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  1. Yep we canceled our 40th anniversary trip but would rather live so there is that! We can always book later!
  2. So many more people working than just Healthcare ,I was essential for 24 years! Please stay safe and thank you for being there ! We are grateful to all!
  3. Again understood but who knows they don't! My point was I understand Florida's hesitation on taking the ships I am sure they have enough problems.
  4. I understand what you are saying but just because you don't appear or feel sick,does not mean you are not. You can still spread it!. I know we need to help these people but I understand Florida.Easy for me to talk from my comfortable home ! I wish all the best of luck!
  5. My oringinal post was tongue in cheek! 🙂 . Princess gets blamed for everything! The people infected don't know at first themselves how would Princess know? I very much agree
  6. While I have loved cruising, prices went up services down. (Not the employees! )Not really sure how I feel ! Just take care of the folks who have paid their taxes!
  7. Tuesday in the US ..so what is Wednesday like?...lol
  8. Of course but would not be on a cruise or in public now...lol just feel for folks ,,there are other reasons for coughing! To assume someone is coughing because of the virus is just wrong.
  9. Makes me feel bad for folks who the heck knows why they cough ...do we start making them walk the plank..lol
  10. Other reasons for coughing and spluttering as you say! I do it all the time no Corona virus! I have COPD cannot give it to anyone.
  11. Same here coming up on 30 cruises . I don't think about what any other vacation venue does with workers, they chose to work there . None of my business what they are doing probably better off than they were at home I pay my tips, keep my cabin clean ,polite and respectful at all times! We have a laugh or two ! When I see them in port I send over a drink, but never talk to them they are on break!!! Live and let live!
  12. Just going to say I love your post also and understand what you are saying Worked for 24 years same job health got me had to retire... I do not think anyone should live beyond their means! We now can take one cruise a year. I owe nothing to any company 🙂 Flights paid by my Jetblue card points I earned ..lol ! My 2010 Sonata and my beautiful mobile home are mine . I mean I never took a vacation until I was in my fourties bought my first place at 57 ....worked dam hard for it! I always buy insurance not sure it would have helped this time but it has saved me in the past with paying for a nasty fall ! Point is if you cannot afford it you cannot go!
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