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  1. Thank you! Looking forward to this.
  2. Hotel Gracery Shinjuku and Hotel Gracery Tamachi are both part of the WHG hotel group, as are the Hotel Gracery Asakusa and the Hotel Gracery Ginza, with the Hotel Gracery Shinjuku being the only one with the Godzilla. I did not want the OP to book the wrong location.
  3. The hotel he is referring to is the Hotel Gracery Shinjuku, with the Godzilla on the top. Careful when you book, as Hotel Gracery has more than 1 location. I also think it is perfect for teenagers, and a great location.
  4. If I had regular access to that deal I would be a very happy girl indeed!!!
  5. I agree with the last post, people need to insure what is important to them. We've always lived by the code that "insurance is only to be used for the things you can't recover yourself from". We don't insure costs of trip or cancelling the trip, as that is money we can afford to be out, or we wouldn't be taking the trip in the first place. We insure things where the numbers can skyrocket, such as medical and evacuation. But I think everyone needs to make their own decisions in this regard.
  6. I see the ship set sail from Tromso about an hour ago with passengers on board. I would love for someone on the sailing to post.
  7. Will do! And glad you had a great trip in the "deep south"!
  8. We are on the July 21 sailing from Tromso to Svalbard, and are really hopeful!!
  9. Thank you! I love cruise critic members.
  10. For those that have let the cruise line arrange the Vietnam visas for them, did you need to bring a set of passport/visa photos to the ship to use, or are photos not necessary? Specifically for Diamond Princess, but other anecdotes are appreciated.
  11. I am assuming you are on a cruise going over, and need one way air for the return. If that is correct, the first place you may want to check is with your cruise line itself. Many cruise lines have airfare that is significantly discounted. You can buy air at 330 days from your flight, which is very close, but for cruise line air I find that they don't have a lot of their contracted air entered that early and you are better discussing options with them at closer to 300 days out (10 months).
  12. Each of the offices are individually owned by a franchise partner, so your experience will be all over the board from great to meh to bad, depending on the office, how it is managed, and the people working from that office. The reason some folks refer to it as big box is that it is a huge online presence also.
  13. Thrak, I posted the 37 excluded sailings in this thread, post 41
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