine playing a theme night in the 3-level gallery and the music drifted up. They stopped just before midnight, but we thought it was kind of crappy that they did that on the final night when everyone needed to get up early. Keep these a secret! I won’t post a review on a separate thread so fewer people know how great a deal they are!
  10. We’re back! Best cabin ever, perhaps even better than some of the junior suites I’ve stayed in (minus the balcony). The location is PERFECT! We never walked down a narrow cabin hallway the entire week. I took videos of 6905 (ours) and 6903. Will try to post. F898B03D-1899-4067-BB65-943E7271F324.MOV 0C1366C3-D1BF-4581-9D6F-A601AFCB692E.MOV
  11. Thanks so much! Sounds like it will be great. We’re on a port-intensive itinerary so there probably won’t be too much late night noise in any case. Thanks for the tip!
  12. We booked 6903 and 6905 on the Infinity for next weekend’s Adriatic. Can’t wait to see if we really can see outside though the glass elevator if we open the door! Someone else posted a pic of the Summit’s hallway (found the thread yesterday so can’t post the link), and it was a short “protective” wall probably to block out elevator noise — it did look like it also blocked out the view from the two doors that it covers. I’ll try to get some kind of measurement. I read that these cabins used to be an acupuncture studio, hence they are larger than normal. We’ll see!
  13. We’re heading out next weekend, and I’d love to know, too. We’re huge piano bar fans if the entertainer is good!
  14. We are recent RCCL Diamond and sailed the Edge in early January using our Elite perks. I will try to find my review and post the link — we loved the ship and I mentioned a couple of great nooks and crannies for relaxing, etc. There was lots of trivia and great dance music for us 50-somethings! Edited to include the link to my January 2019 review of Edge: https://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=645590&et_cid=3167165&et_rid=21123509&et_referrer=Boards_Million_Member_Newsub
  15. We’re in 6903 and 6905 for the July Adriatic on Infinity. If I can get any decent pics, I’ll let you know. I’m most excited about seeing the outdoors through the glass elevator. I’ve been spoiled by balconies lately, but needed to pick a more affordable cabin this trip!
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