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  1. I'm 65 and have a very clear memory of George Burns and Gracie Allen, certainly icons in their field. And if I didn't, Google is my friend. I admit - I chortled at the initial reference at this all (mostly) in fun thread
  2. I keep thinking of the hospital staff. Getting that number of severe burn injuries would be tough, I think, for even the largest trauma centers, civilian or maybe even military, but for a smaller facility, it's a credit to their training and dedication that they coped. Again, my8 thoughts are with all the victims, their families, the responders and healthcare professionals, and all the other governmental and corporate teams faced with dealing with such a tragedy. They're all people too.
  3. I live in a Chicago suburb. The pharmacies around me had originally kept waiting lists last year for Shingrix, but abandoned that as the lists were long and pretty impossible to maintain as patients were bouncing from pharmacy to pharmacy and not cancelling their wait list positions. Currently all the pharmacies are getting shipments weekly, but it's pretty first come/first served for patients. I got shot one last month and am due for shot two in late December. I'd check with the local pharmacies and see if they've changed their procedures since last year. I think everyone was caught a little by surprise by demand for the shot vs ability to produce it, and that people didn't seem to care much about the cost of the shots. Even with Medicare, not cheap.
  4. Hawaii is the site of several active volcanos - in fact, a National Park is located at one. I guess no one should go there ever. Can we just keep the families, crews and first responders involved in this current tragedy in our hearts and refrain from speculative blame at this point?
  5. The ship's personnel must have the patience of angels - I'd be taking names and helping them disembark, ah, very very quickly - at a port of my choosing. I get being frustrated by change of plans, but, I agree with the poster who said 'put yourself in that situation'. I applaud any corporate entity that puts the health and welfare of its clients and staff first - even if it's 'inconvenient'.
  6. Good lord - do many passengers second guess the captain and medical professionals? And during the Christmas season yet.
  7. Hmm, that really doesn't seem right to me. I hope they fix that policy asap. I can see the YC people having their own area, if paid for - I don't see it being right that YC can monopolize all the resources because the YC area doesn't appear to be a good deal.
  8. Could someone clarify for me - non-YC cruisers cannot book the YC cabanas, but YC cruisers could book either YC cabanas or the 'cheap' non-YC cabanas? That doesn't seem fair to me from the non-YC cruiser POV. I bet I misread.
  9. Tripinsurance.com has a stellar reputation on these boards - that's certainly why I said if that company wasn't able to offer any coverage, it'd be unlikely any other company of equal quality and reputation would find suitable coverage, as I think the OP has discovered. People can buy health insurance on their own before they age into Medicare. In fact, many US people don't have employer-provided insurance; in recent years, many obtained insurance with help via the ACA navigator or just through their own insurance agents. Or, depending on income limits, there's Medicaid. I don't want to get into the entire US health insurance discussion here, though! LOL I know it can be expensive here, even if you are fortunate enough to have an employer who subsidizes the premiums. An insurance agent or broker would be able to walk anyone through what's available and what it covers, but it's not going to be inexpensive if it's offered by a reputable company. Also, and forgive me if I'm reading this wrong - it sounds as though the OP only wants health insurance for the duration of this trip? If not, and the OP really wants to get health coverage for herself and perhaps her family, it may be time to sit down with a reputable insurance representative and figure out what's what. And ACA enrollment period for 2020 ends December 15 if she wants to explore that.
  10. Could be - OP never mentioned having Tricare, though.
  11. I don't think any of the carriers she's seen will write coverage without a primary carrier in place. I suspect they're not planning on getting stuck covering expenses as though they're the primary. I guess in my head I'm seeing it as you don't even apply for Medigap insurance until you have your handy Medicare card in hand. I know a lot of times when I've applied for 'event' insurance coverage, they always asked for primary carrier, which for me was employer-based until Medicare time.
  12. GeezerCouple, I thought your post was very insightful. I admit I do not know what the OP's intent regarding primary coverage is. I think she's already contacted TripInsuranceStore and she said they have nothing to accommodate her needs. Honestly, given TripInsurance's rep, that's mostly why I think she's in a pickle. If they can't help her, I'm not sure who could. I agree that barebones insurance can be useful in certain, limited circumstances - and it sounds as though OP would like a preexisting condition covered should issues arise during her trip. I most heartily agree that OP needs to talk to a real live licensed agent asap.
  13. Honestly, I think you're in a pickle and really need advice from a live, reputable licensed insurance broker, preferably face to face. Even if your online chat agent is a licensed broker, they cannot bind the insurance for you IME; everything is subject to underwriting as I understand it. Even when I applied for my Medicare supplement, and as a first time enrollee I knew I had guaranteed issue, the phone agent was legally required to mention that caveat. I hope I'm wrong for your sake, but insurance is complicated and the devil is in the details. I suspect any primary coverage you'd be offered at this late date would be non-ACA compliant, bare bones, pretty much useless insurance, and with your health history as mentioned on these boards, I'd be looking sideways at any insurer who doesn't want to do underwriting first even if they're telling you guaranteed issue - and I suspect lots of restrictions and fairly high premiums if they do write the coverage. How do these companies cover expenses incurred outside the US? Also assuming you have declined or don't have access to employer, spousal, COBRA, Medicare or Medicaid, ACA, or any type of group coverage.
  14. Sorry, are you saying you don't have primary health insurance? I'd be extremely careful regarding any broker/insurer who says they'll write you coverage if tripinsurance.com couldn't find you a suitable travel policy. I'd hate to see you spend money on premiums on worthless insurance.
  15. What happened to the offending guests? Stern talking to from the captain? Confined to cabin? Put off the ship? Clearly, I don't know the situation referred to or its severity, but be interesting to know how the line stands up for their crew. Thanks.
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