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  1. Believe me, when they say 74% I don't book it for twice the pp double rate. My site is really 74%
  2. Agreed, and interesting! But since they are in business for their shareholders (as I understand business to work) is there a reason their board believes this is a profitable practice, somehow, in the long run? Originally, I presumed they sent "fare X" (the pp rate if cruising double) to about "4% x percent of single cruisers" higher than it would be if everyone cruised double. Example: if they know the pattern is 10% single cruisers, and 3 or 4 in a cabin brings your 8.7% down to 8%, then would they add ".04 x .01 = .0004" and therefore 4 tenths of a percent to each "Fare X" in order to make what they need? I hate to think of everyone paying about half a percent more (even though thats only $5 per thousand spend) to help me cruise single. So perhaps there is some other reason they allow single cruises quite frequently at 1.74%? So I got to thinking of our original subject...paying more for food...and I realized that at least while I don't have a "cruising partner" to buy all those excursions, etc. to make him worth 1.33X to the cruise line, this "phantom partner" is also not eating food 3 times a day....and their food is pretty good and must cost a lot to the bottom line....so my theory is they can do it because, though not spending more per cabin on excursions, etc., I'm also not eating as much per cabin as others. In fact...perhaps they just need more single cruisers...then $10 for a second entree might not be needed.
  3. Yes, on paying double for the cruise (but not getting two entrees without $10 surcharge)....I "double checked". About half of the cruises are double - 100% markup, and about half are 74% markup. I confess using a third party site, - because their search feature is much, much easier for singles and then I just book with them since I see no advantage to an HA booking - However, when I was comparing before my last cruise, I think HA was the same as the 3rd party site on most cruises. If I ever pay double for a cruise, I promise to insist on two entrees a $10 charge in the MDR (if I want them...though I'd have to skip the appetizer since I don't eat that much).
  4. Sorry...I did not have time to read the many dozens of posts. But I noticed a complaint - "If you cruise solo, you paid double and should not pay $10 for a 2nd entree". I shop Holland America cruises all the time, and have cruised with them five times. I have never remember seeing a 100% single supplement (paying double) while scouring dozens of cruises for the one I want, on many occasions. Its normally 74%, so a $1000 per person cruise (double) would be $1740 for a single.
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