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  1. I understand what you are saying but please understand there are disabilities you cannot see that prevent you from using the stairs. So whose disability wins out? The one that is visabale just because it is? Friend was there first,needed to get back to her cabin she was short of breath.! Well aware of what wheel chairs and scooters can do worked in long term care for 24 years.
  2. I hear you and I really wish I could use the stairs! Be well, Happy Easter!
  3. When I worked up until September I could fit four wheelchairs into an elevator and one may be electric Always willing to help people just we all need to be nicer to people just because you are on a scooter does not give you the right to verbally abuse someone.... you are so right! Happy Easter!! 🙂
  4. My friend had a very bad experience because of this person she needed to get back to her cabin to use her nebulizer. If you can't breathe nothing else matters. I know what you are saying and appreciate your post 🙂 In long term care employment for years! My one and only point was just because you are not on a scooter or in a wheel chair does not mean you can do the stairs.Would not mean you don't want to because your lazy could mean you cannot.Last sentence is not directed at you just an FYI for general public. If you look at me I look fine but try to make me walk up a couple of flights of stairs call the code before I even start! Going to need O2! Like this with a lot of people we have no idea what is going on with them.
  5. I agree that was inappropriate! We need to be kind to one another!
  6. I know it is not easy for you as I said worked in long term care for 24 years mainly with MS patients! Aunt who lived next door to us was a parapalegic my only point is people need not judge someone just because they can walk . We have no idea what they are dealing with! Be well 🙂 !
  7. That was my point worked in long term care for 24 years. Would give up my spot any time unless I was in trouble needed to get back to my room for more meds! No shame in that! No one should be shamed we have no clue what is going on with them!
  8. you could be right .cannot tell what is going on with someone just by looking at them.
  9. Ok but my friend is not rude she had every right to use that Elevator. My point was you cannot always see a disability.
  10. She did get on the elevator first! stood in the corner it was pretty full she cannot breathe well no way to do the stairs! Scooter squeezed in and proceeded to tell her how rude she was in front of everyone. Friend had been waiting before scooter appeared! Why should my friend have to wait longer because a scooter appeared ? She probably needed to sit more than the person on the scooter needed the elevator.
  11. Same here would not stand for it!! I wish I was there!!
  12. Can I just put this out there, a friend got off a cruise just a bit ago and got a tongue lashing from a woman on a scooter for getting in the elevator. Just because you are not in a wheel chair or scooter does not mean you can handle the stairs any better then they can! you have every right to use the elevator. I have COPD husband has a torn ACL ...try tongue lashing me!!! Poor thing was just embarrassed and slunk out of the elevator! Just because you cannot see our disability does not mean we do not have one!
  13. Thanks everyone ! just an FYI booked a hotel for the day across from the ocean would not sleep there if you paid me but.... we will be outside until flight! sea club resort! About 50.00 bucks, worth it to us! Bathroom drinks and a view! I can handle that!
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