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  1. On the flip side of this, P&O are taunting me with the September Canada cruise down to £1660, which I've long fancied for my 50th. However, I really would be staggered if cruising returned before the last quarter, if at all this year. There are so many other factors beyond passing the peak. Plus, with the current hoo-ha mentioned on other threads about refunds and FCC, that's not a stress I'd want to risk putting myself through. So for me, it's bite the lip time, and just look to seeing that my better half and are still around at the end of all of this (and see which lines have made it through too!).
  2. Personally I would be staggered if cruising was to resume before Q4 2020, and even say that with a smidgen of optimism. There is far far more to this than when we believe we have passed the peak of infection and deaths.
  3. Wonder why they've changed. We were on the cruise before you and they were handed out to all on entry.
  4. Yes, I'd imagine they were available on request Andy, as a few days later we saw a large bag in the corridor amongst the cleaning stuff which was full of them. Maybe the staff were enjoying her rant, or possibly they'd had them all shipped in 'specially fer't lass 🙂
  5. Maybe the survey included feedback the likes of "Flannel Woman", who quite a lot of us came across on the cruise, with her ranting on at the horror of P&O refusing her a face cloth for the first time in 43 cruises. Words failed us 😂
  6. I'm back from the two week Canaries on Oceana today - first time on P&O, and to be honest don't see too much difference in the grand scheme of things onboard from sailing with Royal Caribbean (ship size apart). Other than more th'oldies and walkers of course lol. And formal nights were adhered to much better (even by me!).
  7. Just for info for those on a budget, the Tenerife 103 bus takes around an hour to Puerto (or Loro Parque) and costs about 5 euros pp.
  8. Cheers all, great news (and sorry to those who like their whisky neat 😏) I'm on Oceana too, so better change my karaoke tune to retain anonymity 😂
  9. We're almost all geared up for our first P&O cruisy woozy in two weeks. We have the whisky and gin ready for the cabin, but are we defo okay to take say eight cans (or bottles) of coke and tonic water on board as mixers? Various prose on here and general t'interweb suggest different things, so have any of you veterans taken such 'pop' on board without issue?
  10. I'd love to be able to afford it to be able to make an informed decision! 😂
  11. It'll be the first time on P&O for me next month, but without question there will be no prospect of me exchanging money onboard. Captive audience (ish). Preferable rates? Highly doubt it!
  12. Eek, reading this makes me realise I've led such a sheltered cheese life.
  13. I suppose the "solution" to this would be to mix and match cruise lines.
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