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  1. Yes, I called Star Clipper and it was incredibly easy. i just told the agent that I wanted to exchange this year's reservation for next year's. She also applied the deposit I had paid to the new reservation. My invoice says that full refunds will be made up to 120 days in advance, so depending on the date of your cruise you should be ok. Best of luck and please stay healthy.
  2. We were in a similar situation, except not due to sail until end of August (Athens to Venice). I just traded my reservation in for 2021. I think the chances of things being safe enough by that time to allow us to travel with ease are pretty low. There were only a few remaining reservations on the cruise I booked, so I think it was a wise choice. Best of luck regardless of the decision you make.
  3. Sure. For some reason it would not let me send you a message, so it is attached here. Cruise Port Times.pdf
  4. I haven't seen the times listed in a brochure, but may have missed it. The ports are the same.
  5. I got a list of port times from the cruise line. If you would like, I can send it to you.
  6. Hi, Thanks for the note. I will have to look at those tours. We will probably go to Athens a couple of days early as well, but might do it on our own. I'll have to see. In any case, look forward to meeting you on board!
  7. Just booked our cabin! It's still more than a year and a half out, but more time for anticipation, right? Actually we wanted to go this fall (as it is our 30th anniversary), but by the time we got around to it all the cruises were sold out. So I started looking for ones for 2020 and as soon as I saw them posted I called, but even they were almost full. Anyway, this will be our first time on Star Clippers and we're excited. Would love to hear from any fellow passengers who might be out there. Advice from prior passengers also very welcomed!
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