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  1. Few months back I fell at night hit my heavy duty night stand on the way down fractured 4 ribs! Ouch could not move without screaming hubby had to get me out of bed by pulling me up while I yelled. Luckily we had a lift chair so spent most of my time there. I tried Motrin but was taking too much still no relief . I finaley called my Doctor and she called me in a script for percocet. Sometimes we have no choice. I am just worried that when we absolutely need them they won't perscribe them. Fine line for them to walk.
  2. You and my husband ,he does not trust banks. I have to fight with constantly. I swear he is going to get stopped one day and they are going to toss the car looking for the drugs...lol
  3. After 30 cruises we are thinking of taking a break when they do start running again. I agree with you, Watered down experience ,everything is more expensive. We are the type that are happy with a beach, hotel with a pool and a a few resturants and a Publix near by..lol
  4. Your money is your money no matter how much or little someone thinks it is.
  5. I would think they would keep those in higher paying cabins! I don't think that is fair but they are a business.Would be nice if they offer move overs.
  6. Well as long as they are wearing these wonderful masks they should be ok right! That is what the goverment says and wash everything down. Look I don't think I know everything I just don't like how they are picking and choosing who gets to open! They say we all have to wear masks yet they let criminals out of jail because they are not protected?? They say one thing and do another. I really don't go out that much in fact hardly at all just sorry for the person who spent his or her last dime to start a business now it is gone!
  7. Don't blame you for being upset! I would have a chat with them at a later date as it sounds like they may not be in a mood to hear it today. I do agree it was rude and inconsiderate! I mean they have the baby too what were they thinking!!
  8. Not sure how I am endangering my health...but ok! Yes you have a sunshiny day also ! 🙂
  9. Not sure what you mean ..my attitude? Why are people allowed to go to church but not other places that are more important to them ? In my area did not hear about cars or parking lots at church! We have business going under not being allowed to open. What would it hurt a hairdresser and one client! I don't own a business I just hate the way they are picking and choosing who can open and who cannot!
  10. Now you and you closes 1,000 friends can go to church, to talk to God but you cannot sit down with ten other people and have dinner ...yep all makes sense! Massachusetts is wonderful and We still cannot get our hair cut either or our hooves errr.... I mean nails done! Going to church with the masses Sunday pray for every thing else to open 🙂
  11. I am in my sixties hubby seventies. Let's face it i knew everything when I was a kid you could not tell me anything! Just like the kids now. Cannot fault them we did the same thing! Life is precious but you only learn that as you age and loose those close to you!
  12. Happy Anniversary!! 🙂 We celebrate our 40th on the 26th! Supposed to be on a cruise...oh well 🙂
  13. That's a shame now who knows how many are infected. Keep the stupid up we will never get out of Quarentine! Stay home if you do not have to go out!
  14. Really when doing a pretend booking they are charging. May be when you booked! I will keep looking. TY Just tried different dates still get fee for any checked bags! your right no reason to keep this card I charged everything on it...no more!
  15. Making us pay for luggage when it was included before I believe it is 35.00 a bag now! So hubby has a bag I have one there is 70.00 bucks! For one! Fee to get a seat or you board last..they can keep it! I guess no more picking your seat when you book and pay!
  16. I am looking into road trips ! Being able to buy a bottle of wine at a store without cutting off a finger sounds appealing..lol I will miss cruising but flying and cruising have lost it's shine from the minute you hit the airport until the minute you leave it on the way home they all have their hand in your pocket it gets old! Jetblue was my favorite airline now they are screwing their card holders going to use my points for somthing than bye bye! I think these company's are screwing themselves! Charging their loyal card holders for bags ..yep you can keep it! Thirty cruises was a good run! Just get in the car and go! Can you believe I live in Western Ma never been to cape Cod,Main, Vermont.
  17. Boy that wind today! Glad you had a good time 🙂
  18. Happy Anniversay! We celebrate our 40th on the 26th we were also suppose to be on a cruise😞 One good thing you don't want to be flying in this wind! Hello from Western Mass 🙂 I love it "The packy"! lol Try that in Canada they look at you like your nuts...lol Enjoy your drinks,and food 🙂
  19. May your families be well ,may you stay healthy until we meet again!
  20. Boy can I relate! have not had a clue what day it is in over a year! Peek into retirement Folks loll 🙂
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