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  1. del Rio states 2021 cruise bookings are down, still hopeful that 2021 will be an 'ok' year. I would guess with the FDA's expected to announce stricter rules on emergency authorization of a corona virus vaccine, those bookings won't pick up any faster (unless the fares come down drastically?) Wonder what the cruise stocks will do tomorrow. To be transparent, I had no expectation of a vaccine to be released to the general public before spring 2021 at the earliest, and that's even if we're extraordinarily fortunate with success in developing a vaccine(s) in record time. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/09/22/norwegian-ceo-sees-lower-2021-bookings-hopes-for-an-ok-year-as-cruises-try-to-resume-despite-coronavirus.html https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/2020/09/22/fda-covid-vaccine-approval-standard/
  2. I was chatting with my local Walgreens pharmacist while getting my flu shot. He mentioned there may be major logistical issues regarding temperature control along the entire supply chain, depending on which vaccine(s) get approval. I think a lot of us were thinking it'd be as easy as shipping/storing flu vaccines, but apparently not? I've also read articles about the extreme cold temperatures needed for certain vaccine candidates.
  3. Quoting myself - these are 'just' recommendations. As I understand it, each line still has to develop specific, executable protocols, supposedly based on these recommendations, to submit to the CDC for review and, hopefully, approval. So, unless RCG and NCLH had protocols already written for submission, going to be a while before the CDC has anything to actually look at. I also agree ain't nothing really happening until there's a vaccine and such treatments of COVID-19 that a breakout on board won't basically flood local medical facilities with patients. And given that it seems a lot of cruise ships have high percentages of the most vulnerable population as passengers, the medical recommendations would seem to me to be the most important, and probably most difficult, to implement.
  4. I admit I'm wondering how many of the recommendations each line will actually accept and execute in their individual protocol documents to the CDC. Be kind of fun to see a check list from the plan each line submits to the CDC against the panel's recommendations. Also would be fun to know if the Panel submitted their recommendation paper to the lines prior to release for edits, or if it was truly independent. Maybe I missed the level of independence? I figure a lot of the recommendations will never be implemented, unless the CDC plays hardball.
  5. @Howie from MD, thanks! 74 pages will make a good afternoon's reading! "Fain and Del Rio said each company will use the Panel’s recommendations to inform the development of new, detailed operating protocols, which will be submitted to the CDC and other authorities around the globe for review and approval– an important milestone in the process of resuming sailing around the world. The Panel’s work is open sourced for others to incorporate in their protocols as well; Governor Leavitt and Dr. Gottlieb expressed appreciation that authorities and other cruise companies had already engaged in the Panel’s work as observers." https://www.multivu.com/players/English/8644151-royal-caribbean-group-norwegian-cruise-line-healthy-sail-panel/ But, good to see the release of the recommendations to the public and get a feel for the road ahead as the lines work on their implementation and execution plans. I personally would love to see recommendation 66 implemented as widely as possible, despite costs. I think the health and safety of the crew is paramount.
  6. @Wendy The Wanderer, I think it's great you put the needs of a dog or cat first, though. That's very generous of you. And, yes, on really cold Chicago days I'm happy to just be scooping litter boxes, not out walking the dogs like many of neighbors, even if it is great exercise! LOL I will say that having a pet does tend to weigh in heavily on my travel plans, though. I know I wouldn't do any long trips now, even if it were safe, as my girl cat is 17 1/2 and has renal issues. Of course, COVID makes that an easy decision now.
  7. My gym reopened, but my doctor advised against the exposure for now. My area has been blessed with pretty nice weather and I've been walking through a lot of the local state forest preserves - a resource I never spent enough time exploring. Also improving my culinary skills a bit. Thanks to my local library, I've started just 'picking a book, any book' and exploring new authors/genres. And, no doubt for nostalgic reasons, started binging on old TV shows (thanks, NBC.com!). This week it's been the Equalizer - I'd almost forgotten how much I enjoyed Edward Woodward and the rest of the cast. @Camillus112 , my internist is very fond of 'prescribing' a dog to many of his patients. He finds it promotes exercise and socialization, as well as so many other good results. I wish you many years of happiness with your pup. I just have a senior kitty but she tries to ensure I'm up and at it every day; Lord forbid her breakfast isn't served at 5:00 am!
  8. @cchelp Jen, Thanks so much for the response - I had cleared all cookies on both Edge & Safari when this started, but will give it another shot. Have a good weekend,
  9. Thanks - issue still occurring this morning (September 18) and I have not heard from help desk. Is it useful to email them each time of occurrence, or no? I'm assuming their technical ranks were cut as well.
  10. Still occurring this morning (Thursday) - did not get reply (or automated response that message received) from help@cruisecritic.com. Are they aware of issue? Thanks! @Host Kat
  11. Reported....occurred again this afternoon. thanks!
  12. Saw this article on Australians trying to get home. I would be fearful of getting stuck, no matter which country I'm a citizen of. https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/australia/australians-stranded-abroad-say-theyre-mentally-exhausted-trying-to-get-home-amid-coronavirus/ar-BB18Yg4A
  13. I noticed this starting the other day. Both using Edge and Windows 10 on laptop, and Safari with iPhone. Pretty annoying.
  14. Delete - I completely misread a news story about RCL ships itineraries in Mexico, etc., in November 2020.
  15. From MSN on the heels of the Carnival 3Q preliminary results - wondering if RCG and NCLH will also be increasing borrowing or selling stock, etc. Carnival cashing in, shareholders getting out Carnival's preliminary results were largely expected, with the company announcing it lost $2.9 billion in its fiscal third quarter as the industry still remains largely unable to return to the seas. Carnival has started some limited voyages with its Costa and AIDA lines, but barring a combination of fast, accurate, and cheap testing, better treatments, and widespread vaccines, the coronavirus pandemic will keep the industry stuck at port. Possibly the biggest reason Carnival shares fell sharply today was the news that the company would sell another $1 billion in stock to raise more cash, watering down investors who've bought on the hopes the company already had enough cash to ride out a prolonged downturn. https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/markets/s-26p-500-gains-18-points-carnival-takes-a-bath-kraft-heinz-says-hold-the-cheese-apple-goes-even-bigger-on-services/ar-BB194yWP Shares of Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings (NYSE: NCLH) and Royal Caribbean (NYSE: RCL) also fell on Carnival's announcement, losing 4.6% of their value today.
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