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  1. http://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Celebrity/General_Info/17055640_CEL_Generic_BBB_Edge_Flyer.pdf
  2. For a group of 11, I have one day where we are at port until 10PM, so the plan was to get back on the ship at 8:30PM, rest/get ready for an hour, and go to the MDR at 9:30PM. Is this considered too late? Select Dining says I can go anytime between 6 and 9:30, but is the 9:30 really them saying you can come in at 9:30 latest or is it more "please for the love of God finish your meal around this time or be halfway done at least." Thanks!
  3. Vtcruising is the patron saint of Edge discussions on CC and has been here from the beginning. Her threads are never to beat a dead horse. Extremely evident you're just passing on by. Next time keep on stepping unless you have something constructive to say, because your post makes you look like a complete fool. 🤮
  4. It's the latter. You need to buy the package "for 2 devices". When the public website description says "You can connect up to four devices, all at once, on one Surf Internet Package", in reality means on Cruise Planner you can purchase a package for Surf Internet Package for 1 device, 2 devices, 3 devices, or 4 devices. Each being progressively more expensive.
  5. This is not correct, though. I have an all EU cruise and right now on cruise planner drink packages are priced the same as their public website's prices, plus 20% gratuity fee. So there is no extra VAT charge in the cruise planner purchase.
  6. I'm going on the Edge soon and I enjoy my mocktails, so I'll be getting the premium non-alcoholic beverage package. I wouldn't mind ordering a shot of alcohol to mix with a mocktail once in a while, though. I don't care about alcohol quality - what is the cheapest vodka shot, rum shot, and tequila shots I can order? I figure this method of alcohol intake is cheaper than me having to pay for an alcoholic frozen drink that is not covered by my beverage package.
  7. This is pretty insulting towards actors/artists trying to make an income. I can understand you don't want to enjoy the new entertainment on Edge, but I'm not comprehending why you must say degrading things about the people themselves.
  8. I'm curious to see the three person accommodation, too. Hopefully a photo or video surfaces soon.
  9. The bed will be plenty long 🙄. I don't really get why one would prefer sofabed over a trundle. Sofabed is a back support nightmare requiring a sad mattress. At least trundle allows for a real mattress that supports.
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