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  1. Not having this problem on my desktop computer but i am on my laptop. Very annoying!
  2. My son is a state Trooper been in for 16 years. Will be promoted to sergeant by the end of the year when a few guys retire of course now they are retiring at record rates. Think his Vet status helped him get in. Tell your son to stay safe out there !!
  3. Yep we are heading for 41 years but whoes counting...lol
  4. I hope your 25th goes well Congrats either way we have to roll with punches even though they hurt..lol
  5. I like the one where I will be arrested. for social security fraud. I say Ok let me hang up and call my son the police officer...lol they hang up every time,,,lol like their names also accent so think barely understand them .Hello my name is Dexter....lol When i am bored I string them along for awhile!
  6. Yep we only have 40 years...lol Missed our anniversary cruise 😞
  7. I love the small ships the Dawn was our first cruise the Sun our third fond memories! You did not need roller skates to get around the ship!
  8. Down in Western mass the Boon docks according to Boston chilly here also fine with me the sooner we get this god awful year over the better. Enjoy the Rowboat 🙂
  9. I also have an a compromised immune System. Not judging anyone .
  10. How would anyone know they cannot get the covid vaccine when it is not available yet? Asking for a friend! I have COPD makes it hard for me to breathe some days without a mask but I still wear a mask.🙂
  11. Tell her to get her nails done at home much cheaper and nicer, I steer clear of the spa these days.
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