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  1. I agree I have had to use the medical center twice one was for pink, one was a more serious matter. Both times when I got home my medical insurance reimbursed me,
  2. Definatley when hubby had ankle surgery I bought a wheel chair and he got crutches ,the wheel chair did not work on carpet and I had to follow him everywhere when he was on Crutches always on the verge of falling! :( Someone clued me into the knee scooter best thing I bought!!
  3. Yep have struck up some great conversations with people on their mini suite Balcony . I am always careful not to intrude but gauge them by when they look up if they smile or seem open to a conversation. We had one guy who was a hoot would go out have a few on an island come back with outlandish looking hats or shirts !! He was funnier then heck his poor wife just kept saying I'm sorry....lol
  4. Whenever I can I book a Caribe deck on the older princess ships. As a matter of fact I am booked on the crown . They "upgraded "me after I asked them not to!! Caught it right away and got my cabin back! Make sure you tell them no upgrade if you snag a Caribe deck and watch your booking! We have C32 booked!
  5. So happy to see this! Thanks for taking us along when you cruise put a shortcut on my desktop.. Now just waiting until Oct ..lol Have a wonderful time! :)
  6. I like them all small and large. I was quite surprised I liked Royal and Regal but I think my favorites are the grand class. I guess I will live though 🙂
  7. Good buy ,will be dammed if I buy any of the Princess crap!
  8. We all know how serious it can be your wife did not eat it ! I would have noticed if my chicken was raw as would most people ! Therefore not eat it!
  9. That is not exceptable! However if a restaurant on land did that they would comp you a meal that is about it!
  10. Umm unless i had a sight issue I would realize it was undercooked or even my taste buds would pick it up I don't others ate uncooked chicken. I am sorry this happen but i am not sure what you want them to do but to correct the problem so it does not happen again.
  11. Yes I live in the Northeast and if I even hear of a storm coming I go out two days early if possible it has saved me more than once 🙂
  12. We do the same! Somthing nice about getting in a day early ,andoff the ship knowing we still have one more day in Fort Lauderdale softens the blow...lol
  13. Congrats on your upgrade! Enjoy 🙂
  14. I hear you but just so you know the ships water is cleaner than what you get in a bottle! I bring a couple of empty water bottles with me. We fill them daily! To each his own do what you are comfortable with! I do not drink water on shore either. My town has been poisoning us with water contaminated by our local Airforce base (They used a foam as a fire fighting agent seeped in the aquafier) the town has been forced to shut down wells . We are now under a water restrictions.I only drink bottled water at home. But have to shower with the poison. We are now being tested by the CDC to see what diseases this contributed! Where is Erin Brocovich when you need her! I am happy when I can drink ship water!
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