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  1. Thank you for writing and giving me an insight to conditions in Ireland, and travel restrictions in Europe. It is very much like hearing from "family" when you post on here. Please stay safe and keep your family well. Things are relaxing in OK, but I'm not certain that is a good thing, at least health wise. I am concerned about the essential workers, and all of the risks they maybe facing. Best wishes for future adventures and maybe good "crack" to come. I don't know if they still say "crack" in Ireland, or if that's outdated.
  2. It sounds to me as though you were blessed with a very wise mother. I enjoy sailing with NCL, and have always found more to celebrate than to complain about. People can find the negative in almost any situation, but life is too short to dwell on the bad. I prefer to accept the greatness of the moments that make life special. I have tried HAL, Celebrity, Princess, Royal, and Carnival. Each offered great experiences and unique adventures. I am looking forward to sailing again next year and hope to share the experience with other positive thinkers. Keep looking for the best in everything, and keep yourselves safe. Best wishes
  3. I had flights booked round trip to Europe for April and June. I was scheduled to travel with American and British Airlines. My flights and connections were changed more than once between original booking and eventual cancellation. American Airlines has already refunded my ticket cost, and did so within a week of being contacted. British Airlines has agreed to refund my costs after they cancelled my flight, but it has been over six weeks and still no refund has arrived. I understand that the travel industry has been turned inside out over the zombie apocalypse, but I am hopeful that a refund may eventually arrive. I am more concerned for the safety and health of everyone trying to survive in the new reality. Best wishes, and stay safe.
  4. Hello again to my fellow metal knee cruisers. I'm coming up on four months post TKR, and having a slower recovery this second time around. I attribute my lack of progress to my local pool being closed due to the zombie apocalypse. The first TKR rehab in the pool went very well and I'm hopeful of going back when the pool reopens. I didn't enjoy not having pain meds for either TKR other than Tylenol. I cant even use nsaids because apparently I abused my liver and kidneys in my misspent youth. Sending best wishes for speedy recoveries and great adventures on the horizon 🍀
  5. I have loved Vancouver, Barcelona, Venice, and Florence for pre and post cruise ports. However my favorite port is Belize City. I realize that Belize is on a different level from my favorite cities of Canada, and Europe. What makes Belize special for me is my DW. She is a devoted quilter and we occasionally seek out fabric stores during our travels. Belize City has a favorite fabric store for DW to shop for unique fabrics that she cannot find at home. My job is to arrange transportation, locate the stores, then carry and pay for the fabric. I guess for me, it's the companion and not the port that brings me the most joy.
  6. Sending you best wishes and prayers. I was just thinking about my dear Mother who passed away in 2001. I came across your post and it made me remember our trips to County Mayo along the west coast of Ireland. My mother was born and raised in Ireland and my brother and I have visited the area several times. I hope and pray that you and your family are safe. I am also wishing a very happy Mother's Day to all of the mothers, especially those that may be isolated, or in quarantine.
  7. Thank you all for the information, and helpful suggestions. I am hoping to stay nearby St Marks square, but am concerned about the water transportation. It sounds like the vaporetto maybe accessible. Thank you again 👍
  8. For me, the best part of each day is spending time with my DW, and joining her for the activities she enjoys. I also enjoy a nice scotch or bourbon while learning about the interesting adventures of my fellow cruisers. I am an early riser and will often go out on deck to watch the arrival in port, generally much more peaceful than the sail away when the music is blaring on the deck.
  9. Thank you very much for the information. I was able to visit Venice several years ago during the fall and loved the city. I would like to return if I can manage the terrain.
  10. I have been sailing with NCL for the past five or six years. Prior to that I enjoyed Holland America, Celebrity, Princess, and Royal Caribbean. I'm not a big fan of Carnival after a bad experience out of Galveston. I will most likely return to HA, and I would also like to try Costa and MSC . The fun is in finding new destinations, and right sized ship. Good luck with your future adventures. Stay safe and hopefully the sailings will go again soon.
  11. I'm looking for help in locating an accessible hotel in Venice. I have found several hotels that advertise as accessible, however there doesn't appear to be anyway to get to the hotel due to the bridges. Any positive suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you and stay safe. P.S. I know Italy is closed for now, this request would be for summer 2021 if the world has returned to something more normal.
  12. I think that your "drink of the day" idea is brilliant. I only wish that I had thought of it myself. However it's never to late to learn from others. My B2B on May 1st was cancelled and I've already scheduled a new B2B for next April. Life is too short, and precious to be discouraged all of the time. I send best wishes and smooth sailings to all who are planning to continue their adventures when the world will once again allow for some normalcy and safer environments.
  13. I agree that the research and planning can be enjoyable. It also helps me to have a goal, or future adventure to look forward towards, while I'm in quarantine and getting a little cabin crazy. I'm lucky if I'm allowed out once every two weeks to drive through the Post Office to drop off bills in the parking lot box... Keep safe, keep sane, and help out in whatever capacity you are able.
  14. Dear BlueFlower, My May 1st cruise was cancelled by NCL in mid March. The information provided in the cancellation notice explained the date when I could apply for a refund, or do nothing and automatically receive the FCC. I actually waited a day or two past the opening day for refund applications before submitting my request. I then received a follow up automated email response a few days later acknowledging my refund request. Of course no money has been returned yet, but I am still early in the 90 window. Good luck, and best wishes for your refund and future adventures.
  15. I believe it is a matter of personal preference. I am not a fan of the mega ships. Too many people for me and too many crowds. I generally try to book ships with 2K or fewer passengers. The Breakaway carries 3900 or so passengers and the Jade is at 2400. I have been on the Jade several years ago and enjoyed it very much. I'm not interested in rock climbing, or go-cart tracks while sailing, but I understand that those things appeal to others. NCL probably wont wow you with extraordinary dining, or production shows. NCL does offer flexible dining, and that is helpful for me, even if a little under whelming. The shows and entertainment are okay, but vary greatly from ship to ship. Best wishes in finding a format that works well for you.
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