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  1. Holland America is also extending their cancellations to June 30, and guests can get a refund or a 125% FCC. Interestingly, with the FCC option, HAL is also giving a $250 per person on board credit. If Princess did the same, it would make my decision on which option to take easier.
  2. No, that''s not correct. U.S. citizens are exempt from the ban.
  3. That's not correct. U.S. citizens are also still allowed to enter Canada.
  4. The headline seems a bit misleading considering the border remains open to both Canadian and U.S. citizens, who account for over 90% of people entering Canada.
  5. But note that U.S. citizens are exempt from this travel ban.
  6. New Zealand has also imposed a ban, similar to Canada's, until June 30.
  7. The lighthouse at Peggy's Cove, outside of Halifax, is probably the most-photographed in Canada. It can get a bit over-run by tourists at time, but it is beautiful.
  8. You can very likely find lower prices if you wait until after final payment to book, but that may not work if you have a very specific date in mind. I've been going on Alaska cruises in May/early June the last several years. I live nearby, and I always wait until 1-2 months before sailing. For that early in the season, I have always been able to find interior prices in $249-349 range, though again you may need some flexibility with dates.
  9. Just for information, of the 2,666 passengers on board, there are: 428 Americans 251 Canadians 223 Australians roughly half are Japanese
  10. We were on the Star Princess to Antarctica back in December 2010, and they said that only some of the smaller expedition ships go south of the Antarctic Circle. There is simply too much ice and it is too dangerous for the big ships, especially this early in the season. Princess said they wouldn't even be able to get insurance coverage if they went that far south.
  11. Sorry, I didn't realize that. It's too bad - we went there twice and really enjoyed it - made for an easy excursion to do on your own.
  12. When we were in Punta Arenas, we got off the ship fairly early and took a taxi out to Seno Otway to see the the penguins. The taxi was $80 return, and takes about 1 hour each way. It was great, because we got out to the penguins before the buses arrived, so we had the place almost to ourselves for the first 30-40 minutes - a totally different experience.
  13. It's great to see the Sapphire Princess returning to Alaska in 2021 - one of my favorite ships.
  14. I noticed the lower rate on July 30. I posted on an existing thread discussing the Princess exchange rate, but it probably makes sense to start a new thread.
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