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  1. Thanks for the tips and information! I wasn't aware of the laundry deal, and that seems great. One additional question: are shorts/leggings/jeans ever okay for kids in the MDR (not on Gala nights)? I have a 10yo son who lives in athletic wear and a 12yo daughter who despises skirts/dresses and lives in jeans or leggings. I'm trying to determine if they just need to eat at the buffet most nights. Might not be worth the fight. 😉 Thanks again!
  2. We are cruising next week for the first time over Spring Break with our two tweens. Would anyone mind sharing their family packing list for a Caribbean cruise? I don't want to overpack, but I am feeling overwhelmed thinking about all the things we will need for on and off ship (casual daily clothes x8! gala nights! swimwear! multiple pairs of shoes for everyone! something for cool nights!) Do kids really need to wear slacks (boy) and dress/skirt (girl) for the average MDR dinner? Any tips would be most welcome. Thank you!
  3. HAL and cruising newbie here! Our family (with two middle-school-aged kids) is considering a HAL Caribbean cruise for Spring Break this year. We like the idea of quieter clientele and don't feel like our kids need water slides and a hundred screens to be entertained. Our biggest concern: Spring Break is during the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament and we hail from college sports land in North Carolina. My husband would be heartbroken to miss three rounds of the tournament while onboard. Any chance the games will be shown on TV or in a bar somewhere on the Nieuw Statendam?? I've done some googling of past forums and can't seem to get a clear answer. Thanks for any info!
  4. Is the soda card tied to one guest or can it be shared among family members? Thanks!
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