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  1. Got to use the villa a great stirrup cay. Beats cabana by far in my opinion
  2. Just off the escape this morning. Villas section 1 of 3 is open as of 2 weeks ago. I had one and it was amazing, definitely better than a large cabana in my opinion.
  3. Heard the haven area at great stirrup cay opened on March 10th on a limited basis. Can anyone confirm this?
  4. Wanted to hear from people who returned their rental cars around Port Canaveral specifically at night. Would be dropping the car off at Hertz around 8PM. Are Ubers or taxis easy to get in that area at that time? Are they reluctant to pick you up for such a short trip by to the ship? Do not want to drop my keys in the drop box and be stranded and not get back to the ship!
  5. Thanks for the replies, all these tidbits help. It would not our first time visiting the park and have a pretty good understanding of the how long things take at the park and how frustrating this limited time might be if you didn’t have prior experience visiting. Would be going in with a very targeted itinerary a few rides and not be too disappointed if we didn’t get to all on our short list. Really weighing if you save any time at all by renting a car vs NCL transport and does that time outweigh the risk/stress of getting back to the ship.
  6. Hi, Given the limited time in port for my itinerary (1pm arrival) and the high cost of tickets I know its not a great value proposition to try and do the theme parks like Disney. With that understood, I’d still like to hear from anyone who either booked the transport as an NCL excursion or rented a car on their own. How quickly were you able to make it to the park? How close to the arrival time at the port did the bus actually depart? Any lessons learned from previous successes or failures at this excursion would be appreciated.
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