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  1. I was actually making a sarcastic comment that incorporated some of the verbiage used earlier in the thread. Sorry if it went over your head.
  2. Despite the cloddish and clearly inappropriate faux pas of confrontation beyond the confines of a keyboard, I implore you to confront me about my tacky shirts face-to-face... let’s see where that cowardly brazenness gets you in “real life.”
  3. We booked a Spring 2020 cruise through the casino, but no one told me or asked if I wanted to add travel insurance. Final payment for our cruise is due in mid-December. Can I still add travel insurance? If for some reason we can’t go, would they just apply what we’ve spent as future cruise credit? Just want the peace of mind.
  4. I sometimes feel the same way, although most of the time other CC members are very helpful. I think this is one of those issues people get overly sensitive or opinionated about, and it becomes bigger than the actual problem at hand. Does it make sense? Absolutely not. But hey, at least your’s is a legitimate concern! Unfortunately I don’t have an answer to your problem, but if you want to get your mind off it for a few minutes, here is a link to a thread that you should read through if you want a good laugh at the absurd side of CC. 😂
  5. We have the Trio package, plus the first night discount at Murano. I was able to make a reservation for the first night, but don’t know how to make reservations for the other two dinners and lunch. Is it possible to make reservations in advance, or do you have to wait until you’re actually onboard? With the Trio package, can you choose where you’ll be eating? We have no interest in LPC, and would rather go to Murano for lunch than Tuscan or Sushi On 5. It’s an eastern Caribbean on Equinox if that matters. Thank you!
  6. Going on my first cruise next year (Equinox, Eastern Caribbean) and can’t wait to have breakfast on the balcony! It’ll be so nice to have coffee delivered right away in the morning.
  7. How do you make reservations online with a dining package? We have the first night special at Murano booked, but that’s it. Do you make the other reservations when you check in for the first dinner?
  8. Taking my first Celebrity cruise next year and have no desire to “experience” LPC. It reminds me of a Disney-fied wedding banquet where everyone gets the same food at the same time. It might be cute for children, but I think totally replacing Qsine is a bad decision on Celebrity’s part. They should have kept Qsine and added LPC in a smaller dining room. I doubt many adults will want to go back after trying it once.
  9. Okay, great! When I'm trying to book the dining trio package, the website wants me to select a time for the first night. We already have reservations for the first night. Should I just pick a time and figure it out when we board?
  10. Celebrity is offering a discount on the Dining Trio package for an upcoming cruise on the Equinox. It includes two dinners and a lunch at the specialty restaurants. I've already purchased the 1st night discount at Murano. Can I book both the Dining Trio package (or another dining package) and the 1st night deal? How would this work on board?
  11. We booked Murano for the first night on an upcoming cruise. Can you order multiple appetizers or entrees like the MDR?
  12. After catching up on this thread, I’ve never been more thankful for having a sense of humor. 😂
  13. Wow! Glad I read all these responses before cruising. I thought it might be nice to treat myself, but not if they’re going to push products during the massage! That’s just obnoxious. And calling the stateroom after? Is this a spa or a used car dealership?! Its also disappointing that you don’t get access to the Persian Garden included with a spa treatment. Kind of defeats the purpose of relaxation, especially with the sales pitch. I’m actually surprised that Celebrity’s spa is so mediocre. I know it’s outsourced to Canyon Ranch, but Celebrity must have some control over how it’s run.
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